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"Fighter guy"
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:46:07 PM »
say your are one of the CO masters of illusion.

you have the ability as most all of your kind do, to make all/any of your spells per day into an ubber illusion.

why not make one of them 'Fighter Guy'.

it might actually work out better if 'Fighter Guy' is an item. i dont mean a sandwich i mean an intelligent misc item, maybe a marble or figurine.

it might also work better if 'Fighter Guy' is a living spell, thats always fun.

the key is that 'Fighter Guy' is more real and just plain better than an actual melee professional of the same level as you (the maker) are.

'Fighter Guy' will probably not be able to use 'real' items. but his 'virtual' items have potential. i see lots of DM fiats driving around.

So, heres the crux

how would you build 'Fighter Guy'

is he mirror imaged, large sized, tripper, grappler, wild shaper, rager...

and how useful is he.

my initial thought is just simulating a summons, pull out an (invisible?) solar.

along those lines, i imagine a Sedan Chair being carried around town by 4? hooded / stout figures. inside being two visiblish figures.

each of the passengers is an 'Decoy Guy' of the actual occupant who is in a pit or similar 'place'

each of the chairmen are 'Fighter Guy'

the chairmen should be able to let go of the chair, that isnt real anyway, and perform combat. the decoys may or may not have further usefulness, probably should...

actual guy has many options not the least of which is picking up his pit and running.. or finishing the encounter what ever comes first...

back to the classic four, are 3 of the 4 actually products of the illusionist? can they effectively do the job?

back on target here...

what can 'Fighter Guy' do?
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Re: "Fighter guy"
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 10:49:25 PM »
A living spell silent image spell cast by a shadowcraft mage is capable of doing anything as a standard action. Especially if Heightened to 9th level.

Or would that be attack action?
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