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Title: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 15!
Post by: Cubey on April 18, 2011, 02:27:43 AM

It is time to start another LPing project of mine! And hopefully not abandon it in the middle like the last one, but anyway...

Super Robot Wars! A series of turn-based strategy games, known for its two quirks. One - it takes existing mecha anime shows, grabs their characters, machines and plots and mashes them together to create a debatedly coherent but obviously awesome gestalt! And two - this series is almost exclusively Japanese only. Few titles were ever translated, and Super Robot Wars K is not one of them!

And this is the title that I am going to LP. I know there are more popular titles, like W or the Alpha series, that one would expect to see LPed instead - but to quote Deceased Crab, what is the sense in let's playing something everyone already knows! So instead, I'll focus on this. It is a controversial installment of the series, with some questionable decisions done as far as the plot and mechanics are concerned... but also with many awesome decisions. I hope to show you more of the latter and warn of the former.

So let us begin. This LP will be a mixed one, with occasional images for visual aid and mostly text to let you know what the hell is going on now. But it will also have videos. Expect many videos. After all, a huge part of SRW's charm are awesome, beautifully animated attacks of both your and the enemy's robots.

Update list
Update 1 ( You can't spell wedding without "ding"!
Update 2 ( The Gaiking plot starts (and never stops)!
Update 3 ( Go Nagai strikes!
Update 4 ( Where we meet an old "friend" from two missions ago!
Update 5 ( Panther power!
Update 6 ( Tuxedo-wearing Dumbass!
Update 7 ( Moment of glory!
Update 8 ( Double Trouble!
Update 9 ( In soviet Zi, Pokemon choose you!
Update 10 ( A new challenger!
Update 11 part 1 ( What a D*ck!
Update 11 part 2 ( A simple rescue operation!
Update 12 prologue ( The most important choice!
Update 12 part 1 ( We like tha moon!
Update 12 part 2 ( 'Cause it is close to us!
Update 13 ( Why did everything take a turn for the worse!
Update 14 ( Crisis on Sameface Island!
Update 15 part 1 ( Routine mission - from Hell!
Update 15 part 2 ( There goes Ryouma-chan!

The Prologue

Hold your horses, no plot yet! Meet our protagonist, Mist Rex.


A young man with a mysterious past and... questionable reputation among Super Robot Wars fans. He has some character traits that make him as well-liked as a certain other character from a totally different medium.

But let's not spoil too much. You'll see soon enough! In the meantime, I present Mist's machine of choice, the Revlius.

This too we will see in action soon enough. But enough of the non-interactivity! It's time to make an important choice.

From all the series included in Super Robot Wars K, we must pick three favorites! Units from our favorited series will have more upgrade options available, and their pilots will receive more experience and gain levels faster. So it's an important choice and must be done with utmost strategic importance.

Or alternatively do what everyone else does and just pick the series you like best. Other than the aforementioned Mist and other SRW K-specific originals (yes, there is more than just him! Spoiler alert!), the roster is as presented in the spoiler below:

(Presented with openings (where I could find them) and short descriptions. Also enjoy this video of all the series' main robots in a circle ( ENJOY IT)

[spoiler]Gun X Sword ( The story of a lone man obsessed with vengeance on his wife's killer, this is easiest (but not necessarily best) described as Trigun Meets Cowboy Bebop. With giant robots. There's not a lot of GXS units in SRW K, but they are mighty.

Shinkon Gattai Godannar! ( This series exists only for fanservice. Whatever plot exists is just an excuse for more fanservice, be it giant robot goodness or the more conventional kind. Just... watch the opening. Still, it works. Godannar units are glass cannons, not being able to withstand many hits but they dish out pain like nobody's business.

Dangaioh ( A short OVA series. Four psychics - three girls, one guy, their moderately abusive professor/father figure, and a giant robot. All so 80s it almost hurts. Dangaioh has only the titular robot at your disposal, but it's quite a powerful unit. Once again, having 4 pilots helps.

Gaiking: Legend of Daikyu-Maru ( Modern reimagining of a classic Super Robot show, Gaiking. This is a tribute to olden titles, with the kid hero and his friends fighting an evil alien empire. But things aren't as black-and-white as they seem at first... Gaiking has typical Super Robots: strong and tough, but on the slow side and slurping juice like there's no tomorrow, supported by less combat-capable but utilitarian units.

Kotetsushin Jeeg ( Once again a modern production based on an old title, but this time it's a direct sequel and not a reimagining. A crew of badass bikers are the only ones who can stop an evil army of... aliens? Mythological creatures? Whatever they are, they are EEEVIL. Jeeg is small and dodgy, but packs quite a punch.

Mazinger Z ( And now a classic itself! Mazinger Z is THE giant robot. After all, it was the first (pilotted) mecha show ever. I really don't think any introductions are necessary here. I'll just say this: in SRW K, Mazinger is post-plot, all of it happened in the backstory. Also this is just Mazinger, not Great - so don't expect to see Tetsuya around.

Zoids Genesis ( One of many installments of a popular series (not just anime, but also models) of animal-shaped mecha. The young hero joins a resistance movement to defend his country against an invasion of supposedly well-meaning but ultimately EVIL (seeing a pattern yet?) imperialists. There is quite a lot of Zoids units in this game, with dodging over armor and sustainability over raw power as their general rule. With some exceptions.

Virtual-On MARZ ( Wait a second! This is not an anime, this is a video game! A video game about robots fighting each other, controlled by brainwaves of distant people (read: the players) rather than being pilotted directly. MARZ was not as well received as earlier installments, but nevermind that - enjoy the catchy music. GET READY. Virtuaroids are dodgers and unleash devastating combos, like you'd expect from fighting game characters.

Fafner in the Azure ( Haters describe it as Evangelion mashed together with Gundam SEED. Fans respond that it's more than that, with characters that do not have to be dysfunctional to create drama. One way or the other, two things are sure: this is a very polarising series, and its teen heroes are in for a serious, dramatic fight. A fight not all of them may survive. Fafner units are plentiful (although you may not get to keep them all, spoiler alert!) and pretty damn strong, with good options for close and long combat range.

Overman King Gainer ( A series by classic Real Robot creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. But while early Tomino was rather depressed and tended to load drama on his characters with homicidal glee, this is a late Tomino show - where he is relaxed and happy, and it shows. The story of a whole city of migrants, as they move from frozen Siberia to find more pleasant lands may not be all smiles and happiness, but it is a pretty light, comedic setting. Not very Real though - expect some weird elements. King Gainer units appear in large numbers, so large I was surprised on my first playthrough. Their usefulness varies, but the main ones are definitely good.

Gundam SEED Destiny ( Whoo boy... SEED itself was controversial already, but Destiny is pretty much universally disliked. Whether it is characters acting wildly OOC or old guard trying to steal the show, everyone can find something in this series that is not to their taste. Needless to say, each time Destiny appears in Super Robot Wars, the writers are trying to find new ways to improve this series' plot. And they succeed! SEED Destiny units are your Reals in this game: dodgers with energy- or ammo-efficient attacks, although with some deadly finishing hits too.
Note: This entry also includes Gundam SEED Stargazer (, a short side-story focusing on scientists that try to create a non-violent space exploration project, and a group of special agents sent to seize it - by force if necessary. It is universally considered levels better than Destiny itself.[/spoiler]

These are our choices. Remember - we can pick three series as our favorites. There is still time before the first, real update. In the meantime, I am waiting for your suggestions. Give me a lot of suggestions and other comments. Or else.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Neon Knight on April 18, 2011, 02:43:20 AM
Hmmm, I'll vote for Gun X Sword (because I liked that show), Gundam SEED Destiny (because I like Reals, and also CONTROVERSY!) and Fafner in the Azure (because.. um... CONTROVERSY!).
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Prime32 on April 18, 2011, 03:02:20 AM

I vote for Gaiking, Gundam SEED Destiny, and Originals (that's an option, right?)
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 18, 2011, 03:05:37 AM
Indeed Originals are an option.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 18, 2011, 04:33:30 AM
Let's see...

I'm going to vote for

Not a Sequel to Mazinger Z Not Made by Masami Obari (Godannar)
The Good, the Gun, and the Sword (Gun X Sword)
Dances with Dreadlocks (Overman King Gainer)
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: veekie on April 18, 2011, 08:50:25 AM
I'll go with Overman, Gundam Seed Destiny and....originals I guess.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: kamikasei on April 18, 2011, 01:48:28 PM
Gun X Sword looks entertaining, King Gainer has dancing squirrels, and Godannar appears to have Fate. So, those then.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 18, 2011, 03:25:18 PM
*comes into existence* It's a-me, Tengu!

Okay, I'm gonna go with Gun x Sword, because it's awesome, and Zoids Genesis, because I really like all the themes it has in this game. I need to think about my third choice, but I'll probably pick either the show where Shinn is whining and then goes berserk and destroys everything, or Gundam SEED Destiny.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on April 18, 2011, 03:56:51 PM
A Rival Appears!! Blazing LPer Duel Among The Boards!!

Looks interesting, I'll follow this, and probably donate some snarky commentary if I have any left over after J.

As for favorites, K is full of series I haven't seen yet but that everyone tells me are awesome. I can appreciate that, but I'll stick with series I know and wish to see for my own votes. I choose Dangaioh, Jeeg and Gaiking for my choices. Screw the originals, from what I've heard I'll want to use them as little as possible.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 18, 2011, 04:30:31 PM
*plays the aloof rival role*
*drops it, it's totally out of character*
'Course, our LPing styles are different. That means people can read both without feeling much redundancy.

And trust me, there will be a lot to snark about in this game. Oh yes.

Here are the favorite series votes so far. I'll keep this updated as votes keep rolling in.

Fafner 5
Gainer 4
Original 4
Jeeg 3
Gaiking 3
Godannar 2
Zoids 1
Virtual-On 1
Dangaioh 1
Mazinger 0
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 18, 2011, 06:36:16 PM
Yeah, let's go with my first pick for the third favorite series, aka Fafner. Now the competition for the third place is even more tense!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 18, 2011, 06:45:21 PM
Pretty sure you know mine since you just checked, but I'll post them here for posterity's sake.

Original, Jeeg, and Fafner.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: kamikasei on April 18, 2011, 06:51:15 PM
I'll change one vote from Godannar (now that I've googled it, good grief) to Fafner. It looks interesting.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: oslecamo on April 18, 2011, 10:17:59 PM
Shinkon Gattai Godannar!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 19, 2011, 05:32:44 PM

Did you mean Gaiking or King Gainer?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 19, 2011, 07:04:13 PM
Okay, votes are over! After disputing the tie with third parties, we have determined that the three series favorited for this LP will be:

Gun X Sword

Fafner in the Azure

And lastly,
Overman King Gainer

Say hello to the overjoyed winners, everyone!

I will be taking footage now so expect the first episode to appear in a few days.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 19, 2011, 07:07:47 PM
Getter Robo Armageddon, Gundam SEED Destiny and Gundam 00? I thought this is SRW K, not SRW Z2.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 19, 2011, 07:08:39 PM
So our favorite leads range from a batshit widower to a bisexual stoic and lastly an enthusiastic gamer.

Gonna be a fun ride, this one is.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 21, 2011, 04:17:39 PM
Slightly delayed, but never late! Whatever sense that sentence made... nevermind. This is the first update! And as first updates go, this will have a long, long introduction. Endure Enjoy it.

Mist: Urgh... my head. Wait, where am I? This is not the street gutter!

Nanae: Hey, are you okay now? Everyone, he woke up!

Nanae, Tonko and Morimoto - Dannar Base's grease monkeys

Morimoto: You fainted from exhaustion on a street. You should be happy Nanae found you.
Nanae: Yup! And brought you right 'ere! This is the Dannar Base's medical ward. We have giant robots and stuff!
Mist: Giant robots, huh...
Doctor cameo: Try to rest for a while. You were malnourished but you should be fine now.
Tonko: Now, I don't want to rain on everyone's parade, but who will pay the medical expenses?

Shibakusa: Don't worry a thing. I already have a solution for that.

"Old Man" Shibakusa, Dannar Base's chief mechanic

Morimoto: Boss!
Nanae: Old Man! You're here?
Shibakusa: Don't call me old! Anyway, I brought a guest.
Mist: Wow, it's a pair of giant breasts attached to a woman!

Professor Kiriko Aoi, leader of Dannar Base's R&D

Kiriko: Very clever. I see this guy you picked up is not the sharpest knife in the drawer... what's your name? Can you remember that at least?
Mist: Urm... it's Mist. Mist Rex.
Kiriko: Alright. Listen up, mr Rex. Dannar Base is always short on hands, so we want to hire you. This way you will be able to repay your debt, and maybe earn some money of your own. What do you think? It's not a hard job, especially for a muscular hunk like you.
Nanae: Yes! We need more hunks!
Morimoto: Nanae-san, you break my heart...
Mist: Okay, I accept!

Mist's inner thoughts: So they don't know who I really am? Good. I guess it's alright to work as dumb muscle for these people, at least for a while...

Time for the backstory! Blah blah, humans develop, blah blah giant robots, blah blah colonies in space blah.
A few years' back, space colonies declared war on Earth and created their own independent nation of ZAFT. The war was long and bloody, and technically the Earth Federation won. Actually, the ones who stopped the conflict was a rogue party known as Three Ship Alliance. ZAFT remained a nation, but its independence is questionable. And it looks like it's going to start some trouble again...
Also, an insane mad scientist by the name of Dr Hell tried to destroy and/or take over the world (OF COURSE!). He was stopped by a brave man named Kouji Kabuto, and his giant robot Mazinger Z. Oh, and Kouji's friends I guess. Dr Hell's Mechabeasts weren't the only menace to Earth. There was an infestation of giant, biological monsters known as Mimetic Beasts. They are mostly destroyed but some still remain. Also, terrifyingly powerful, mysterious golden creatures known as Festum appeared recently, and they seem unstoppable. And who knows what other baddies may appear?
And that's just the Earth...

Few months pass peacefully, and then...

Episode 1!
You can't spell wedding without "ding"!

Gou: So, this is finally the day.

Gou Saruwatari, Dannar Base's ace mecha pilot

Gou: Watch over us, Mila. And give us your blessings.

Indeed, it was one of the trickiest days in Gou's life ever. Forget fighting monsters, today... he was getting married.


Shibakusa: Move it, guys! Everything's gotta be in top shape in three hours!
Mist: Old Man, where do you need this crate carried?
Shibakusa: Argh, don't make me fire you Mist! Ah, right. Mist. Drop that thing, I got a special assignment for you.
Mist: Huh?
Shibakusa: See this present? You gotta carry it... there. But it's a secret, so keep your mouth shut on where you're going.
Mist: What, a church?
Shibakusa: I said, keep your mouth shut!


Anna: I'm happy you guys could make it here, Sayaka.
Sayaka: Don't mention it. Just because we're heroes doesn't mean we got no time for friends like you!

Anna Aoi, bride-to-be (and Professor Aoi's daughter)

Sayaka Yumi, giant robot pilot (and Kouji's not-girlfriend)

Kiriko: Indeed. Keeping this marriage a secret from the whole base and their gossiping mouths AND securing special invitations for you two was quite a pain in the ass. Okay, you're ready Anna. Looking good - make your mother proud.
Voice from the outside: Umm... may I come in?
Anna: Shinobu? Is that you? You know you can't get in here yet... okay, okay! Just for a second.

Shinobu, Gou's younger brother

Shinobu: Wow, Anna. You look beautiful!
Anna: Do you think so?
Shinobu: Will you... marry me?
Sayaka: ... What's with this comedic timing?

Speaking of comedic timing.

Kouji Kabuto, pilot of Mazinger Z!

Kouji (Kabuto): Hey, who is this guy?
Mist: Special delivery!

Anna: Someone's knocking to the door again?
Mist: Special delivery! Here you go, professor Aoi!
Kiriko: Urgh, it's all covered in mud! What is supposed to be in this box anyway?
Mist: I don't know. It's supposed to be a secret!

Further shanenigans have to wait, because a red alert went off in Dannar Base proper.


Kagemaru: What's going on? Give me a situation report!

Kagemaru, Dannar Base's commander

Konami: Mimetic Beast detected off the shore!
Momochi: And Gou has a day out! What should we do?

Konami and "Momochi" Momoko, Dannar Base bridge bunnies

Kagemaru: Keep your cool! We still have our backup unit. G Gunner, do you read me?

Kouji (Tetsuya): Yes, boss!
Shizuru: We're ready to take off!

Kouji Tetsuya, G Gunner's idiot hotblooded pilot

Shizuru Fujimura, Core Gunner's pilot and expert sniper

Kagemaru: Your mission is to intercept and destroy the enemy. There is no backup available. Use extreme caution!

Unbeknownst to all, one more robot was standing between the Mimetic Beast and the helpless, undefended heartland of Japan.


Boss: Damn that Kabuto! He gets the invitation to a fancy wedding and I don't? I was much more of a hero than he ever will be!

Boss, comic relief delinquent

Boss: But I have a plan!
Nuke and Mucha: What's the plan, Boss?
Boss: I brought Boss Borot here, and we'll crash the wedding! This will be my vengeance! Muahaha!

Nuke and Mucha, Boss's useless toadies

Nuke: Brilliant!
Mucha: You sure this is a good idea?
Boss: Don't doubt me! Or else... hey! What's that?

Shizuru: We have the Mimetic Beast in visual.
Kouji (Tetsuya): What's this? HQ, I see some funny-looking robot!
Kagemaru: That's not ours! Is it aggressive?
Boss: An audience! Change of plans, guys! See the big ugly? Wreck it and I'll prove how much of a hero I am!

Boss: Shi shi shi! Okay, here we go (!
Nuke: Boss! We're going down!
Boss: Aah! That didn't turn out so well!

