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So where does everyone here live?

For me it's the south of Ireland.

Heart of Cajun Country.

Smack dab in the middle of Europe, on that little speck of dirt between Germany and Italy. Less commonly known as Austria. Contrary to information spread by certain T-shirts, we do have kangaroos around here - in zoos.
Specifically, I live in Vienna, a city stereotyped for grumpy intellectuals that sat around in cafés discussing relevant topics... until someone drove them all away. :shakefist

New Mexico, USA.  Yes, it is a state in the US.  No, I don't live in Mexico.   :p

Sweden. You probably know of the Yule/Christmas Goat in Sweden that might or might not get torched each year?
Here's a link:
Gävle is where I live. Or close to it anyway, I'm 20 km further away up the coast, but it's the closest town so.

I have a few friends and a bunch of acquaintances that are members of the Natural Science Club and I've spent hours in their rooms. They do, incidentally, boast Einstein as an honorary member. NF's goat is the true goat anyway, the big one is just a poseur ;)


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