Kouji (Tetsuya): That funny thing attacked the Beast and got destroyed!
Shizuru: Watch out Kouji! It's going for us now (!

Kagemaru: Minor damage! Counterattack from outside its distance!
Shizuru: Yes, sir!
Momochi: Sir! We analyzed the Beast's appearance. Look at this!
Kagemaru: These parts? It looks like... the Clubmariner?!

And finally, finally the interactive part of the mission starts. The G Gunner is out of its league here, so the best I can do is retreat to a better position.

Shizuru: Here it comes again!
Kouji (Tetsuya): I won't let you! Wing Cannon (! What! It's got a shield!

Back to the church.

Priest cameo: Anna, do you take this man, Gou, as your husband?
Anna: I do!
Priest cameo: And you, Gou, do you take this woman, Anna, as your wife?
Gou: I...


Shizuru: Gou!
Gou: Shizuru! Not now... this is the worst possible moment!
Shizuru: We're in trouble... aah!
Gou: Shizuru!
Anna: What's going on!
Kiriko: Gou, we have to go!
Gou: Right! I'm sorry Anna... there are giant beasts to fight!
Anna: Left at the altar... I can't believe it...
Kouji (Kabuto): Giant beasts? This is our cue! Let's go Sayaka. Our bikes are just outside!
Sayaka: Good thing we parked Mazinger and Diana not too far away, Kouji!
Anna: No, wait. This is not it! Gou-chin went away to protect me (even using our "just married" car...). That's right! And as his bride, it is my mission to help him! Wait for me, Gou-chin!
Shinobu: Everyone is leaving...
Mist: I'm still here.

And, back to the battlefield!

Kouji (Tetsuya): Argh! We're getting clobbered! (
Shizuru: It's too close to use anything but Gatling Arm! At this rate...


Anna: Aah! A stray explosion! My wedding dress... it's all ruined now... hey!
Anna: This giant robot? It moved on its own! Okay, I'm not my school's top mecha player for nothing. Please, lend me your power!

Mimetic Beast: *rip*
Kouji (Tetsuya): AAARGH!
Shizuru: Kouji!
Konami: G Gunner, destroyed! Core Gunner is still operational!
Mimetic Beast: *Not if I can help it!*



Gou: Sorry for taking so long. They've stripped you naked, Shizuru.
Shizuru: Gou, you made it!
Gou: How's Kouji?
Shizuru: He's dead.
Kouji (Tetsuya): I'm not dead!
Gou: You two retreat. I'll handle this ( aargh!

Momochi: Sir! Why is Gou not giving his all!
Kagemaru: It's the Clubmariner and Gou knows it. It reminds him of five years ago!
Momochi: That means... Mila?!

Swoosh! Block again!


Anna: I won't let you!
Gou: Anna! Are you inside? What are you doing there?
Konami: Neo Okusaer? Who is inside?
Kiriko: That would be my daughter, Anna. She pilots the unit with my blessings.
Gou: Anna, stay back! An amateur like you will only die here!
Anna: I will defend you if you can't defend yourself! That's because you are... my husband!
Everyone: HUSBAND!?
Anna: Gou-chin, please let me help you!
Everyone: GOU-CHIN?!
Kiriko: Ah-ah... So much of the secret...

Now we have two units ready to beat the crap out of the enemy. The advantage is on our side, so let's go (!

As veteran SRW players (or readers of my previous LP) may have noticed, I used spirit skills to help my cause a bit. Their use is rather straightforward - you activate a skill, pay some SP, and receive an effect. In this case, I used Alert for Anna (the next enemy attack automatically misses), and Invincible for Gou (the next enemy attack that hits deals only ten damage). Godannar units aren't that heavily armored, so defensive spirit skills like that help. A lot.

It looks like the good guys have the advantage now!


Or not. Smaller mook Mimetic Beasts appear to rip us to shreds!

Fortunately, they are not the only backup that arrives.

Kouji (Kabuto): Plider On!


Kouji: Mecha Beasts or Mimetic Beasts, no difference - all will get their asses kicked! Mazinger Z is here! Sayaka, follow me! We'll teach these guys a lesson!
Sayaka: Kouji, wait! Diana A cannot fly, you're leaving me behind!

Anna: Sayaka and Kouji! They came to help us!
Small Mimetic Beast: Gao!
Anna: Ah, can't get distracted! Angel Wall (!

That's right, Neo Okusaer has a barrier-like ability. It only protects against weaker attacks, but that's still something.

Kouji: This is it. Time for the finishing blow! BREAST FIRE! (

Yes, I used another spirit skill - Sayaka's trademark Bless, which you can use on anyone, not just her, and it doubles the funds you get for the next attack. Useful for finishing off bosses. Speaking of bosses, downing the huge Mimetic Beast did not end the stage yet. We still have the mooks to finish off.

Mist: I... changed my mind. Hold the fort, Shinobu!
Shinobu: Now really everyone left...
Priest cameo: ...


Mist: Is it time for history to repeat itself? Whatever the case, I can't just stand aside while these people fight! You were hidden too well for anyone to find you. Crystal Heart, activate! Let's go! Revlius!

Kouji: What's this, more enemy reinforcements?!
Mist: Not if I can help it! (

Anna: What was that! Mist, is that you? Why are you in a mecha?
Mist: It's... a long story.

What you witnessed now was a Combo Attack - the SRW K-only version. Mist technically doesn't have the skills to perform an advanced 3-unit one yet, but eh. Cutscene power.

Mist: It's not over yet. These guys... I won't let them disturb the peace like that! Groovine Buster (!

Unlike other units we have so far, the tough-but-clumsy (or clumsy but not so tough in case of G Gunner) super-types, Revlius is a real-type. Which means it's pretty good at dodging, and Mist shouldn't get damaged even if he is ganged up on by enemies! Cool, huh?



Mist: Uh oh! Better finish this quickly!

And so we did. With dynamic kill animations! ( That is, a different attack animation if it deals the finishing hit.

Mist: Did we do it?
Anna: Mist, look out!


Mist: Aaaargh!
Gou: The Clubmariner!
Anna: Gou-chin, quick! We gotta finish it off!
Gou: ...
Anna: What's the matter, Gou-chin? Gou-chin! Snap out of it! What's wrong?
Gou: Five years ago...
Anna: Yes, remember five years ago? That's when we first met, when you protected me from the monsters!
Gou: No, that's not it... That's not all...
Anna: Snap out of it, Gou-chin! We gotta do something right now or Mist dies!

Gou: Twin Drive, Engage!
Anna: Twin Drive, Engage! (?)

Gou: Anna, help me here! Fire when I say so! (
Anna: SOUL!
Mimetic Beast: Gyaooo! *iz ded*

Anna: Are you alright, Mist?
Mist: Yeah, somehow...
Kiriko: Good job, everyone. I will have some questions for you, Mist Rex...

The battle was won! But what's this! There was a spectator!


Daiya Tsuwabuki, son of a lost-at-sea fisherman

Daiya: The giant beasts... they really are back... that can only mean!

Meanwhile, at Dannar Base.

Anna: Gou-chin, we did it!
Kouji (Kabuto): Yeah, we kicked ass! Mazinger didn't go rusty in the slightest! Wait a sec... Gou-chin?
Mist: Let's ignore it, I'm sure nobody will notice...


Kiriko: Like nobody will notice your mecha, Mist Rex? Why do you have one? Tell me.
Mist: It's a... long story.
Kiriko: And we have all the time in the world. Come with me to the headquarters. But first...
Mist: Gulp.
Kiriko: I want to give you a raise. Under condition that your unit will help Dannar Base in various operations. We're short-handed when it goes to fighting Mimetic Beasts, too. Not just in engineering.
Mist: You want me to fight, again? I guess I have no choice, now that the secret is revealed...


Shizuru: Hey, what are you doing Kouji? The doctors told you to stay in bed and rest!
Kouji (Tetsuya): It's ok! I feel just fine and dandy! Soon I'll be back to pilo... ow ow ow.
Shizuru: See, I just told you - stop moving!
Anna: Kouji, is he okay?!
Kouji (Tetsuya, again): I'm ok! Ouch.

Still, unlike canon, Kouji will find himself checked out of the hospital soon enough. I guess there was a mixup between him and Kabuto.


Kiriko: Now, Mist. Tell me how you got this robot.
Mist: I was a guardian of...
Kagemaru: Professor Aoi! Come here quick. This is extremely important!
Kiriko: Your secrets remain hidden for a bit longer, Mist. You are lucky.
Mist: Yeah... really lucky...

Kiriko: What is it, Kagemaru?
Kagemaru: Take a look at this. The Mimetic Beast really did control the Clubmariner. And inside, we found...
Kiriko: Impossible! After five years, she is still alive?

Kiriko: That woman! Mila Ackerman...


Intermission menu time. This is where we upgrade units, give pilots extra training, organise two-people squads... but since it's only mission one, we can't do much of anything yet.


Well, at least we can see who the top aces are. Or browse through the unit list (

Speaking of the units, here's what we have so far! Organized by series.

[spoiler]Revlius: The original unit! And as far as originals go... it's really not that good. It's a dodger, but it cannot dodge TOO well, and its weapons are not that powerful. Fortunately, it gets better later. Much better.

Mazinger Z: The super robots' super robot. It is tanky, with lots of armor and HP. Weapon-wise... it is nothing special. Its most useful attacks and even Mazin Power are locked away. How disappointing! Luckily, later they get unlocked and then Mazinger becomes a powerhouse.

Diana A: Mazinger's support unit. Sayaka can use it to repair people. Offensively, it sucks. Simple as that. It's not too good in defense either.

Boss Borot: We're not getting rid of Boss that easily! As usual, he is a joke. The Borot is weak and its armor might as well be made of cardboard. At least it can resupply/refuel energy, and since it has three pilots (Boss and his flunkies), we can get some mileage out of spirit skills.

Godannar: Gou's unit is decently strong, but its range is criminally short. It has pretty good HP, but its armor is lackluster and dodging skills are terrible. Definitely a glass cannon.

Neo Okusaer: Anna's unit is not much weaker than Gou's, and Angel Wall provides some defensive options. Still, the real power of these two units is their ability to combine into...

Godannar Twin Drive: Now we're talking! This unit packs some serious punch, and its defensive abilities are somewhat increased. It is still a glass cannon, just glassy and more... cannon-y. Very cannon-y indeed.

G Gunner: Long-ranged combat is this unit's forte. Kouji (Tetsuya, not Kabuto) can deal some pretty good damage. Defensively, it's worse than Godannar. Ouch.

Core Gunner: Pretty similar to G Gunner, albeit with slightly better dodging abilities and slightly worse armor. Also, its final attack is close-ranged. Shizuru pilots a glass cannon, just like her partner friend colleague.[/spoiler]

That's it for update #1. Tell me how you like the formatting I use. I tried to make it a bit more concise than my previous LPs, but the post is a long one anyway. I guess the episode just had a lot of talky bits. I'm motivated by attention, being the shameless beast I am, so if you have anything to comment at all, speak up. I'm looking forward to all input.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 21, 2011, 04:50:15 PM
You're making Mist sound too nice.

Otherwise, ah, SRW K.  How long ago it's been since I've played you.  Fond memories of sitting in engineering classes, fifteen feet away from the teacher and playing you in plain sight, his sheer incompetence and inability to pay attention to whether or not we were paying attention on full display.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 21, 2011, 05:12:36 PM
Mist didn't really have an opportunity to be a jerk yet.

Extra notes!

Yes, I am using Japanese honorifics here. Well, not all the time. Only when it makes the better joke. For reference, -chan is the "cute" honorific, and -chin is to -chan what -chan is to the official mr or ms equivalent -san. Now you know what Gou-chin means.

Dramatic backstory!

In case it wasn't clear enough. Five years ago, Gou and his lover/partner Mila were both Dannar Base pilots, and while fighting Mimetic Beasts, Mila seemingly died. And in the same event, Gou rescued and became friends with Anna, who was a middle school student at that time. Flash forward five years and Gou and Anna are getting married. Oh Japan...

Also, Core Gunner was stored inside G Gunner, but now it works as an independent unit. Oh Japan #2.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 21, 2011, 05:24:12 PM
Well, that was the fastest Start To Mazinger Z I've seen yet in SRW.

Combined Godannar is pretty cool. It's as if its component parts were Gurren Lagann (which wasn't made yet when Godannar went out) and Gao Gai Gar. I still like Kouji and Shizuru more, though.

Apparently Mist has the power of BROOKLYN RAGE! Revlius is pretty okay, though its theme is rather boring and tends to put me to sleep. Except for this part (, which I like a lot. Pity it's so brief.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Prime32 on April 21, 2011, 05:54:36 PM
I thought Go's uncombined unit was Dannar? ???

Revlius is pretty okay
More like R3vlius, amirite?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 21, 2011, 06:11:57 PM
No, it's Godannar and the upgraded form is Godannar Twin Drive. Or maybe I should say Gou Dannar. The pun, it burns.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Prime32 on April 21, 2011, 06:33:49 PM
No, it's Godannar and the upgraded form is Godannar Twin Drive. Or maybe I should say Gou Dannar. The pun, it burns.
See, it calls his robot Dannar on screens for some reason.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 21, 2011, 07:10:12 PM
Yeah, that's because Go Dannar is its full name, Dannar for short. Okusaer's full name is technically Neo Okusaer. And yes, Go Okusaer exists as well. No Neo Dannar in sight, however.

In case anyone's curious, Dannar and Okusaer are named after Japanese words for husband and wife. Danna and okusan, respectively.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 21, 2011, 07:30:41 PM
I actually like Active Mind.  Revlius is pretty bland, though.

Anyway, that was a fun first mission.  Now prepare for like 11 straight Gaiking missions with no breaks and minimal other canon involvement.

Also, are you going to go for downing the battleship next level?  It's theoretically possible, just a pain in the ass.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on April 21, 2011, 07:55:57 PM
Interesting setup, I'll admit to being curious where they're going with this.

As for upgrades and the like....Well, out of the current units I'd only much care about Godannar, Okaseur, Mazinger and maybe Core Gunner. So if people want to hold back on spending cash now, I'll understand until we get a bigger roster, but I won't complain if Cubey starts spending now either.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: kamikasei on April 21, 2011, 09:01:11 PM
Now you know what Gou-chin means.
Raise your hand if you just thought of something naughty. (
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 21, 2011, 11:23:35 PM
Kami, you have a dirty mind! How dare you accuse Godannar, an ecchi fanservice show, of having dirty innuendo!

As for upgrades, I think Godannar and Okusaer share upgrades, so they're the best bet for now. But I don't plan to upgrade anything yet. We need that money. For the future.

EDIT, because I forgot to answer Nerdo.

[spoiler]I could set up the teams to down the battleship, but eh. Only after recording the mission footage did I realize how to do it. This is not necessary for any secret so I'll pass.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Neon Knight on April 23, 2011, 02:54:29 AM
Now you know what Gou-chin means.
Raise your hand if you just thought of something naughty. (

*raises hand*


Nice first update, looking forward to more. Almost wish I had voted for Godannar at the start, since so far it's the most entertaining mech on the field.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 23, 2011, 03:30:46 PM
It'll take a few more missions for us to get King Gainer and then Gun X Sword's right around the corner.  But there's some awesome units for both.  And Gun X Sword and Godannar were done by the same director, so you can expect some similarities with quirky machines.  Like El Dora V, which is also a send-up to GaoGaiGar.  And pretty much every 70s era mecha show.

... And then we'll get Fafner.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 23, 2011, 06:05:59 PM
Dude, spoilers much?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 24, 2011, 05:22:29 PM
You thought there wouldn't be an update on Easter.
You thought wrong.

Episode 2!
The Gaiking plot starts (and never stops)!

Remember the kid, Daiya, from the last update? He's on a beach now.


Daiya: The monsters are coming, just like five years ago! Why doesn't anyone believe me? Drats.
Naoto: Because it's... kinda hard to believe, Daiya.

Naoto, ordinary schoolkid and (against his better judgement) Daiya's only friend

Daiya: What's so hard to believe about giant, armored beasts summoned by the black flame?! Besides, one of them was different. It was friendly, and five years ago I ended up on board! There were people there and they gave me this.
Naoto: This lens, I know. You said so already, but... ow! It's really warm!
Daiya: Hey, it really is! What's going on?

Boom! Explosion time! The best time to return back to Dannar Base.

Kiriko: Now you say you forgot your past, Mist... How awfully convenient... and suspicious.
Mist: Not as suspicious as Gou marrying your daughter. How young is she? Is that even legal?


Mist: Good timing.
Momochi: Ma'am, an unidentified force is attacking! It's not the Mimetic Beasts!
Kiriko: Dannar Base crew, get going! Kouji and Sayaka - I'm sorry that you got dragged into this. You don't have to come and fight now. In fact, you shouldn't.
Kouji (Kabuto): What, Mazinger and not fighting? No way! See, Professor Yumi is okay with us tagging along.

Main screen turn on.

Professor Yumi: The enemy that just appeared is most likely the Darius Empire. It is a mysterious group that was off our radar until not too long ago. The one thing we know about them is that they want to conquer the world (OF COURSE). And yes, I give permission for Kouji and Sayaka to fight them.
Kouji (Kabuto): Thank you Professor Exposition!
Sayaka: Thanks, dad!
Kiriko: Sigh... I need a drink.

And so, everyone went to fight the monsters!


Suspage: Yes! Nobody can stand in the way of Darius Empire! Submit now, pitiful worms, or be crushed under these giant feet! Most fabulously.


Suspage, Kefka-wannabe

Suspage: Oho, the resistance arrives. I will be your villain of the day, so do me a favour and DIE!

Kouji (Kabuto): These things look like Mechabeasts! Is that bastard Doctor Hell, back!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Hey, look at that weird battleship!
Shizuru: Why are you out of your bed, Kouji?

Gou: Watch out, they're attacking (!

The battle starts! Enemies aren't too tough (it's only the second stage), but that's enough to make an impression on a young mind.


Daiya's mom: Wait, where are you going? Daiya! Stay right here!
Daiya: No, mom! I'm sorry but I gotta go! These armored beasts are back! That means... that means we can find father! I know he didn't die five years ago!
Daiya's mom: It's dangerous outside! These monsters are out there!
Daiya: I know, which is why I gotta go! They're the key!
Naoto: A harpoon?! He's going to fight them?

Mist: There're two enemy types! This one's even uglier, I'll shoot it!
Shizuru: Engaging sniping mode. Supporting fire (!

Okay, it wasn't an actual offensive support. Supports work slightly differently in K than in other SRW titles. We will see soon enough.

Boss: You didn't think I'd call it quits, right? Ha ha ha! Watch this, Boss Borot's real power (!

I can't believe that worked. Boss's attacks are so hilariously weak, the game takes pity on us and summons mysterious stranger reinforcements.



Kiriko: What is this now?
Kouji (Kabuto): A giant dinosaur ship!
Kagemaru: New vessel, identify yourself!

Captain Garis, the masked commander

Garis: My name is Garis and this is the Daiku-Maryu. It is the mission of my men to battle Darius. We will lend you our assistance!

Suspage: The rebels are here! Lucky day - helmsman, change your direction so we can fire at them!

Kouji (Tetsuya): Friendly reinforcements! Excellent opportunity to show everyone what G Gunner is capable of. Okay! Strong Buster - FIRE! (
Gou: Let's go, Anna! Godannar Twin Drive, combine!
Anna: Alright, Gou-chin!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Please don't steal my spotlight, Gou-chin...

Gou: Ahh, don't call me Gou-chin!
Anna: Gou-chin!
Gou-chin: Groan... what is it, Anna?
Anna: We're under attack (!

Suspage: Damn! Damnation! How could that miss? And what's with the triple take attack!?

Daiya: Okay. I have a harpoon and the big beasts are really... big. But I have the height advantage! I'll jump on them!
Mysterious voice: Can you hear me? Please leave this place. We're fighting and it's really dangerous.
Daiya: A girl? A girl's voice... coming from my lens! Wait. A girl gave me that lens five years ago! It was you, wasn't it?
Voice: Umm... well, you have to go now or you will get killed!
Daiya: I can't do that! Okay, time to pretend this is One Piece. Jump!

Voice: Captain! That boy just jumped off a high tower! He will get killed!
Garis: We must rescue him. Daiku-Maryu, move out immediately!

The giant dinosaur-like machine saves Daiya in the only way possible. That is, by eating him. Wait, what?

Daiya: Woah! Woah! I was eaten! Wait, a giant robot? What's going on!


Daiya: Why did I turn Super Saiyan?
Voice: That wasn't supposed to happen... but it seems you are the chosen one! You are the only one capable of piloting this machine - Gaiking. It woke up because of your Flame.
Daiya: I don't get it...
Voice: In short, we want you to get out and use Gaiking to fight the enemy.
Daiya: Woah, that was fast! Can I really do that?

Shizuru: Sniper Shot!
Suspage: Not so fast! Engage the Monty Python cannon (!

Suspage: Hey, where did all the beasts go?
Kouji (Tetsuya): Hehe... I was the hero for a day after all.
Suspage: This doesn't look good...


???: Don't forget your original mission, Suspage. This was only a diversion.
Suspage: You!
???: Why don't you retreat for now? Here, I brought a few friends to cover your escape.
Suspage: Grr... withdraw!
???: Smart boy.

Anna: Gou-chin, look! Mimetic Beasts!
Kouji (Kabuto): What, we're going mimetic now? That doesn't make any sense!

Suspage's battleship withdraws in this stage if you either shoot down all his mooks or the ship's HP drops under 6000 HP. You can drop him and get some extra items and money for your trouble, but that requires careful preparation. Preparation I do not have the patience for! Ha ha ha!

Ahem, please disregard that last sentence.

Garis: More enemies appear! All units, scramble and cover Gaiking. Serpent, Stinger, Bunker Crab - go!

Gaiking support pilots role call!

Puria, hot-headed ace dogfighter

Lee, laidback martial artist

Yanma, Hacho and Bubi - bums

Lee: Here we go... alright, Gaiking. We've got your back.
Yanma: We're totally trustworthy. Believe us.
Bubi: Yup, yup.
Puria: Hey, less chatter, more support fire! Despair Sight (!

The enemy is kinda out of their league. Even if they cheat by stacking two units on one tile! But wait, what's this!


Single units whose pilots have the Combo Attack ability can hit both enemies in a group. Or if the ability's rank is high, several groups at once. This only works with certain attacks, and there's a drop in damage drop.
Unfortunately, so far the list of our people with Combo Attack includes Mist, and Mist alone.

Garis: Daiku-Maryu, engage the opposition. Mr Rongo, prepare the Dragon Cutter!

Rongo, the unfortunately-named helmsman

Rongo: Aye aye! Dragon Cutter!
Lee: Puria went on ahead as usual...
Yanma: We gotta help Big Sis, or she'll yell at us for being useless!
Lee: Then, let's do just that. Serpent Cannon! Laying cover fire (!

Daiya: Everyone's fighting, I gotta help them!
Voice: Quick, use the Despair Sight!
Daiya: How! Ah, this button? Okay! Despair Sight (!
Mimetic Beast: Gao...

Insert your own "if looks could kill" joke here.

The rest of the mission is pretty much a roundup of remaining enemy forces. It's almost like they were brought here only to buy time, not to destroy anything. But what are the odds of that?

For now, enjoy these dynamic kills.

Mist: Steard, beam gun mode on. I won't miss (!
Shizuru: Spiral Stinger, engage (!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Oh, I wish I was that Mimetic Beast for once!
Shizuru: Idiot.
Daiya: Let's try another attack! Counter Cross (!
Boss: No, my screentime!

Daiya: I knew it. Everything was real, all along.
Garis: We must depart immediately.
Daiya: Wait! I must know about my father! We got separated five years ago, when you rescued me! Tell me!


Voice: Do you want to know? If you learn about Daiku-Maryu and Darius, you cannot go back.
Daiya: Yes! I need to know!
Voice: Then, please come aboard.


Kouji (Kabuto): So it wasn't Dr Hell after all.
Garis: No. The Darius Empire exists in a different world, under the Earth's surface. There are portals between that world and Earth, and one is not far from here. The Empire seeks to expand itself at Earth's nations' expense. And we are here to stop that from happening.
Mist: Conquer, destroy... and here I expected some peace for a change. Conflict follows me whenever I go.
Kiriko: Ooooh?
Mist: Umm, I mean. My head. Ow, can't remember a thing!
Garis: I should return to Daiku-Maryu. I have a guest to attend to.

Daiya: Hello, voice! Where are you?


Ruru: Welcome on board of Daiku-Maryu, Daiya.

Ruru, operations officer

Daiya: I remember! I really met you five years ago! You saved me from drowning! And then you gave me that lens!
Ruru: Yes. Because I believed you were the one chosen to pilot Gaiking. That one day you would help us.
Daiya: So, is this something special? Like a chosen one's ring or something?
Ruru: Actually, it's just a communicator.
Daiya: Oh... so, tell me! About that Darius thing!

Shizuka, Daiku-Maryu's chief engineer

Shizuka: Let's do that offscreen. Hello, Daiya. Nice to meet you. My name's Shizuka, and I'm the boss of the belowdecks.
Daiya: Offscreen? Talk about convenient!

Ow, the fourth wall. Jump cut!


???: Don't forget your original mission, Suspage. Head for Kyuushu. If we wake up that... it'll help everyone in our little group of friends.
Suspage: Tch. Who does this guy thinks he is? Some outsider thinks he can boss me around...

Daiya: So, you don't know about my father...
Shizuka: I'm sorry. Maybe the captain will know more! In the meantime, meet the rest of the crew.


Puria: So, this shrimp is Gaiking's pilot? I expected someone stronger-looking...
Daiya: Hey!
Puria: Well, whatever. Nice to meet you kid. Name's Puria Richardson.
Daiya: Urgh... tough to pronounce name... Nice to meet you, Puria Retardo-san.
Puria: HEY! You want me to break your arm?!
Daiya: Ow! What did I do now!


Gou: Anna... I'm sorry for earlier. I doubted your ability to fight. Or maybe I wasn't sure I could protect you.
Anna: Oh? So serious, no shanenigans? What's going on this time, Gou-chin?
Gou: But it changed. When we combined, all my doubts were dispelled! I... never told you "I do". Well, this is why we are here now. I do.
Anna: Gou-chin...
Gou: Anna...
Priest cameo: I'm still here, you know. Get a room you two.

Daiya's mom: What happened now, Daiya? Where are you going this time? Your hand! Is it broken?
Daiya: No, it's okay! Mom... I'm really glad that you raised me alone when dad went missing. And now, I gotta repay for that! I know he's alive. I'm off to find him! With Gaiking and Daiku-Maryu!
Daiya's mom: What are you talking about!
Daiya: Anyway... I'm off! Don't worry about me! Damn... I really should've said that in a cooler way...

Intermission time! And now we have something to play with.


A servomotor will upgrade Revlius's mobility. Hopefully Mist will get hit less now. What, you didn't know? He scored a hit for 50% of his HP this stage. This totally happened.

New units in our roster!
[spoiler]Daiku-Maryu: It's a battleship. That means it has lots of HP, an ability to dock and release units, and only average weapons. Well, the latter improves if Gaiking is not around on the map, but we don't want that, because...

Gaiking: In one word, powerhouse. It has really strong attacks and only keeps getting better as the game progresses. On the other hand, it runs out of juice really fast.

Stinger: Support unit. Can repair, can dodge quite well, fast too. Average weapons.

Serpent: Support unit. Can resupply, a decent attacker. I would be unwise to totally ignore Lee, because he gets a huge upgrade later.

Kani Tank Crab Bunker: Support unit. Do we see a pattern yet? Tankiest of the three, worst dodging. Can resupply. Has three pilots - just like Boss Borot![/spoiler]
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Post by: Steam on April 24, 2011, 05:36:28 PM
And so the string of Gaiking filler missions commences.

But damn, fond times.  I watched Gaiking like... two years ago.  Maybe three.  First experience with Riku Sanjo's writing, Psycho Lover's singing, and the conniving villain who will go unmentioned so as to not spoil anyone.

Anyways, this was a good installment.  Plus, now I can actually understand the SRW K plot!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 24, 2011, 05:51:54 PM
Kouji (Tetsuya): Friendly reinforcements! Excellent opportunity to show everyone what G Gunner is capable of. Okay! Strong Buster - FIRE! (

"Yatta!" This is one of the best dynamic kill animations out there. Or most amusing at least.

Also, compare the beginning of this theme:
And this theme:

[spoiler]Gaiking is Macross![/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 24, 2011, 08:00:59 PM
Kouji (Tetsuya): Friendly reinforcements! Excellent opportunity to show everyone what G Gunner is capable of. Okay! Strong Buster - FIRE! (

"Yatta!" This is one of the best dynamic kill animations out there. Or most amusing at least.

Also, compare the beginning of this theme:
And this theme:

[spoiler]Gaiking is Macross![/spoiler]

Scarily enough, the Gaiking show does have Real Robot mentalities at points.  Monsters of the week, or at least solo monsters they fight, are insanely rare and usually they're up against hordes coming at them all at once.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 25, 2011, 03:20:49 AM
Scarily enough, the Gaiking show does have Real Robot mentalities at points.  Monsters of the week, or at least solo monsters they fight, are insanely rare and usually they're up against hordes coming at them all at once.

Man I better go tell Gunbuster they're a Real Robot.

Also I played all the way through Alpha 2 without being about to tell was "Despa Sight" was supposed to mean.  I GUESS it could be Despair...
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 25, 2011, 06:05:19 PM
Scarily enough, the Gaiking show does have Real Robot mentalities at points.  Monsters of the week, or at least solo monsters they fight, are insanely rare and usually they're up against hordes coming at them all at once.

Man I better go tell Gunbuster they're a Real Robot.

Also I played all the way through Alpha 2 without being about to tell was "Despa Sight" was supposed to mean.  I GUESS it could be Despair...

Quiet you.  I didn't say Gaiking was a Real Robot, it just had some Real Robot sensibilities.

Though it gets weird when we get "Despair Sight" attacks coming out of people's [spoiler]arms[/spoiler].
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 25, 2011, 07:03:14 PM
[spoiler]I thought it's gonna be "butts".[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 25, 2011, 10:51:02 PM

Quiet you.  I didn't say Gaiking was a Real Robot, it just had some Real Robot sensibilities.

At least you didn't say "if it's mass-produced it's a Real."

Second-dumbest argument I've had with a particular person, and that's saying something.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Prime32 on April 25, 2011, 11:24:40 PM

Quiet you.  I didn't say Gaiking was a Real Robot, it just had some Real Robot sensibilities.

At least you didn't say "if it's mass-produced it's a Real."

Second-dumbest argument I've had with a particular person, and that's saying something.
Great Mazinger, Getter Robo and Gurren-Lagann are Reals?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 25, 2011, 11:44:54 PM

Quiet you.  I didn't say Gaiking was a Real Robot, it just had some Real Robot sensibilities.

At least you didn't say "if it's mass-produced it's a Real."

Second-dumbest argument I've had with a particular person, and that's saying something.

Ouch, that's harsh. Not that I disagree.
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Post by: Cubey on April 27, 2011, 07:45:03 PM
Hello every-nyan. It's time for...

Episode 3
Go Nagai Strikes!

But first, a guided tour on the Daiku-Maryu.


Shizuka: And this is the bridge. Pretty fancy, isn't it? Watch out for the second-in-command. She can make you swab the deck if you mess up.

Rosa Belnikov, Daiku-Maryu's vice-captain

Rosa: Oh? Am I really that scary, hmm?
Boss: Yowch!

Kiriko: Yes, but I'm worse. Tour's over - everyone back to base. We have an emergency. Again.
Mist: What's up this time, boss?
Kiriko: The Zone above Kyuushu is expanding. You know what that means.
Mist: Actually, I don't.
Konami: Ma'am! We have an emergency transmission!
Kiriko: What, another one? Who is it this time?


Kiriko: Selene!
Selene: Sorry to interrupt, Aoi. I have a favor to call.

Selene McGriff, stubborn mobile suit AI scientist

Selene: The expanding Zone is endangering my research. Make sure nothing happens that may cause a delay. I can't afford any!
Mist: What's going on now! Someone explain!
Selene: I have no time. That's it for my cameo - my canon doesn't debut until 20 missions from now.
Kiriko: I don't have time for you either, so the explanation will be performed by Dannar Base's token loli. Talking from space now, Ruri Lou.

Lou Roux, Dannar Base's space operator with no plot importance whatsoever. None at all

Lou: Thirty years ago, a group of monsters known as the Jama Kingdom tried to take over Japan and then the world (OF COURSE!). They were stopped by a cyborg named Jeeg. However, their lair on Kyuushu island, Japan, has been sealed and the whole area is unaccessible to this day. Do you understand?
Kiriko: Right, and the zone is expanding now, so something bad is about to happen. Move out to Build Base and await further instructions.
Kouji: Basically, you want us to go out and beat the crap out of some old Jama beasties! Can do!
Sayaka: Hey, which Kouji said that? It was in-character for both!

Build base operator: Sir! Do you see the black cloud expanding? It's confirmed, at this rate the whole base will be swallowed!
Shiba: I knew this day would come. Non-essential personnel, get your asses out of here! Everyone else, wait for further instructions!

Senjirou Shiba, Build Base's resident mad scientist

Shiba: Are all civilians evacuated yet? I'm sorry, princess. Seems like you took a bad day to pay us a visit.

Who might the old fart be talking to? A crossover cameo, of course!

Cagalli Yula Attha, chief representative of the Orb Union

Cagalli: All the more reason for us to be here. It's not only the Jama Kingdom that's a threat. There might be a Festum inside.
Shiba: I hope not! Like we need a Festum in this mess...
Alex: Don't worry.

Alex Dino Athrun Zala Alex you know what, screw it. I made this joke already in the LP of SRW Z. At least he brought Quattro-approved disguise shades this time. Not that you can tell from the picture.
Athrun Zala, ex-ZAFT ace

Athrun: As long as I'm here, I guarantee your safety.
Cagalli: It's everyone else's safety I am worried about! Remember what Festum did to Orb's neighbour island? That must never happen again.

Mist: Don't worry, your support is here! Woah, watch out! A monster!
Mist: Ow!
Shiba: Who you calling a monster, young fool!

Jump cut to the bad guys' lair! This is a Go Nagai series so insert some fanservice here. Eeevil fanservice.


Himika: I sense humans in my domain! They must perish! Awaken, my generals!

Queen Himika, ruler of the Jama Kingdom

Mimashi: Mimashi!
Amaso: Amaso!
Ikima: Ikima!

Ikima, Mimashi and Amaso, evil generals of darkness

All three: At your service!
Himika: Ikima, take this power and use it to destroy the interlopers! I have this pitiful worm to talk to. I will let him live for he is the one who awakened us!
Suspage: Wonderful...

Ikima: I see the humans! By the power given to me by Queen Himika, rise and destroy them! Haniwa Phantom God!


Michio: Here's the target! Alright, all units - focus fire in three, two...

Special forces defensive team cameo appearance role call, go!

Michio Hino

Kanon Memphis

Sven Cal Bayang

Mudie Holcroft

Shams Couza

Kanon: Target in sights.
Mudie: It's not a Coordinator, but...
Shams: Let's blow it up!
Sven: ...
Michio: One!

Boom! BANG! Assorted explosive words!

Shams: Oh crap! Front guard down in one blast!
Michio: That firepower! New orders, retreat for now!
Mudie: Run away! Run away!


Kyo: You know the rules.
Kenji: Who wins the race will represent the team! Got it!

Kenji Kusanagi, hot-blooded motorcycle racer

Kyo Misumi, cool-and-collected motorcycle racer

Kenji: Woah woah! What's wrong with you? You almost had the race and you're stoppin' now?
Kyo: Do you feel that, Kenji?
Kenji: Huh?
Kyo: An earthquake.
Kenji: Crap! You're right! I gotta go to the shrine! Gotta warn Tsubaki!

Kenji: Oi! Tsubaki! Where are you?
Miwa: She's not here.

Miwa Tamashiro, Tsubaki's grandmother

Miwa: But there's no time. Get on this.
Kenji: Woah, that's some awesome ride. Wait, you want me to get on this bike? Now? Why?
Miwa: Just get on!

Kenji: A monster! Shit! Aaah! Who's shooting at me!

Captain Mitsuko Yagyu, Build Angel squad leader

Yagyu: Keep going - we must keep his tension up or he won't be able to Build Up!


Tsubaki: Kenji! Can you hear me?
Kenji: Huh, Tsubaki? Where are you?

Tsubaki Tamashiro, shrine maiden (and secret Build Base operative)

Tsubaki: I'm in a fighter above you. Kyo is with me - can you see us? We'll send you parts, you have to Build Up!
Kenji: Bwah! What's that build up thing?
Tsubaki: Just punch your hands together and say Build Up!
Kenji: Okay, okay! BUILD UP!

And Kenji was a Jeeg. Okay, just kidding.

Kenji: My bike's a robot head? Awesome!
Shiba: Listen! You must destroy that Haniwa Phantom God!
Kenji: Huh? Who are you old man? Nevermind... can't help it! Okay, here I go!

About time. That was the longest intro ever.

Yagyu: He transformed! Provide cover fire while Jeeg gets here!
Kyo: Roger (!

Both the Build Angel and Big Shooter can only use their machineguns for now, but that's okay too. Machinegun hits temporarily decrease enemy accuracy!

Yagyu: Keep firing! Cyclone Blaster!
Kenji: No idea what's going on! What attacks this robot has... ah, to hell with it all! I'll just try everything (!

The Phantom God is nowhere near as strong as the Mimetic Beast two missions back. No barrier, no regeneration. Oh yeah, and Jeeg is the unit Kenji is pilotting, in case you were wondering. No, he's not a cyborg.

Kyo: Kenji, listen! Finish it up with a Knuckle Bomber.
Kenji: It's attacking! Knuckle Bomber (! Huzzah! I did it - didja see that?
Tsubaki: Kenji, more robots are approaching!
Kenji: ... Crap!
Yagyu: Don't panic, they're friendlies.


Suspage: But we're not. I'd love to blow you to smithereens, really. But I'm here to pick up the dark generals and continue the chat with Queen Himika.
Amaso: What a spoilsport!
Suspage: So, I'll leave it to these beasts to take care of you. Have fun!


Athrun: I cannot stay here. They'll need my support.
Cagalli: Wait, what are you going to do?
Athrun: I'm going out in the Murasame. It's not much but it will help.
Cagalli: No, you must stay here, Alex! Damn, where are you going? ... Athrun!

Mist: Huh, what's that (

It's a temporary ally, that's what it is. Athrun is only a guest for now - SEED Destiny plot won't start for a while yet. But for now, let's use him for what we can. That sounded dirty.

Athrun: They're trying to surround me. I won't let them (!

Above video made and linked exclusively for the music. Seriously.

Boss: Crap! Kabuto and the others are leaving me behind again!
Garis: Slower units, board the Daiku-Maryu (! You will launch when we approach the enemy.
Rosa: Full speed ahead!

This is a trick you can perform in SRW with capital ships, and I like it a lot. Saves time - but on the other hand, pilots whose units get on board lose a few points of will. An acceptable loss.

I feel like I didn't present Gaiking that well last mission, so:

Daiya: Quick, an attack! I'll use Punch Grinder (!
Garis: Daiku-Maryu too has tricks left up its sleeve. Coil up - Vollition Mode! And attack (!

In this mode, Daiku-Maryu is slightly slower, but also has a protective barrier. Very useful - battleships have lots of HP but generally pretty thin armor. And if you lose one, it's game over.

Gou: Let's go, Dannar! Anna, we'll use Counter Knuckle!
Anna: Okay, Gou-chin!
Boss: Hey, don't get ahead of yourselves, lovebirds! It's Boss's spotlight time (!
Armored beast: Graah?
Boss: How could I mess that up!

Athrun: This transforming mobile suit is armed with a beam cannon. I'll use it now!
Kyo: Kenji, Jeeg has a long-ranged attack like that too. Use the Spin Storm!
Kenji: Whatever you say. SPIN STORM (! Woah! What happened just now?

Bronze Bell Power happened - it's an effect that activates at 130+ will, increasing damage dealt, accuracy and evasion of Jeeg, and reducing damage taken. Kinda sounds like Mazin Power for the SRW-savvy people out there, doesn't it? Well, Go Nagai series...

Daiya: Awesome! But Gaiking is strong too! Watch this!

It's a super robot dynamic kill exhibition (!

Daiya: Hydro BLAZER!
Kouji: Strong BUSTER!
Kouji: Breast FIRE!

Gou: Break Shooter (!
Puria: That name makes no sense, you didn't shoot anything. You just delivered a series of spinkicks!
Anna: Maybe it's Break Shatter?
Puria: That only raises further questions!

Yagyu: Only one beast remains. Let's finish this - gather up, Build Angels!
Monko: Alright! Bring it on!
Tatsuko: It's weak. This'll be the last strike.

Monko Saotome and Tatsuko Midou, Getter Robo pilots Build Angels

Yagyu: Build Angel Triangle Attack (!

Garis: All targets, destroyed.
Mist: Easy, easy! That was no challenge at all... hey, who's calling me now?


???: Mist! It's you - Mist Rex, isn't it?
Mist: No way!

Angelica Shaltir, Mist's childhood friend!

Mist: Angelica! You're here?!
Angelica: I work as a Build Base operator! Mist, I finally found you! I'm so relieved you're safe!
Mist: Let's talk back at the base.

Speaking of the base, it's 4th wall breaking lecture time for Anna.


Obvious game mechanic explanation alert!

Gou: Anna, what do you know about the partner system?
Anna: It's when two units act as one, right? They fight together, and when the "main" unit, the "leader" attacks, their partner can support them with an attack of their own. And when the leader is attacked, the partner can take the hit for them!
Gou: That's mostly right - this can happen only if the partner has Defensive or Offensive Support abilities. Fortunately, most pilots do. Also, there is no support if the leader is in air while the partner cannot fly. The partners share experience, but cannot perform combo attacks. So choose wisely if you want to fight in groups or alone.
Anna: Thanks, Gou-chin! I know a lot about the partner system now!
Gou: And knowing is half the battle!


Kenji: Hey, what's with this outfit, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: We're all working for Build Base - Kyo, me, everyone. Even my grandma. In fact, she is the commander!
Kyo: We were supposed to hire you too, eventually. You were chosen as Jeeg's test pilot. Well, circumstances made you pilot it earlier than planned, but things turned out fine in the end.
Kenji: Huh, is that... hey, wait a sec! These people!


Tsubaki: These are Midou-san, Captain Yagyu, and Saotome-sa...
Kenji: You shot at me out there, didn't you!
Monko: Huh? So, what about it?
Kenji: It pisses me off! You guys!


Kenji: Oof! Okay, that's it!
Monko: Bring it!
Tsubaki: Hey, don't fight now!
Yagyu: I wonder, should we stop them now...

Kouji (Kabuto): Hey, what's going on? I heard battle!
Sayaka: We wanted to see Jeeg's pilot. Is that this guy on the floor?
Kenji: Blah. I got beaten...
Kouji (Kabuto): Well, no way Jeeg could be stronger than Mazinger Z, even if it's a legendary machine of 30 years ago!
Kenji: What, you wanna prove it?!
Yagyu: Round two? Oh dear.
Daiya: Daiya makes his entrance! Woah - don't fight people! You will miss out the...

Dramatic reveal of the Mist-erious backstory!


Angelica: Mist! I really thought you... you died one year ago!
Mist: When we guards followed your father's charge, we thought we were dead men already. But no, I somehow survived. But what about you? What are you doing on Earth?
Angelica: My machine... I do not remember much but there was that flash of light. Serius somehow moved me away, from our home planet of Astream here, to Earth. And it seems ten months passed, too. I found a job in Build Base only two months ago.
Mist: It was the long way for me. The explosion transported me, but not to Earth - on a different planet, Bezard. And a few months later, that planet too got attacked. And... destroyed. Damn.
Angelica: By the same people who destroyed Astream?!
Mist: Yeah, my bet's on that. I... could only run. I ran to Earth and I swore never to fight again, but eh. Looks like that promise got broken already. Earth's no Astream, but I won't let my friends get hurt.
Angelica: Friends? You actually have friends other than me now?
Mist: Made some on Bezard, too.
Angelica: Ohh? What kind of friends? Girl friends, maybe?
Mist: Wh... what! That's ridiculous!

And now, it's intermission time! Let's follow Gou's and Anna's examples and set up two-person teams using the squad system.

Some pairs are obvious...

Tsubaki: Big Shooter will help Jeeg by refueling its energy!

Some are... less. Or actually, I just ran out of options.
Boss: Shi shi shi! This is one Kouji I can easily best!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Why am I (stuck with) the comic relief?!

What a wordy update! Lots of character pictures, too. New units in my roster:

[spoiler]Jeeg: Oh boy. Jeeg is awesome. Good dodger, strong attacks, Mazin.. er, Bronze Bell Power - all of it makes it a top tier unit. The only thing it lacks is EN-efficiency. Just a few attacks make its energy tanks go dry.

Big Shooter: Jeeg's support unit. Can resupply (which means passive energy regeneration for any unit it's partnered with), pretty weak offensively. You want to keep it not too far from Jeeg anyway - later, these two being near lets the latter use some strong, special attacks.

Build Angel: A repairing support unit, but with some decent offensive abilities for a change. They're not awesome, but they're there.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 27, 2011, 08:19:51 PM
Oh boy, dat SEED theme. And this game has another, even better one.

Anyone else thinks that Spin Storm just looks obscene? Maybe this LP should be 18+...

Kouji (Tetsuya): Why am I (stuck with) the comic relief?!

Because you're Nobuyuki Hiyama, who almost always voiced either the main character or the butt monkey. And you're not the main character.

Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 27, 2011, 08:34:01 PM
Spin Storm has nothing compared to Mazinger's Missile Punch and Great's Navel Missile, Tengu.

And yes, Jeeg is top-tier.  A ten meter tall killing machine.  And even getting nerfed in L didn't slow him down much.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on April 28, 2011, 12:59:11 AM
Did Mist seriously bop Prof. Shiba on the head for being ugly?

Also, when exactly will we start spending money on things? How long has to pass before we get to make some desicions?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 28, 2011, 01:20:52 AM
No, Mist was the one who got hit. Shiba isn't going to let any whippersnappers boss him around.

I'll start spending money when the game's difficulty gets a bit higher. So far it's pretty easy, escaping Suspage aside. It'll get harder though, worry not.

So, about stage 8, I guess.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 28, 2011, 01:24:10 AM
Because you're Nobuyuki Hiyama, who almost always voiced either the main character or the butt monkey.

Or both!


Anyway Cubey, I'm not sure if I want to hurt you more for the Knowing Is Half the Battle sequence or the "Mist-erious" pun.  Probably both.  It's an infinite cycle of increasing hate.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 28, 2011, 07:18:07 PM
Nerdo, that's a really funny picture of Teppei Takamiya you put up.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on April 28, 2011, 10:31:37 PM
Nerdo, that's a really funny picture of Teppei Takamiya you put up.

Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Neon Knight on April 29, 2011, 12:00:09 AM

Anyone else thinks that Spin Storm just looks obscene? Maybe this LP should be 18+...

Ha ha! Dangly parts. (http://"")

Boss: Hey, don't get ahead of yourselves, lovebirds! It's Boss's spotlight time!
Armored beast: Graah?
Boss: How could I mess that up!

Even the monsters seem confused and disappointed at Boss's inability to destroy them.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 29, 2011, 12:38:05 AM
Ha ha! Non-broken link. (
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Steam on April 29, 2011, 04:52:22 PM
Nerdo, that's a really funny picture of Teppei Takamiya you put up.


Fuck you, man.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
Post by: Cubey on April 29, 2011, 08:41:41 PM
I received complaints that my videos are too huge, so I compressed them. The quality might be a bit wonky for this update - hopefully it won't ruin the watching experience. I used an alternate recording method for ep 5's footage (spoilers! I take footage in advance), so things should improve. One way or another, I hope the videos will download faster now.

Episode 4
Where we meet an old "friend" from two missions ago!

Emergency meeting on the bridge!


Kouji: Huh? Who are you, grandma?
Miwa: Kids these days... what an idiot. Just like Kenji.
Kouji: I have a degree in engineering, actually...
Miwa: I am commander Tamashiro of Build Base. You must be aware of our current situation - the Zone has expanded, engulfed us and the base. We are now in Jama Kingdom territory.


Himika: Humans encroach on my own empire! This is the chance to prove yourself, Suspage - murder them all and we will ponder the "alliance" you speak of!
Suspage: Marvelous. Just what I came here for in the first place!
Himika: Also, you can choose one of these three dark generals as your starter pokemon temporary assistant.
Suspage: Mimashi, I choose you!


Daiya: Thanks for the sparring session, mr Lee!
Lee: No problem. Your martial prowess is growing quickly, Daiya.
Boss: Hey, the hell you two playing around for! Bad guys can attack us any time now!
Puria: If that happens, we'll just have to kick their butts. Right, guys?
Yanma&company: Yeah!


Suspage: Did someone mention kicking butts?
Mimashi: We only have to capture the base and the day is ours. Send out everything we have, Suspage! ... Mimashi!

Rosa: Not good. All pilots, scramble! What are your orders, Captain?
Garis: Build Base is vulnerable. Don't let a single enemy approach it!
Mist: Ugly situation again... will this fighting ever cease? What else can go wrong today?


Input unit's name!

Mist: The Serius! That means... dammit! Angelica, you're inside this mech aren't you? I know you are!
Angelica: Yes, I am! I cannot stand aside and watch while you fight, Mist! Not anymore - I want to be with you!
Mist: It's dangerous out here, you could get killed!
Angelica: I am a trained soldier, just like you.
Mist: A clumsy trained soldier who always fumbles and makes mistakes.
Angelica: Not while you're around. I'll be careful if you're careful. And you will be careful - you will protect your childhood friend, right?
Mist: Okay, okay! You win. There's no arguing with you, is there...
Angelica: Nope! Now, let's do it like old times!

Mist: Roger!
Angelica: Chaser Combination (!

Not only do I get Angelica's unit, but she and Mist unlock a new combination attack. It's expensive and requires a lot of energy, but it's also very, very strong. Just what the doctor ordered!

And no, the theme you heard just now won't replace Mist's usual one. It's Angelica's - tell me if you'd rather to hear it than Mist's. We can always switch music themes around after all.

So, all units scramble to engage the enemy! Well, almost all.


Kouji (Tetsuya): I wanted to be in one team with Shizuru...
Shizuru: What are you talking about! G Gunner is too slow, stay behind with Boss and shoot everything that nears the base!
Kouji: *wistful sigh*
Boss: What a tsundere!

The enemies attack, but we don't have everyone organized in teams for no reason!

Lee: I got your back, Daiya! Defensive Support!
Daiya: Thanks, now it's my turn! Sauria Gaze (!

Shizuru: I cannot support you, Richardson. You're in the air and Core Gunner cannot fly!
Puria: Heh - I dodged anyway, it doesn't matter!

And now it's time for some offensive support.

Yagyu: I'll show you the Build Angels' power (
Yanma: And I'll show you the power of... er... Crab Bunker guys?

Truly, thanks to the squad system's power, I am unstoppable!


Tsubaki: What are you talking about! We almost got shot down!
Kyo: Big Shooter is in trouble. Kenji, what are you doing?!
Kenji: Bwah! It's my fault now?

Oh yeah, one more thing. There are some scenarios where the boss just sits around at the back, letting the mooks overtake him and get destroyed on your mighty units. This is not one of these scenarios.

Suspage: All guns, center on the orange unit! It's the most disposable one (!
Mist: Damn! I'll show you how we did things on Astream! Groovine Buster!

Gou: What was that about "Astream" now?
Anna: Gou-chin, watch out! Another monster is attacking!
Gou: Not if I attack first! Counter-hit (!
Anna: And I'll defend you! Angel Wall!

Who'd expect the husband-and-wife team to have the best teamwork?

Mist: My chance to end this one! Aargh! I'm in real trouble now (!
Angelica: Don't worry Mist! I'll save you!

Okay, that was too close. Really careless of me. Good that Serius can repair, otherwise Revlius would be a goner.

Kouji (Tetsuya): Hey, some bad guys broke out! I'm aiming my gun!
Garis: Attack from outside the enemy's range!
Ruru: I see them, Captain! Fire (!

Tsubaki: Speaking of seeing the enemy... what's this? A humanoid horse?
Kenji: Who gives a crap, I'll punch 'em all the same! Jeeg Breaker (!

Mimashi: Queen Himika's phantom gods! Damn you, Jeeg!
Suspage: I still have the main cannon. Fire, fire! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Kouji (Kabuto this time): Ow ow ow... I hit my head on the canopy. That's it, you bastard! Rust Hurricane (!

Why did I use this (relatively weak) attack? Because Suspage is a friggin' cheat. Once again, he runs away at 6000 HP or less. However, this time I have the means to dispose of him. And Rust Hurricane is a part of my plan, since it lowers armor rating by 10% of anything it hits.

Now, who shall deal the killing blow...


Chaser Combination would be my safest bet, but while Mist has the required 130 will, Angelica doesn't. Well, damn.

Mist: Angelica, stay back! This is only a weakening shot!
Suspage: Weakening? Big words - and who you insist will finish me off, hmm?
Kenji: I will (!
Kyo: You mean, we will.

Suspage: So close to success! Damn you all!
Mimashi: Be victorious now, but you cannot leave Queen Himika's lands anyway, ha ha ha!

Miwa: They're right... we have no means of getting out of the Zone. We will have to stand and fight until we die.

Suddenly, deus ex machina (!

Mist: Aaah!
Angelica: What's going on!

??? #1: All according to plan.
??? #2: I didn't expect Revlius to survive. As long as that system remains installed, it's a threat to us.
??? #1: Still, all according to plan!
??? #2: Whatever you say.

Garis: Where are we? Ruru, open comm ports and find other units.
Ruru: Yes, Captain!


Kouji: Where the hell are we now?
Ruru: Captain, we found them! Everyone is nearby!
Daiya: Yeah, but what just happened!
Rosa: Contact with Dannar Base is lost. Is this still the Zone?
Mist: No. I owe you guys an explanation.

Mist: So, that's it.
Gou: And you didn't tell us you were not from Earth because... you were afraid?
Mist: Yeah. I didn't know how Earthlings would react to aliens.
Anna: That's stupid!
Shizuru: People already live in space, it makes little difference where you're from, as long as you are a decent person.
Mist: Yeah, tell that to those who start Natural-Coordinator conflicts...
Angelica: At any way, I'm glad you do not hate us or anything! However... how do we return to Earth, I wonder?

???: I might have a solution for that.


Mist: Who are you?
Rosa: Ah, Professor Sakon!
Sakon (offscreen, audio only): Mist, you said that Revlius and Serius react to certain places, like "gates". There must have been one near Build Base, and if my hypothesis is correct - there should be one nearby our current location. As soon as we find one, I will study it and find a way to bring us back to Earth.
Mist: So, who is this Sakon guy?
Rosa: He is one of the four original crew members of Daiku-Maryu. Without him, we wouldn't have a fighting chance - he designed all our combat units!
Shizuka: Yes, and he also didn't leave his room for ever. Is he really alright? I'll check on him. Bring some food... possibly soap. Or a wrench.

Kouji (Tetsuya): So, it seems we're stranded in an alien land.
Anna: Talk about an exciting honeymoon, right Gou-chin?
Gou: I'm glad you're not in despair Anna, but... honeymoon? Really?
Kouji (Kabuto): Yeah! Who knows what kind of awesome stuff this planet has! Let's go exploring!

Cagalli: Did everyone forget we're still on board?
Athrun: Apparently...

Intermission time! We are acquiring a lot of money, so I may think about upgrading a unit or two. Give me your suggestions.

Also, because Suspage got beaten this time, I got some sweet loot.


This Large Generator increases a unit's energy by 100. That's a LOT, since robots usually have somewhere between 100 and 200. Which unit do you want me to equip it on? Obviously, something that guzzles up a lot of gas - from what I have now, either Godannar or Gaiking is the best bet. For now, the former gets it.

Only one new unit:

Serius: it's a support unit, with the unique ability of being able to resupply AND repair. Because of that, its partner regenerates health and energy every turn. And by patner I mean Mist, because him and Angelica have a team attack together. Other than this (and its ability to take hits relatively well), Serius is pathetically weak. I'm sorry to say that, but that's how it is.

But wait! This is not all! I have an extra feature for everyone!

Super Robot Wars K fortune telling!


Ruru: Today's episode was fun, wasn't it? Now, it's time for Super Robot Wars K fortune telling!
Cubey: Yay...
Ruru: There are two fortune strips - a Mist strip, and an Angelica strip. Everyone, pick one if you'd like!
Cubey: I'm taking the Angelica strip, of course!

Ruru: Time to read your fortune! If you have chosen the Mist strip:
[spoiler]You might be stranded in an alternate universe.[/spoiler]

Ruru: And if you have chosen the Angelica strip:
[spoiler]Your equipment may fail at a crucial moment.[/spoiler]

Cubey: Bleh... hey, wait a sec! Why are both strips bad fortune ones?
Ruru: Ehehe... so, which one did everyone choose?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Steam on April 29, 2011, 08:54:52 PM
Pimp out Mist.  As much as humanly possible.  Priority goes towards weapon strength and combo ranks.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Tengusaur on April 29, 2011, 09:05:55 PM
I picked the Mist strip. That'll teach me to rely on him.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Prime32 on April 29, 2011, 11:24:52 PM
Gah, warn me before you do that!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Cubey on April 29, 2011, 11:28:22 PM
Ha ha! Just as planned.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 01, 2011, 06:37:05 PM
I chose the Mist strip, because... because I think that one will hurt more, and suffering is the spice of an LP.

As for upgrades, I say spend your money on Godannar, and keep the generator equipped to that unit.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 01, 2011, 08:23:58 PM
I suggest Gaiking, Godannar and Jeeg get a little upgraded, and also the Big Shooter: Don't want Jeegs support to get shot down. Need it for those delicious Oppai Drills.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on May 01, 2011, 10:56:17 PM

And if it's important, Angelica strip.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 4!
Post by: Cubey on May 02, 2011, 10:18:36 PM
Upgrade suggestions remembered, taken into consideration. They're not happening in this update yet, because I took the footage in the distant past of... somewhere around 4 days ago.

You are going to read the longest update I had so far. This is what happens when Banpresto decided to squeeze a third of a show's plot into a single SRW mission.
Also, WARNING! Something wrong happened with this update's videos. Some have short blackouts at the start, which only lasts a few seconds - and then everything is back to normal. But four of them are desynchronized, with video feed lagging behind the audio track. Tried reuploading the videos, to no avail. Sorry for that.

Episode 5
Panther power!


Shizuka: Daiku-Maryu is running low on supplies and we have yet to see a single native. Heads up, everyone! It's time to organize a little scouting party!
Mist: That's my job. Nobody can scout as good as me.
Rosa: Then it is settled. Mist, Shizuka. Take some entourage - Stinger, it's the fastest.
Puria: Awesome! I'm on it.
Rosa: And G Gunner, it's the easiest to repair.
Kouji (Tetsuya): Okay. I have a really good feeling about this!
Angelica: If Mist is coming, so am I.

Little did the heroes know, other humans were really close by. Give or take a few hundred kilometers, at least...


Gainer: I'm coming in. Sorry for being late.
Sara: Gainer!

Gainer Sanga, video game nerd

Sara Kodama, athletic tsundere

Sara: It's the first time you went to school in a month!
Gainer: It was only 29 days... and, I was a bit busy...
Sara: Busy with video games, I assume!
Mamadou: Ahem. It's the middle of the class, you two.

Mr Azaf Mamadou, history teacher

Mamadou: Sit down, please. Now, we were talking about the Domepoli and Exodus. Sara, can you tell me why was there a need for the Domepoli in the first place?
Sara: In ancient history, the planet's natural environment was destroyed. People had to retreat to desolate places and live in domed cities, to give nature time to recover. This is what we call a Domepolis.
Mamadou: And Exodus happens when People decide they waited long enough, and leave a Domepolis in search of hospitable lands. Remember, everyone has the right to Exodize. This is why our whole city did it - even if the Siberian Railroad is against it. Speaking of the Railroad...

Bello: Quick, no time for exposition! Sara, Gainer!

Bello Korissha, classmate with ridiculous hair

Bello: It's an emergency. Come with me, quick!


Gain: Gainer, Sara. Get to your machines, we found something strange.
Gainer: What's going on?
Gauli: We'll brief you on the go. Gauli Squad, move out!

Gain Bijou, Exodus specialist, Black Southern Cross, general badass

Hughes Gauli, Exodus's silhouette machine commander

Sara: Yes, sir!
Gain: Patrols stumbled on a frozen Overman. It looks ancient and its appearance fits the description from the history books.
Gainer: An ancient Overman? Then it must be, Meeya's!

Gach Wige, one of Exodus's Five Wise Men

Spoilers: There are only four Five Wise Men, and one is a woman.

Gach: You are correct, young Gainer. This is Brunnhilde, an Overman that belonged to Meeya, the first Person to Exodize, ever. We found its unearthed remains, and now we must recover them before Siberian Railroad does.
Gauli: Now that you know everything, let's go!
Bello: Aah, wait for me!


Gain: This must be it. Keep your eyes peeled. SR must be close.
Gainer: Yaawn...
Sara: Hey, Gainer, wake up! Your Overman is flying really sloppily today.
Gainer: Sorry, Sara. I couldn't get any sleep last night.
Sara: Playing with Cynthia again? You gamers, I'd never understand...
Gauli: What's that? We got contact!


Puria: Hey, Mist! What's this - first time I see designs like that. It's not Darius.
Kouji: That flying thing with dreadlocks, it's somehow different from others!
Angelica: Hello? Can you understand me?

Gain: What a lovely voice! I can hear you loud and clear.
Kouji: They speak Japanese? What a coincidence!
Mist: Yeah, a bit too much of a coincidence. You, stop hitting on my friend and answer - are you with Darius?
Gauli: I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you with the Siberian Railroad?
Mist: What's Siberian Railroad?
Gain: Them!


Yassaba Jin, hot-blooded Siberian Railroad city administrator!

Adette Kistler, strong headed Siberian Railroad squad leader!

Yassaba: I see them! It's the accursed Exodus! Today I, Yassaba Jin, will stop you and clear my name! The disgrace of letting you ungrateful People leave your Domepolis will be washed away from me!
Adette: Don't let them take that frozen Overman! All grunts, go out and stop them!

Enge: Yes, Big Sis Adette!
Jaboli: Anything for you, Big Sister!
Kejinan: E hee hee... I can already feel the cash bonus in my pocket!

Kejinan, Enge and Jaboli, Siberian Railroad's three stooges

Kouji: These guys don't look too friendly...
Adette: And I'll take care of that ridiculous blocky thing! Fire!
Kouji: Aaah! Why me!
Mist: So... temporary alliance?
Gain: Deal.

Gauli: Gauli Squad, stick together! With focused firepower, we can even take down an Overman!
Kouji: They're all attacking me though (!

Gainer: We're under attack! Even though I hate Exodus... I'll have to fight to protect my friends!
Siberian Railroad mook: It's Yapan's Overman! I'll get a raise for shooting it down!
Gainer: And also because I'm under attack! Let's go, King Gainer (!

I feel like an explanation is in order. Overman King Gainer as series has two types of mecha: mass-produced and rather low-tech Silhouette Machines and the advanced, almost biological-looking and usually one of a kind Overmen. The latter are equipped with a Photon Mat, a halo they can use to fly or to block bullets, and can also screw laws of physics in various ways.
All of my new allies use Silhouette Machines, except for Gainer who has an Overman. He named it after his online gaming handle. I'm not kidding.

Oops, guess who was getting beat up while I was busy explaining!


Kouji: Aaaah! Shizuru-san, please save me!
Puria: Someone's approaching fast!
Kouji: ... Shizuru?
Puria: Yeah, I wish.


Asuham: Gain Bijou! Finally, I found you - time to pay for your wicked crimes!

Asuham Boon, vengeful Saint Reagan officer

Gain: You again!
Asuham: This is the day you die. You will pay for what you did to my sister!
Gain: Listen, I think you have the wrong idea...
Asuham: Silence! There will be no forgiveness! Lieutenant, destroy this scum!

Zakki Bronco, Asuham's right hand man (and not much else)

Zakki: Yes, sir!

Sara: Oh great, it's that crazy guy with his Overman! Urgh! What else is going to happen today?

Gainer: Brunnhilde... it's waking up (!
Asuham: So, this is Brunnhilde, the legendary Overman of Meeya! Change of plans - don't kill Gain. Kill Gain, then retrieve the Overman!
Yassaba: Yes, sir! I'll personally grind all opposition to dust!


Rosa: We arrived, captain. Our units seem to be engaged in a fight.
Ruru: Is everyone alright?!
Garis: I know you are under fire but hold only a bit longer. All squads, scramble!

Mist: We don't need reinforcements. Revlius can handle these smallfry alone. Let's go!
Angelica: Mist, don't get too far ahead! I'll assist you (!

Gauli: Gauli Squad, attack!
Bello: Alright!
Sara: We won't let the Railroad boss us around!
Gain: That's the spirit. As for me, I'll show you. The name Black Southern Cross is not just for show (

We have two choices here. I can try to down as many SR units, or just finish off Brunnhilde and end the stage. What, didn't I say Brunnhilde is an enemy? Well, it is. And it's attacking (!

Puria: The hell was that? A black hole?
Kouji (Tetsuya): It has a barrier! I'm having bad flashbacks...

Enge: Hey, think we'll get a bonus for shooting down an unidentified rogue?
Jaboli: Be careful! You don't know what it can do!
Kejinan: Whatever, just charge in! Overpower it with force (! I can already smell the money!
Mist: Aah... I felt that one. Waitasec, what's that?


Gainer: King Gainer, activate Overskill!

Yet another "hits at 130 will, does good" ability. Although really, at this point of the game King Gainer is pretty much unhittable anyway. Unlike some other units...

Bello: Gainer! I'd appreciate some help, getting a beat-up here (!

Kouji (Kabuto this time): Don't worry, Mazinger Z is here to save the day! Rocket Punch (!
Shizuru: Beam Rifle!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Shizuru! You came to help me, too!
Boss: Back off, she's working with me now! He he he...
Shizuru: Sigh...

Gou: Let's go, Anna! We'll take care of the black flier!
Kenji: Don't forget about my Jeeg! Knuckle Bomber!
Zakki: You won't take the Golem down that easily (!

So yeah. These Photon Mat barriers? The enemy has them too. Kinda annoying.

Gauli: Sara, Bello! It's time! Let's show them the true meaning of teamwork!
Sara: Yeah! Don't underestimate us just because we use Silhouette Machines!
Bello: Gauli!
Sara: Squad!
Gauli: Attack!


Jaboli: WHAAAAT!

Sara: One more (!
Enge: My Overman! Move... move dammit!
Kejinan: Enge, Jaboli! Wait for meee!

Adette: Out of combat already? Tch... they'll get a chewing out when I return home...
Asuham: Worry about the redshirts later! My enemy is Gain, the foe of all women! All Overmen, attack now (!

This stage has a lot of bosses. The Terrible Trio and their Undergolems are down already, but Asuham's Power Golem, Zakki's Golem, Yassaba's Rushrod and Adette's custom Dobeck (which is not an Overman, but is still strong - because it's Adette) are still standing and giving us trouble. Not to mention, Brunnhilde.

So, step one:


Scan everything! Usually in SRW, this spirit skill only reveals data about an enemy. And you can do the same just by attacking them, so it's not very useful. But here, it's different. In Super Robot Wars K, a scanned opponent is 10% easier to hit for one round! Although the skill costs 5 SP, not 1 - but that's still a pittance.

Step two, abuse the Gauli Squad Attack for all its worth (

Adette: Why you! I won't forget this!
Asuham: How dare you interrupt my duel with the wicked Gain!
Sara: Gauli Squad, hip hip hooray!
Bello: Yay!

And the spirit skill I used on Bello is Luck. That means he got twice the money for his attack. We like money - we like that.

Mist: This place sucks. Nothing but rocks and snow everywhere. I'll cut you down so I can leave!
Yassaba: As a patriot, I cannot let this comment slide! You should be proud of where you live, rather than Exodize like a coward!
Mist: What you gonna do about it? Steard, sword mode!
Mist: ?
Yassaba: You are already dead (

Mist: Aah, Revlius can't move! Damn it, damn it!
Angelica: Mist! Please don't die!

Don't be silly. Nobody dies in Overman King Gainer. Seriously, not even the unnamed mooks.

Gainer: I'll avenge him! It's an Overman battle (!

Not much left to do but to end Brunnhilde.

Anna: Everyone, please help us!
Kouji (Tetsuya): Alright! It's a Dannar Base joint attack (!

Zakki: I'm still here, you know.
Kouji (Kabuto): Not for long! Let's go, Daiya - this is the closest we get to Double Burning Fire in this game! BREAST FIRE!
Enemies: *ded* (

Gauli: Brunnhilde is going berserk! Everything will be sucked in a black hole!
Gainer: Mr Gain! Gotchko's arm... it looks like Brunnhilde's! And one of its arms is missing!
Gain: You're right! This is my chance. C'mon, Brunnhilde... see, we got your arm. We're friendly...


Gain: Phew. Can't believe that worked.
Gainer: Brunnhilde was sucked inside the arm? How does that even work!
Gain: Yet another of the world's many mysteries.
Mist: Speaking of this world, we gotta talk... and someone pick me up already! I'm freezing!


Rosa: So, Siberian Railroad is responsible for suppling Domepoli, so they are anti-Exodus because it cuts into business. I assume you're on an Exodus now?
Gain: Yeah. A whole city decided to Exodize at once. In secret, of course - that's why I'm here, to help them. They're searching for the land of Yapan. So, it's the Yapanese Exodus.
Rosa: Yapan... that sounds familiar. But the question is, are you willing to resupply us? We can offer protection and extra firepower.
Gain: Actually, there's a small crisis you could help with...
Kona: The Exodus is stuck.

Kona Madaya, young engineer

Kona: One of the city blocks fell into a crevice. Even our hauling units do not have the power to pull it out! But you have that huge flying monster-thing. It can help.
Rosa: I'm sure something can be arranged.


Ana: Hey!

Princess Ana Medaiyu, Exodus's willing hostage

Ana: Gainer! Gain! So glad you're back safely - I was worried, you know.
Gain: Hey, I would never allow a lady to be depressed.
Ana: You'd better not!
Lioubov: Princess, let's go back to your room!

Lioubov Smettana, the princess's caretaker

Rosa: I didn't know Exodus had royalty...


Asuham: Damn that Gain, damn him ten times over! How dare he not only evade capture and painful death, but trash my Overman? It's Saint Reagan property! And it is all your fault - do not expect salary increases for this!
Enge: Oh no!
Kejinan: We tried our hardest, honest! Give us another chance!
Yassaba: Forget that! ADETTE! Why is she not here... poor Adette, she never made it home! I will find you wherever you are! Just wait for me!


Adette: It's snowing, my machine stopped working, and I'm hungry. Now I'm really getting pissed... wait, is that the Exodus? Okay, time for plan B - infiltrate Yapan's ceiling and rescue the princess. But first, get something to eat! Adette, you're a genius.


Garis: Ready, mr Rongo?
Rongo: Yeah!
Rosa: And... pull!
Garis: I cannot believe it. Daiku-Maryu reduced to a beast of burden - but even in that role, it can still help people. The Exodus can move now, and we will accompany it. At least for a while.
Ruru: Captain!
Garis: What is it, Ruru?
Ruru: Can you explain to the readers why Exodus has a princess on board?
Garis: She is the daughter of a Domepolis they left. She is their hostage, to ensure safe passage through lands controlled by the Railroad.
Ruru: Aah! So they're the bad guys?
Garis: Somehow... the princess got abducted willingly. I think she is supporting the Exodus too. One way or the other, she seems to be having fun.

Speaking of having fun!


Kenji: Om nom nom nom.
Daiya: Om nom nom nom.
Kouji: Woah, look at these two go! They really were hungry!
Sayaka: And Exodus has great food. Look at all these dishes!
Gou: Yes. Look at them - I recognize them.
Anna: Oh? What is it, Gou-chin?
Gou: These are all Russian dishes. And Russia only exists on Earth!
Daiya: What! But this is a different world!
Kouji: Maybe we got transported to the distant past or future.
Anna: Or, it could be an alternate universe!
Kenji: Guh? I didn't pay attention after Russian dishes. That's because... ta-dah! Russian sushi!
Daiya: Woah! You can cook?
Kenji: Ehehe...

Not everyone was in high spirits, though...


Mist: Stupid Siberian Railroad... stupid Exodus... stupid "atatata"... this place is even worse than Earth...
Angelica: At least you didn't get killed... like my father.
Mist: And before my very eyes, too. Shit - Angelica, I'm sorry. I must get stronger so this never happens again!
Angelica: It's okay. I steeled myself - I won't cry. My father wouldn't want that. We must continue to live on, for his sake.
Mist: Yeah... I didn't tell you something earlier. Something you should know.
Angelica: Oh?
Mist: When I was thrown to Bezard, that second planet... I was wounded, and someone rescued me from my cockpit. It was a girl...
Angelica: So, you did have girlfriends after all!
Mist: Angelica, wait! Crap.

Relationship drama starts already. When will it stop? Somewhere around the epilogue, I guess...

The intermission reveals that Exodus forces have joined my roster! And here they are:
[spoiler]King Gainer: Hard to hit, has a barrier, pretty good offense. An all-ranged flying unit that starts out good and only gets better in time.

Gotchko: Long-ranged sniper. Would be a joke unit when used by anyone else, but Gain is a badass so it works. As above, gets awesome with upgrades.

Panthers: We get three! They can repair, and good because they suck as frontline units. Weak normal attacks, survivability better only than Boss Borot's... and a devastating group attack. But better make sure they don't go down before getting enough will to use it.[/spoiler]

I reorganized groups - giving a repair support unit to everyone who gets hit a lot, and so on. The only one left alone, without a partner, is...


Boss: Nooo! I liked being near the boobie-bot!
Mucha: Boss, you still have us!
Nuke: We'll never leave you!
Boss: ... I love you guys!

Okay. Some people do not have relationship drama.
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Spoilered for size.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 5!
Post by: Steam on May 03, 2011, 01:21:55 AM
Spoilered for size.

I saw another one that used JJBA for its "what I got".
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 5!
Post by: Cubey on May 03, 2011, 01:22:55 AM
Reuploaded the bad videos. Still seem to be bad. Cubey's angry now.

EDIT: Okay, not really. But I want to know what caused that. History must not repeat itself!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 5!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 03, 2011, 01:39:33 AM
Spoilered for size.

I saw another one that used JJBA for its "what I got".

But that doesn't have DAT ATTACK. Or Russian sushi (it's good! It's cheap! It won't kill you!).

Man, Mist was really annoying in this mission. Let's hope his whining will end soon (ha ha ha!). And I don't want to spoil much, but... next scenario. Hoo boy.
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Great to see you making another LP, Cubey! :D

My only two complaints are about the video/audio desynch in some of the latest videos, and that some perfectly good super robot shows got beaten out by Fafner, but that's easily outweighed by your humor and the asskicking inherent in the game itself.

That said, while Mist is a bit of a whiny punk, I don't yet get the hatred that he apparently evokes.  Will I see what that's about reasonably soon?
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What!?! Russians!? I wasn't prepared for this! I don't have any quips ready, or any references... uum... the Red Dawn thing has been done to death...

"Only one man can kill this many Russians. Bring his Overman to me!"


Wait, no one died, and no one got that reference. *sigh* Guess I just need to admit defeat.

More seriously, I am digging the King Gainer designs, both the Silhouettes and the Overmans (Overmen?) .
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Rosa: And G Gunner, it's the easiest to repair.
...seriously? In a game with Boss Borot?
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Post by: Cubey on May 03, 2011, 02:10:08 PM
Yeah, well, this occured only for the recent update. I hope the situation will not repeat itself.

I'm talking about the desynch bug of course. Insert something witty about Fafner here.

Yes. G Gunner is not much more than a walking armored box for the Core Gunner, with some a lot of guns added as an afterthought. Although technically, all units are repaired for free in K.
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That said, while Mist is a bit of a whiny punk, I don't yet get the hatred that he apparently evokes.  Will I see what that's about reasonably soon?

You'd have already seen it if you were reading this on Atreem.  The LPs are much better there.

[spoiler]Just kidding Cubey I love you.[/spoiler]
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Ah, so that's what that's about.  Fair enough.  If I were an Atreemian, I have been able to deduce it myself. :shakefist
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Checked and double-checked, no failed videos this time. Enjoy the update. I know I did.

Episode 6
Tuxedo-wearing dumbass!

I usually make up these names as I go, but this time the canon episode title was just way too amusing. And fitting.


Upgrades! I'm improving weapons of main attacker robots, giving priority to the ones you all said you prefer. It's kinda expensive, and the upgrade track starts at a measly +50/pop. Harsh. At least in this game, you can improve accuracy and dodging is cheaper than usual. But on the other hand, armor is more expensive and all upgrades give a constant (read: small) numerical increase rather than a percentage.

Double harsh. Welcome to SRW K!

Punch! Punch! Kick!


Lee: Keep up the good work, Daiya! You seem happy today. Not sad about being stranded on another world?
Daiya: Nope, not at all! I think this is where Darius took my dad. I bet I can find him somewhere on this planet!
Lee: It must be nice to have a loving family, huh Daiya?
Daiya: Oh? You don't, mr Lee?
Lee: Not really... I've been alone since Darius destroyed my village. There was my brother, Shin, but... eh. I don't want to talk about it. You cannot change the past anyway, right?
Daiya: Well, at least the Captain takes care of everyone! Sometimes, he feels just like dad... hmm...

OBVIOUS FORESHADOWING! And for a change of pace, let's have a flashback now.


Van: Gadved! You're bleeding, what happened?
Gadved: Van... run... Elena...
Van: Elena? What happened to her?!
Gadved: The clawed... man...
Van: Elena! I must find her! No... Elena... ELENA!


Wendy: Are you awake already?

Van, lonely traveller of a thousand nicknames

Wendy Garret, smalltown girl

Van: That dream again...
Wendy: Are you okay? I picked you up near the abandoned church just out of town. There were some bandits there, but you beat them all up... and then suddenly collapsed!
Van: Yeah, I remember that.
Wendy: You're not wounded anywhere, so what happened?
Van: I'm hungry. Didn't eat in three days...
Wendy: We can do something about that!

Wendy: How do you like the steak?
Van: Something is missing...


Wendy: All the condiments at once... the chef is going to cry...
Joshua: He really has an appetite, doesn't he miss Wendy?

Joshua Lundren, teenage engineer

Van: Who are you kids, anyway?
Wendy: "Kids"? We're not children, you know!
Joshua: This is miss Wendy Garret, and I'm Joshua! And the town is Evergreen. Err, I'm not a local, just passing through. I'm on a search of my brother, you see...


Evil individual: There is no escaping your fate.
Even worse individual: Submit! The fate of your world is forfeit!
Angelica's father: Damn! Not if I can help it. Everyone, get out of here!
Mist: I'm the only one still alive, sir.
Angelica's father: Mist, run! I'll cover you AAARGH!
Mist: SIR! Shit! Aaaah!


Mist: Urgh... had a nightmare...
Kouji: Rise and shine, Mist! Everyone's going out.
Mist: What, is an enemy attacking?
Kouji: Nope - the Exodus is stocking up and there's a town nearby, so we have a day out. Hurry up or you'll miss out on all the fun!


Sara: Hey, is that a corpse?
Angelica: Are you alright? You don't look so good.
Adette: Cold... and hungry... Exodus was too far away...
Bello: Hey, is she from the Exodus too?
Adette: Give me food or I'll die...
Angelica: Ah, of course! Here! What is your name?
Adette: Adette Kistler. Feeling much better now, thanks!
Sara: Kistler? Doesn't ring a bell. What was that all about? Well, let's go! Gainer is already at the arcade!


Cynthia: Hello! Up for a game of Overman Battle, champion Gamer?
Gainer: Cynthia! It's been too long. You won't believe what happened.
Cynthia: You didn't get in trouble, did you? I don't want to lose my best sparring partner!

Sara: Gainer! We're here!
Cynthia: I hear Sara. Well, see you later, gamer king!
Gainer: Wait! Ah, damn, she went offline.
Sara: Cynthia again, huh?
Boss: Woah, this arcade is even more awesome than what we have at home!
Nuke: Let's play something, Boss!

Bang! Explode!

Gainer: Another victory for King Gainer!
Kouji (Kabuto): Damn! I almost had that one.
Kouji (Tetsuya): Welcome to the loser club. We're all proud members!
Anna: And you are the club president, Kouji!
Mist: Grumble... why did I have to lose to a kid...
Gainer: Wait, what the heck is this?


Sara: An extra unlockable feature?
Gainer: No, this isn't a part of Overman Battle at all! Is someone hacking from the outside?

Mysterious virtual robot

Robot: Trapped on the Moon by the enemy. HELP! Ow ow ow.
Gainer: The Moon? Hey... it disconnected again. So strange.
Anna: Play time's up. Let's go back to Daiku-Maryu!


Joshua: Please, mr Van. You have to reconsider!
Wendy: It's not us who are asking, it's the whole Evergreen! The town is plagued by bandits so often. They even took my brother!
Van: Sorry. Not my place, not my business.
Wendy: We can pay you. You will get money, all the steak you want, even your own house! You can even... take me as your wife!
Van: Woah, that's wrong. You are still only a child. Besides, I am a virgin.
Wendy: Once again, I'm not a child! And I'm a virgin, too...
Van: I really hope so!

Speaking of bandits, more explosion sounds here!

Wendy: Aaah!
Joshua: Are you alright?!
Van: How often is this place attacked, anyway?


Suspage: Do not leave a house unburned! We must make an example of those who do not submit to Darius's will!
Wendy: A flying giant... please, you have to save us!
Van: Once again, not my problem.
Suspage: Die, peasants! Droid soldiers, fire another salvo!
Wendy: Aaah again!
Van: Fine. Nobody abuses a lady in front of me like that.
Joshua: Mr Van, you only have a sword! What are you going to do?!

Van: Wake up, Dann (

Suspage: Oh? Someone has guts to face me? I never saw such a machine before, but nevermind that! All units, crush him!

How foolish of our reaccuring villain. He picked a fight with Dann of Thursday, the most overpowered unit in the whole of Super Robot Wars K.

Van: So many... I'll just have to show you what Dann can do (

Powerful or not, Dann is only a single unit. Surely it will fall under concentrated enemy attack.
Or not...

Van: I won't fall for that (!

But on the other hand, once spirit skills run out, Van starts taking some serious damage. Which is why the rescue comes right in time...

Daiya: It's Darius! It really is their world!
Garis: This is a distinct possibility. But leave the speculation for later - all units, launch!


Van: You're not another enemy, are you?
Gou: No. We came because we heard a town is under attack, and we're here to defend it.
Van: Ah, that's fine with me.

Kouji: Darius is a pain in the butt wherever we go! Rocket PUNCH (!
Sayaka: Scarlet BEAM! Wait, why is that one still standing?

The answer is: terrain defense bonuses. Evergreen is surrounded by trees, and units hiding in them take less damage. It works both ways, fortunately.


Dann gets some much-needed relief in the form of battlefield repairs. The repairing squad gets some XP from doing this, too.


Suspage: I knew Daiku-Maryu would come out if I raise hell. Main cannon, fire!
Garis: Daiku-Maryu, coil up! Engage defensive maneuvers!
Rosa: Yes, Captain! Damage minimal!

Many other enemies take Suspage's example, attack a barriered Daiku-Maryu and fail to hurt it in any way. So, time for a counterattack!

Van: No time to piddle around. I'll take you out, one by one (!
Daiya: Wow, can't believe I dodged that one (!
Gainer: So this is Darius! King Gainer, activate Overfreeze Bullets (!
Sara: And don't forget the BBs, too!

BBs are the grenades Panthers use. By the way, Sara can keep up with Gainer because I gave her unit a flight module. Tell me if you want me to stick it on a different machine. They're not that rare in this game.

Gain: These guys aren't technically Exodus's enemies, but can't help it ( From what I know, Darius are even worse than Siberian Railroad.

Boss: Don't forget about me! You left me behind, but now Boss Borot is back with a vengeance! Borot Punch (!

Huh. I guess even Boss can kill something, if it was weakened enough before. Also...

Sara: Switch with me, Gainer. Time for!


Sara: Gauli!
Gauli: Squad!
Bello: Attack (offscreen)!

And so it happens that all mooks are defeated. Time for the boss then - time for the boss (

Daiya: Hydro Blazer!
Lee: Killer Bite!
Van: I don't have fancy attack names...

Good news - for a change, Suspage does not run away on low HP. That means we can take all the time in the world to down him, without needing to carefully balance damage.

Kouji: Does this look familiar to you? BREAST BURN (!
Suspage: Argh! This ship can still fight!
Droid soldier: Sir. Incoming orders. We are to retreat.
Suspage: Damn, who dares send me such cowardly suggestions?!
Droid soldier: Sender of message: General Proist.
Suspage: Proist, huh? Very well - in that case, retreat!


Kouji: Thanks for helping out, man. The town would be ashes if not for you!
Van: Sometimes you have to make a stand. Yeah, that's right. I am no longer Van the No-Good. Now I am...
Joshua: Van of the Huge Appetite!
Van: Huh?


Joshua: That's your new nickname. Don't you like it? Also, we're coming with you.
Van: No way. It's too dangerous for kids.
Wendy: But, that's the only way I can find my brother! And Joshua is looking for his lost brother, too!
Joshua: Well, it's not that he's lost...
Van: I travel alone. How did the bandits that took your brother look like? If I find them, I'll send him home.
Wendy: Their leader... he had a huge claw for a hand.
Joshua: What's with that explosion of anger? Hey! He's storming off!
Wendy: Wait for us!


Puria: Any progress on the gates, prof Sakon?
Sakon: Working on it. Keep having hilarious shanenigans in the meantime.
Shizuka: Phew! Finally made sure the professor doesn't die from hunger. Speaking of shanenigans, what's up with these two in the corner?
Cagalli: Coordinator parchesi. Waiting for my plot.
Athrun: I should have brought the Murasame...


Angelica: Mist... about yesterday.
Mist: Huh? What is it?
Angelica: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have got so angry at you. After all... even if you had a girlfriend on that other planet, it's not that you knew I am still alive...
Mist: Hey, who mentioned a girlfriend? She was just a ... someone who saved me, so we became friends, that's all. Nothing romantic included.

Yes, I'm sure of that Mist. I'm sure.

And to the roster, we can add... nothing! Van is being a lone wolf, so he won't be joining us for a loooong while.

Just kidding. Give him time.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 05, 2011, 08:12:09 PM
And he better join up soon, because his theme and robot are flippin' awesome. Dat dynamic kill animation. Truly, the best mecha are the ones with toes.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Steam on May 05, 2011, 08:25:59 PM
And now you better put condoms on your ears, because I'm about to fuck your mind.

Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 06, 2011, 02:13:48 AM
Hooray, update! Hooray, Gun X Sword!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 06, 2011, 04:17:31 AM
Gun X Sword is an odd series for me. The more I watch it the more I see why people could like it, but I myself just can't seem to get into it. Everyone tells me that the start of the series is supposed to be setup for a big payoff, but I don't really see why we can't have an interesting setup to go with this supposed awesome ending.

Also, the fact that Dann has toes annoys me. I'm picky about my mecha feet.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on May 06, 2011, 04:38:48 AM
And now you better put condoms on your ears, because I'm about to fuck your mind.

Motherfucker, you should have said that was Inspector Gadget spoilers.  I never saw Claw's face get revealed when I was a kid.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Cubey on May 06, 2011, 11:11:10 AM
That's fanart - you never actually see Claw's face in canon. Unless you count the crappy live-action movie. And nobody does.

@Gundam Optimal:
I actually enjoyed the early episodes. GXS is a really good series in my book, but I'm not blind enough to not see that it has flaws. So I can see why someone might not get into it.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on May 06, 2011, 05:02:28 PM
That's fanart - you never actually see Claw's face in canon. Unless you count the crappy live-action movie. And nobody does.

Oh good, childhood preserved.  For once.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Steam on May 06, 2011, 05:06:29 PM
Actually, no.

We saw Dr. Claw's face in the Hudson Soft SNES game, along with on his action figure.


Nerdo's childhood:

[] Preserved
[X] Desecrated
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Sucrose on May 07, 2011, 02:54:11 AM
Well, Gun X Sword did certainly make quite an entrance.  And while he may be a bit of an idiot, at least Van is an entertaining one.  How's that supposed to be pronounced, anyway?  'Gun Ecks Sword?'  'Gun Cross Sword?'
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Steam on May 07, 2011, 05:09:35 AM
Simply "Gun Sword".

The "X" is silent.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 6!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on May 07, 2011, 11:57:18 PM
Actually, no.

We saw Dr. Claw's face in the Hudson Soft SNES game, along with on his action figure.


Nerdo's childhood:

[] Preserved
[X] Desecrated

But now I know not to click on that link, so I'm good!

Steam's status:

[] Not told
[X] Told
[X] TOLDion Hammer
[X] TOLD Metal Sword
[X] BittenTOLD
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Post by: Cubey on May 09, 2011, 07:08:51 PM
Episode 7
Moment of glory!

I should technically save money, but eh. Let's upgrade s'more.

Real-types get mobility upgrades, Super-types get armor and accuracy. Like I said earlier, mobility is cheap in this game. Armor is expensive. Ouch.

Anyway, plot time!

Puria: Listen up guys! We need volunteers!
Yanma: What for, big sis?
Puria: Resupplies. But this time it's different, 'cause the Siberian Railroad is too close. We'll go to town without mecha, and try to avoid attention! Got it?
Daiya: In that case, I'll go!
Puria: You must be kidding! You and sneaking around, Daiya?

Sayaka: Puria always acts annoyed when Daiya's around, doesn't she?
Kouji (Kabuto): Maybe she's in looove... Ow! That hurt!
Puria: And the next one will hurt a lot more!


Kejinan: This guy is useless! Sure, Yassaba hired him, but he doesn't do anything!
Ray: Hmm? Did you say something?

Ray Lundren, vengeance-obsessed gunfighter

Enge: No! N... nothing at all!
Ray: I'm leaving.
Kejinan: What a psycho...
Jaboli: Why doesn't the Railroad trust us enough that we have to hire mercenaries?

That's not all as far as the Railroad and mercenaries are concerned. A single man approached a lonely house, situated way outside the town of Gloria...

Yassaba: Are you there, Bucci?
Bucci: What do you want?

Bucci, outcast scientist

Yassaba: Remember how we talked earlier, about a chance for vengeance on people who wronged you? The time is now.
Bucci: Excellent... I was waiting for this.

As for Gloria proper, the town was not expecting anything. It lived its ordinary everyday life - tourists, trade, old drunks arguing in a bar...


Nero: And this is when I fell down that Saurus. Pow - in one hit!
Jose: Yeah, right. You could never aim straight if your life dependend on it, Nero. We would die there if not for my support!

Nero, Jose, Barrio and Carlos, old drunks

Nero: You wanna try me?
Jose: Bring it, old fart!
Barrio: *sighs, reads book*
Carlos: Zzz...

Yukiko: The old men are at it again... please stop, everyone!
Franco: Forget them, Yukiko.

Yukiko Stevens, owner of Pink Amigo (it's a bar)

Franco, Yukiko's kinda-boyfriend

Franco: They want to fight about stupid made-up stories, let them.
Yukiko: They cannot be made up! Grandma was their team member, too. She would never lie to me.
Franco: Whatever, their days of "glory" are all over anyway.
Nero: Huh? Wanna see how my strength's over, kid?
Wendy: No time for fights, we have an emergency!
Yukiko: I'm sorry, but it's closed...
Joshua: Yes, but we have a fainted man!

Van: Your cheapest dish. And all the condiments you have.
Yukiko: Yes, right away!
Wendy: Please don't faint in the middle of the road again. We thought you died for real this time!
Joshua: Maybe it was sunstroke... no, Van wears a hat.
Carmen: That voice? I'd recognize it anywhere!


Carmen: Hello there, Van.
Van: Huh? It's you...

Carol "Carmen99" Mendosa, independent female bounty hunter

Carmen: Don't "you" me. It's Carmen99, try to remember that! Sheesh... I see Gloria's dark side brought you here too, Van.
Van: Dark? I have no idea what you mean.
Carmen: The Siberian Railroad has an appetite for this town. I heard terrible things happened to councilmen who went out to negotiate with them. It really could use a bodyguard, you know...


Mist: Daiya, Rosa and Puria went who-knows-where. They left us behind...
Angelica: But at least we can sightsee. This place is known for many tourist attractions! Didn't the ruins we see earlier look familiar, Mist?
Mist: The guide said they're left behind by some Saurus civilization that threatened the world, and was beaten by an old robot named El Dora Five. Yeah, right...
Angelica: I don't mean that! Didn't they look just like those famous ruins of Atreem?
Mist: Kinda, I guess... hey, what's that flier?
Angelica: B-1 Grand Prix? A race? No - it's a mecha combat tournament, with prizes for the winner.
Mist: Time to show the locals how real Atreem warriors fight! I'll sign in, and also earn money for Daiku-Maryu!
Angelica: Wait, we're supposed to be undercover! Mist!

Nero: You're... Van, right? Van, the Bane of Darius?
Van: Yeah. But now I am Van the Heavy Sleeper.
Jose: We heard about you saving a town from the Darius invaders.
Nero: And we like that!
Barrio: Here, have tacos. They are good for you.
Van: I liked my previous dish more...

Wendy: Why does Van chase after the claw-handed man, anyway?
Kameo: Kii!

Kameo, Wendy's pet turtle - nobody knows why he's pink

Wendy: Are you trying to tell me something, Kameo?
Joshua: I can only guess, but...

Jump cut!


Announcer: In this corner, a newcomer - Mist Rex and his mysterious Revlius! He defeated four challengers already, and rumors say he is an alien!
Mist: Everything in this town is so over the top, just one more element like Revlius won't get anyone's attention. Mist, you're a genius.
Announcer: And in this corner, the undefeated champion - everyone's fan-favorite, Priscilla and Brownie!

Priscilla, acrobat and mecha pilot

Priscilla: You're really strong, aren't you? Let's have a good fight, alright?
Daiya: Hey, that's Mist in the arena!
Rosa: I know. That fool... forget swabbing the deck. I will make him clean the toilets.

Announcer: Ready? Armor fight, go!
Priscilla: Here I come!
Mist: Woah, fast!

Zang! Tweem! Kapow!

Announcer: The winner is Brownie!
Mist: Damn... got beaten again? How is that possible...
Priscilla: That was good! But, don't underestimate Brownie's speed!


Yassaba: This is a Siberian Railroad official announcement! As of this day, the town of Gloria is under our jurisdiction - do not resist!
Carmen: Damn, I knew it. But they acted sooner than I expected... Van, this is your chance. Defend the town and everyone will reward you.
Van: This really is not my problem, you know...
Wendy: Hey, where did the old guys go?
Yukiko: They just went out for a walk... oh no!

Kejinan: Let's wreak some havoc to show them who's boss!
Wendy: Ahh! Explosions again?!
Kameo: Kiii!


Nero: Stop where you are, Siberian oppressors! Defending this town's freedom, El Dora Four!
Yassaba: What is this old clunker doing here? This is your cue, Bucci!
Bucci: The town will pay for ostracizing me! It was only one laboratory explosion! Take this!
Enge: And we'll support this crazy scientist with cover fire!

Nero: Damn. Hold it, old friend! How is Carlos?
Carlos: Zzz...
Barrio: He's fine. But at this rate, we won't last long.
Jose: We're losing power, too!
Nero: El Dora is incomplete -it has only four souls now... Chizuru...


And then, a song was sung on the battlefield... (

*wipes tear* Where were we? Ah yes.

Priscilla: Hold it! I won't let you bully these old men! Take this Fairy Sting (!
Yassaba: Too fast! I can't keep up!

Bucci is defeated, but SR remains. Against them, I have only El Dora Five, Brownie, and Dann. The numbers are on ther side, but justice is on ours!

Priscilla: There's more when that one came from. Watch this (!
Nero: That's the spirit! Freefall Crash! El Dora Fist!

Next round, more friendlies appear.


Rosa: Mist! Angelica! Hold off the enemy - Daiku-Maryu will be there shortly!
Mist: Losing, now SR... why do I have to...
Rosa: Do well, and I may even forget about punishing you.
Mist: Punishment? What did I do now?!
Angelica: You really should think before leaping sometimes, Mist.
Priscilla: Hey, that's the Revlius! Hello, please help us a bit here!

Mist: Right, right. Steard, beam gun mode (!

Unfortunately, Mist flies at the moment so no support fire from Angelica. Unfortunately times two, one of my units is in trouble now.

Jose: Nero, what are you doing? Our damage's on critical!
Nero: We can make it! Even when machine components fail, an Armor and its pilot fight on - with guts and courage!


Nero: El Dora Five's strongest attack! El Inferno Y Cielo (!

Nero: Adios! Amigo!
Enge: What the hell was that!


Ray: They're strong. Good - I need to get stronger, so I'll do as Siberian Railroad said and fight them.
Joshua: That Armor... it's Volkain! Which means - oh no! This is bad!


Gain: Reinforcements are here! Hey, I see some new people - and Van. We meet again on the battlefield, huh?
Van: It's just coincidence. Really.

But both sides can play the reinforcement game.


Kejinan: I see the wretched Gain! This new Overman, Blackmail, will be your doom!
Gainer: That person never gives us a break, doesn't he?

Jose: Keep it up, Nero. Don't let your hands shake now!
Yassaba: Interesting technique - let's see whose might is superior. ATATATATATATA!
Nero: El Inferno Y Cielo!
Yassaba: You win this time (! Adette, you didn't hear me saying that!

Kejinan: Yassaba's down - you know, for a leader he kinda gets shot down a lot. Maybe I should take over... everyone, attack! Taste this Remote Fist (!
Nero: Go! Bombardier!
Garis: Quick - activate Sauria Gaze!

In case you were wondering, while Gaiking is not on the battlefield (which includes it being given a temporary ride on a battleship), Daiku-Maryu can use its parts to unleash some extra attacks. Such as...

Garis: Rongo! Killer Bite, please!
Rongo: Aye, aye, Captain! Killer Biiite (!
Boss: And for my powerful attack... wait, why did the video cut off?!

Gain: See how strong Brunnhilde's arm is - up close! Haaah (!
Kenji: And you see how strong... err, Jeeg's arm is! Breaker! Woah, that was easy.

Mook-variety Undergolems have much less HP, for which I am grateful. It seems being a named pilot is enough to boost your machine's toughness, even if you're Kejinan, Enge or Jaboli.
Speaking of whom...

Sara: Watch out, Gainer - it's an enemy Overman!
Gainer: Then, with this Chainsword (!
Jaboli: Whaaaaaat! Not again!

Van: They have some kind of shields... but then, Dann will just have to cut through them!
Priscilla: It's the Armor that helped the old guys! I'll be helping you now!
Zakki: I'd rather helping didn't involve me going down (! Sorry captain!

Hey, look who was away from the rest of the battle, but now caught up!

Ray: I'll destroy every obstacle on the path of my vengeance ( This includes you.
Nero: Not yet! El Dora Fist!

Asuham: Gain! The wretched scum who abuses women - perish now (!
Gain: Asuham! I was trying to tell you, listen for a few seconds!
Bello: Ow! I'm not Gain, don't attack me!

Tsubaki: The new Overman is really dangerous. Watch out!
Kenji: Whatever, let's just shoot it down before it hurts someone else (!
Gain: I can get behind that. Black Southern Cross, firing!

Asuham: Bastard, how dare you bring allies to help you! The next time we meet, will be your last!

However, as Asuham retreats, someone else takes his place.


???: SR can't even take control of such a small town? How boring... oh well. I'm here, might as well have some fun.
Gainer: What a weird Overman! I've never seen such a model before!
Kouji: Maybe it's an alien!

The new reinforcement aside, enemy numbers are really thin now. You know what that means!
Dynamic kill showoff video (!

Anna: Godannar!
Gou: Combination!
SR lackey: Overkill! I call quits!

But let's not forget the boss units that still hang around. That would be unwise.

Shizuru: HQ! Core Gunner, engaging the enemy!
Angelica: Mist, let's follow Anna and Gou with a combined attack.
Mist: Right! Chaser Combination (!

Rey: Tch. At this rate, I won't be able to face the Clawed Man. I have to do something. But for now, let's get out of here!

Kejinan: Everyone's running away. Everyone, except me! Woah, do I get a medal for bravery?
Yagyu: Stupidity, really. Build Angels, let's go! Triangle Attack (!

Gainer: These moves (! I feel like I know this piloting style - but from where?

???: Only two units left on my side? That's no fun. I'll pick out the clumsy, slow enemies first (
Daiya: You can't hurt me, not until I find my dad! Gaiking Shield!
Puria: It's not called Gaiking Shield, you blockhead!

Oh yeah, about the episode title. When I said moment of glory, whom did you think I was referring to? The El Dora Five?

Boss: No, that was me! Ready, guys?
Nuke: Always, Boss!
Mucha: Let's do it with spirit!

Boss: Ha ha ha! Borot Dynamic Special (!

I don't know about you, but I am in awe.

Anyway, only one enemy left to deal with - the new Overman. Spoilers: its name is Dominator. Bad news here - Dominator is a runner.


Its HP falls any lower, it runs away. I can't let that happen, obviously.

Daiya: Hydro Blazer (!
???: Oh crap. "Game over" already? Well, time to get out of here!

Kouji (Tetsuya): Hey, remember that mad scientist guy? I wonder what happened to him.

Bucci: I'm sorry! I will never act like that again - I'll even help rebuild the town!
Jose: Good. We will forgive you, this time.
Barrio: You will gain acceptance of everyone if you are helpful rather than throwing tantrums.
Nero: We know a thing or two about that, don't we?
*dramatic look towards the sunset*
Carlos: Zzzz....


Yukiko: Mr Van. Thank you - I always knew what the old ones said was true, but without you, their spirits would be crushed out there!
Van: Yeah. I just helped a little bit. Don't mention it.
Joshua: I'm sure that was the Volkain. Which means... Ray was there. My brother! Oh no...
Wendy: Your brother is after the Clawed Man too, isn't he? What did Claw do to him?
Joshua: He... killed his wife.
Wendy: Oh...
Joshua: So Ray swore vengeance. But... that's not the way! I knew Shino - she would never want that. She wants Ray to live in peace, not to spill blood on his hands in revenge!
Van: What?! Cut that crap out, kid - if that's how you feel, then go home!
Wendy: Mr Van! You can't say that! Not everyone can fight like you!
Van: What do you know, either!

Carmen: Oh boy... there it goes again. Van really doesn't change, does he? Looks like he doesn't give a damn, but push a wrong button and...
Anna: Hello.
Gou: Can we find Van here?
Carmen: Ah, hello! You're the people who helped save this town, aren't you? Thanks - I didn't have to dirty my hands. My name's Carmen99.
Kyo: Sounds like a nickname.
Kenji: I can see why. 99 centimeters, right? I mean, her bust.
Tsubaki: Kenji, you idiot! Double!
Carmen: Punch!
Kenji: Ow. Nice coordination. Blagh.


Priscilla: Mist!
Mist: Huh? It's the girl who... did that thing earlier. Yes, what is it?
Priscilla: Thanks for everything. Because of you, we had a great time and it wasn't ruined at all!
Mist: Yeah. In hindsight, I kinda enjoyed it too...
Priscilla: Oh, and that sword-shaped Armor... do you know who is its pilot?
Mist: A tall idiot in a tuxedo. You can't miss him.
Priscilla: Okay. Once again, thanks for the great time. Let's do it again sometimes - bye!
Mist: I hate losing, but seeing her so cheerful was infectious. Ah, Angelica! What's up?
Angelica: Nothing. Another girl friend, is it? Well, I do not mind at all whom Mist makes friends with. Not at all.
Mist: Hey, hey! What did I do now?! ... Again?!


Carlos: Yaawn! I'm thirsty... hey, guys. You'll never believe a dream I had.
Nero: Carlos, you're awake! So, what was it?
Carlos: I dreamt that we got together and fought again, against the bad guys. We faced many strong opponents, but had allies too... and Chizuru was there.
Barrio: Carlos. That was no dream.

Intermission time! New unit!


Dann of Thursday: Death on two legs. Everything hostile that gets within Dann's range radius, dies. Its only two disadvantages are a lack of defense (for now), and rather short-ranged attacks.

Which is why I am giving it items won on this mission - a barrier generator, and a large radar (increases attack range). As usual, I'm open on suggestions on which units should get all this stuff.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 09, 2011, 08:00:24 PM
I say let Dann keep the equipment. I am not biased in this recommendation in the slightest. Not at all.

Also: Boss Borot. Yes, I am in slight awe. That... sure was something.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 09, 2011, 08:04:27 PM
Who is that mysterious new enemy whose appearance wasn't foreshadowed at all in the previous episode?!

Great update, with even more Gun x Sword awesomeness. What other series has a dog-faced female mech with ass machineguns piloted by Nono, Spanish Gao Gai Gar piloted by old people (who fought the Dinosaur Empire in Getter's stead, apparently), and the main robot literally turning into a giant sword*?
[spoiler]Also, clever usage of stuff that wasn't actually in SRW K. Because El Dora V needs that scene.[/spoiler]

Lose your head! Like a boss!
Big uppercut! Like a boss!
Get trashed by your own attack! Like a boss!
Still no plot significance! Like a boss!

* - no Van, don't fly away! The battle isn't over yet!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Steam on May 09, 2011, 08:10:57 PM
Good stuff as usual.  I can see they at least put token effort into Gun X Sword's pre-Claw plots.  And yeah, it's insane how many old-school mecha references they squeezed into El Dora V.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: kamikasei on May 09, 2011, 08:15:31 PM
I keep thinking my namesake is saying "kill!". I'm... surprisingly okay with that. Godspeed, you murderous pink reptile.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 09, 2011, 08:16:32 PM
Hey, Gao Gai Gar was made in 1997! That's not oldschool, that's new!
[spoiler]Also, for those unaware, El Inferno Y Cielo was specifically made for SRW K. This plagiarization homage attack didn't appear in actual G x S. Still awesome though.[/spoiler]

Oh no, now Kameo knows where I got his nickname from! Run!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Steam on May 09, 2011, 08:21:38 PM
Hey, Gao Gai Gar was made in 1997! That's not oldschool, that's new!
[spoiler]Also, for those unaware, El Inferno Y Cielo was specifically made for SRW K. This plagiarization homage attack didn't appear in actual G x S. Still awesome though.[/spoiler]

Oh no, now Kameo knows where I got his nickname from! Run!

It's not plagiarism because Gun X Sword and GaoGaiGar were directed done by the same guy studio.  And had the same character designer.

Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 09, 2011, 08:29:11 PM
Yeah. He also made G Gundam. Surprising, I know.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 10, 2011, 12:54:26 AM
Yeah. He also made G Gundam. Surprising, I know.

Huh. Guess that explains all the awesome, then. I had no idea I was a fan of so much of this guy's work.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Sucrose on May 11, 2011, 07:36:54 PM
So... does this mean Spanish Gao Gai Gar won't be a part of this game? :bigeye

How unfortunate.

Anyway, sweet new chapter.  Good to see Jeeg and the Build Angels again, along with the Godannar crew.

And I think I can appreciate Van's fighting moves more in this chapter than I could in the last.  Chapter 6 overexposed him, and since his moves mostly use the same weapon, it felt less awesome than it is.  I can now see why everyone loved it so much last chapter.  Flippin' awesome.  Particularly the swordplane move. :love

Mist Update:  I am decidedly 'meh' toward him, which, while not the hatred that others have expressed, does not bode well for him when he takes away screentime from characters that are actually entertaining.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 11, 2011, 08:36:19 PM
Relax. When was the last time in a SRW game you saw a big, unique unit join for one battle and then never appear again?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Prime32 on May 11, 2011, 09:09:37 PM
So... does this mean Spanish Gao Gai Gar won't be a part of this game? :bigeye
Definitely. Though Mexican GaoGaiGar might. :eh
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Cubey on May 12, 2011, 11:20:17 AM
I'm really glad I'm building up interest in this game's assorted series. Be them Gun X Sword, King Gainer (for a friend who reads this but doesn't post on the forum), or whatever else. This is half the fun of Super Robot Wars - discovering new stuff that may be fun, and then watching it. Although sometimes you might be disappointed, but it's the discovery that counts.

And I think it's not a big spoiler that this is not the last time we're seeing the El Dora Five. There are characters you use only in one stage, but that's for series where people die a lot. I'm talking Fafner of course.

[spoiler]Unless you unlock secrets.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Sucrose on May 12, 2011, 07:10:47 PM
So... does this mean Spanish Gao Gai Gar won't be a part of this game? :bigeye
Definitely. Though Mexican GaoGaiGar might. :eh

...Oh.  Yes.  I have no excuse for that error. :blush
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Cubey on May 16, 2011, 12:41:50 PM
We didn't have an update in a while, did we? I'll try to fix that. Footage for the new episode is ready, but I might have went too far in the number of images for this particular one. Oh boy...
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 16, 2011, 06:25:44 PM
We didn't have an update in a while, did we? I'll try to fix that. Footage for the new episode is ready, but I might have went too far in the number of images for this particular one. Oh boy...

I know that feeling. When I started my LP of Alpha Gaiden, I thought 50 Images per update was a lot. Now I find several people can't view the J thread in Firefox because there's so many images. I would try to cut down, but so much of the dialogue is comedy gold, whether intentional or unintentional.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Cubey on May 16, 2011, 09:29:48 PM
Wait, so that huge Alpha Gaiden LP, with lots of pictures, was yours?

Kudos for your hard work. Take this ( as a reward.

Episode 8!
Double Trouble!

No, we're not in Pokemon.


Suspage: This backwater is cramping my style. Blowing up innocent towns is not fabulous if you get stopped every time!
???: Don't whine, Suspage. We will open the gate to Darius world soon enough.
Suspage: Blasted Daiku-Maryu. If only I knew what they're doing right now...


Daiya: Any progress on the gates, Doc?
Sakon: We're getting there. Why don't you check the nearby town in the meantime? Zonnet is supposed to be a huge Domepolis, and I heard your friend already went there to search for the Clawed Man.
Daiya: Oh, right, mr Ban!
Puria: That's Van, you slowhead...


Gainer: Just how huge is this shopping list?
Sara: Can't help it, Exodus needs supplies. As long as we keep King Gainer outside the Domepolis limits and try to avoid attention, we'll be alright.
Gainer: Zonnet... my friend lives there. Maybe we should pay her a visit.
Sara: What did I say about avoiding attention just now?


Shizuka: Professor Sakon search team, get in position.
Kyo: There's only me. But I'm ready.
Shizuka: And... open the door!
Kyo: He's not here... I see a lot of clutter and it stinks to high heaven, but he is not in his room.
Shizuka: Whaaaaat! Sakon, you fool! Aargh, how dare you leave the ship without my permission! I'll suplex you the moment you return!
Kyo: ... Did she just bend a metal bar in half with her bare hands? That's scary...


Van: Ignore shanenigans... must find the Clawed Man... and murder him.
Wendy: Mr Van, please stop! You can't just go around driven by vengeance alone!
Van: Once again. You two kids can't handle the way I do things, get out. This place has a huge train station, use it and go home.
Joshua: Mr Van...
Van: I'm leaving you behind. From now on, I'm working solo.

Van: What do they think they know... young fools.
???: I'd say, you're quite a young fool yourself.


Van: Gadved!

Gadved, Van's mentor

Gadved: Long time no see, kid. In good health as always, huh? Come on, let's talk.

Wendy: Idiot Van doesn't understand a thing... Joshua lost a loved one too, but he's not going around trying to kill people in revenge. Oh brother - will I ever find you? Wait... Is that? No way...

Michael Garret, Wendy's older brother

Wendy: Michael!
Michael: W... Wendy! That's a surprise! What are you doing here?

Sara: I can't believe these Railroad goons recognized us on sight!
Gainer: Let's hide here and wait for them to pass!
Sara: Okay! Wait... Gainer, this is no time to play a game!
Gainer: It's suspicious to enter an arcade and not play anything. Hey, what's this? Queen of Overman Battle, an unbeaten streak of 200 wins? Don't tell me it's...!


Gainer: Excuse me. You're Cynthia, aren't you?
Cynthia: And who are you?
Gainer: It's me, Gainer! Remember, we play together?

Cynthia Lane, Gainer's online friend

Cynthia: The King of Gamers, in the flesh? Wow, what an exciting day! And this must be Sara, right?
Sara: Hello. So, we really met her after all, talk about coincidence...
Cynthia: What brings you here, Gainer? Looking for a challenge?
Gainer: Not exactly...
SR lackeys: I think I see them! Surround the building!
Cynthia: Aha, you're being chased! Let's sneak out - I know all the back alleys, I'll guide you. It'll be an adventure!

Everyone meets people from their past! With so many pleasant surprises around, what could go wrong?


Wendy: I'm so happy you're alright, big brother! You're not even wounded!
Michael: Yes. Wendy, there is something very important I have to tell you.
Wendy: Oh? What is it?
Michael: When I was taken... at first, I was terrified. But I understood that I stand in front of something bigger than me. Our Comrade is a man of great vision.
Wendy: C... comrade? You can't mean... the Clawed Man?
Michael: Exactly him. He wants to make the world a beautiful place, safe for all. Please understand, Wendy - this is very important. I share his mission now, so please return home, to Evergreen.
Wendy: N... no... it can't be...
Michael: I have to go now.

Van: WHAAAT! You bastard!
Van: How dare you take sides with the sonofabitch who killed Elena!
Gadved: Punch me all you want - I have my own reasons! He was the one who killed your fiancee, who wounded both of us to the extent that I had to give you a Yoroi implant just to save your life! And yet, I have my reasons! For helping our Comrade!
Van: ... Traitor. Gadved, you disgust me.
Gadved: The Original Seven serve our Comrade's cause now. The one who betrays them is the one who wants to kill the Comrade - you, Van. But it is not too late. Join us, and together we can create a new paradise for all.
Van: I'd sooner die!
Gadved: Very well. Let's take this outside, then.


Mysterious woman!

Woman: Excuse me.
Carmen: What is it?

Thwack! Schwing! Battle noises!

Woman: You're a strong one, aren't you? Now, I'll be taking the MacGuffin you hold...
Carmen: Tch... she took the Clawed Man's...
???: Hey, are you alright?

Mysterious man!

Carmen: Yeah, I just slipped and fall, that's all...
Man: I overheard you two talk, and then fight. It's about the Claw, isn't it?
Carmen: Who are you, anyway? Well, no matter. The last laugh's on me anyway...
Man: Don't worry. I'm not a bad guy. If you discount a certain chief mechanic's opinion.


Gadved: I saved your life, and now you want to slay my beloved Comrade. You know this will be a fight to  the death, Van. If I lose, it will be the redemption of my act. But if I win - it will be my condemnation!
Van: You talk too much now, Gadved. Hurry up.
Gadved: Wake up, Diablo!
Van: Wake up, Dann!

Gainer: Phew! We made it safely!
Sara: Thanks for everything, Cynthia. You are a really dependable person.
Cynthia: This Overman... Exodus's Overman is Gainer's? I'm really happy!
Gainer: Huh, what do you mean, Cynthia?
Cynthia: It means we can be rivals after all! Isn't it exciting?
Sara: That... sounded less dependable now.
Cynthia: Come, Dominator! Prepare yourself Gainer - let's have fun!

The duel starts (! Okay, it's more like a double duel. With extra Siberian Railroad mooks to make things more fun.

Gainer: I don't want to fight you, Cynthia!
Cynthia: Come on. It's just like in Overman Battle!

Mist: Hey, that looks like trouble. So much for our guys' covert approach.
Angelica: Daiku-Maryu, can you hear us? Gainer and Van are in trouble!

Reinforcements will be here soon, but in the meantime:


Cynthia: Show me your best, King of Games!
Gainer: Aah! King Gainer's losing power (!
Gadved: Condemnation, or redemption? Which one will it be, Van?! Tell me!

From a player's perspective, this is... not as exciting as it sounds. Diablo of Monday is tough, but I gave Van a barrier generator so he should be alright. As for Gainer, I must remember about two things: his chainsword goes right through Dominator's photon mat, and you can reload the game if you get shot down. Because you really can get shot down here. Just sayin'.

But, with some luck:


Cynthia: This is exciting! The real thing's even better than playing! So that's what the Game Champ can do!

Yeah. Cynthia is not the most stable person around. Or grounded in reality.

SR lackey: I'll get a commendation for shooting down this Armor!
Van: You idiots stay out of this (
SR lackey: Aah, I'm sorry Sir!

At least the mooks are not too troublesome to deal with. Too bad they come with the usual complement of King Gainer bosses - Yassaba, the terrible trio, the usual. Asuham's not around though. Oh, and Kejinan has a new Overman, Blackmail. I forgot to say that. But now you know.


Kouji: Hey-ho! Mazinger Z is here!
Garis: Everyone, move out! Save our friends!

Cynthia: Hey, the odds are kinda bad now, aren't they? But I won't lose! Watch out for this one, Gainer (!

Gainer: Aaah!
Sara: G... Gainer! He's hurt!
Cynthia: What? Gainer... got hurt?
Gain: Quick, move King Gainer back on board!
Sara: Easy to say. Don't worry Gainer, you'll be safe soon!
Cynthia: Why did this happen...

King Gainer's out of commission for now. The fight goes to a confused and anxious Cynthia. But watch out, it's not over yet!



Anna: Watch out, Gou-chin! It's the usual rambling madman!
Gou: Don't worry a thing, Anna. I have this one (!

Cynthia: What did I do? I'm sorry, Gainer...

Well, one boss is down now. Out of many.

Gain: Tough guy, eh? Taste Brunnhilde's power (!
Bello: That sounded like a commercial tagline.
Gadved: This kind of force is not enough to bring Diablo down!

Gadved has some sick levels of Prevail - a skill for tanky robot pilots that increases armor (and dodging, and accuracy, and crit rates...) as health goes down. It's like if the game was telling me to finish him off with Van... and that's exactly what is going on here.

Kouji (Tetsuya): Let's go, Shizuru-san! Double Gunner action (!
Puria: Hell yeah, let's show 'em!
Shizuru: These two... it's somewhat annoying, but they work well together.
Gauli: Agreed.

But enough about fighting redshirts. Back to Gadved!


Kouji: Rocket Punch!
Gadved: Fool!
Van: You bastard! CHESTO (!

Gadved's a cheater and regenerates when shot down once. That's right - I have the "pleasure" of downing the tough-as-nails Diablo twice. Thanks, game.


I should stop stealing lines from Deceased Crab.

Boss: What's this? Forget angsty cowboys and their stupid plots! Pay attention to the real hero - Boss Borot (!

Gadved: Van, it's over. I'll have to split you in twain (!
Kejinan: Enough, I'm the new character now! Like my Overman?
Yagyu: Is that... a frog?

Van: Elena... I can't die here... Elena!
Gadved: Soon, you will meet with her peacefully. I really wish we could have remained friends, Van!
Van: Once again, you talk too much!
Gadved: Come! The last strike will decide the victor (!

Gadved: So... that's how it is...

Tsubaki: Van won his duel! Ero-Kenji, destroy the frog thing!
Kenji: Ero-? But I only snuck a peek once... okay, whatever! Spin Storm (!
Daiya: Lemme help too! Aack, fast!
Kejinan: Ha ha ha! Blackmail cannot be defeated!


Anna: Everyone's down south! Do you expect us to take on the whole army just by the two of us?

Yassaba: Divide and conquer, that's the basics of battle! Take this!
Daiya: Gaiking! Don't go down just yet! Punch Grinder (!

Shizuru: I hate frogs, and other slimy things. Sniper Shot (!
Kejinan: My indestructible Overman!
Kouji (Tetsuya): So, Shizuru-san has a feminine side too!
Shizuru: Idiot.

Mist: Hey, it's the guy who by chance got me before. Time for round two, jerk (!
Kouji: Does this look familiar? Breast FIRE!
Yassaba: Adette, you know the drill by now!

Yagyu: Let's go, everyone! Triangle Attack!
Monko: Try to keep up with the Angels, Kanitank guys!
Yanma: A'right! Kani-tank, go (!
Enge: Six on one? What an overkill!
Puria: It's the Bunker Crab, not Kanitank, dammit!

You know what? Shanenigans aside, blowing up the same mini-bosses over and over gets boring after a while. The rest of the story will be told with pictures.


Kenji: Knuckle Bomber!


Asuham: Damn you Gain! This is not the last time - you will die soon etc etc.


Mist: Chaser!
Angelica: Combination!
Zakki: I was in this mission too!



Victory is ours! But for some reason, hardly anyone feels happy today.


Carmen: Van, the Clawed Man really was in this city. But he left already.
Van: Shit! Gadved, you bastard... you only wanted to slow me down, didn't you?


Kejinan: We're kicking you out. Get out of the Overman, old man!
Yassaba: You can't do this, Kejinan! I'm paying you!
Kejinan: Well, not anymore! Die in a ditch, I'm the leader now!
Enge: I think that Cynthia girl will try to kill you if you boss around.
Kejinan: Right, let's listen to her for a while. She's cute, too!
Enge: Yeah...

Band of lolicons, I tell you.

As for the mysterious man who helped Carmen, he turned out to be...


Daiya: Hey, it's Professor Sakon!
Sakon: In the flesh, for a change. Great news, everyone! After a night of non-stop work, and Shizuka punching me in the head...
Shizuka: Uh-huh. That happened.
Sakon: We got the Daiku-Maryu's dimensional drive to work. No gate is closed to us now! That is, if we find enough fuel. The stuff they got here is just too weak. To the west, there supposedly is a continent called Zi, where they have sources of energy just potent enough for our needs.
Shizuka: So, Daiku-Maryu's moving out just there. Thank you, mr Exposition.


Carmen: That woman who fought me must have been the Clawed Man's servant.
Van: Yeah. But you lost her.
Carmen: Ha, don't take me for an amateur, Van! I planted a tracking device on her - and wherever she went, I bet the Clawed Man is, too.
Van: Where is she then? Tell me!
Carmen: Moving over the sea as we speak. She probably went to Zi.
Van: We're going there too then!


Gainer: Ow... my whole body's hurting...
Sara: Gainer! You should stay in bed!
Gainer: I've no intention of getting up...
Sara: And good. How could Cynthia do that to us? I thought she was your friend...
Adette: Make way! I heard one of my precious students got wounded!
Gainer: S... students? How did that happen?
Adette: What, didn't you know? I am now miss Kistler, the teacher of your school. Make sure not to skip class, boy! That would be a terrible waste!
Ana: Gainer! I heard Gainer got beaten really badly! Links, Liese and Linna were really worried, too!

Links, Ana's squirrel-like pets (they dance)

Links: Kii!
Sara: Well, aren't you popular, Gainer.
Gainer: What did I do now?

Bello: Who's this guy?
Gain: It's the enemy commander. They dumped him in trash for some reason. Siberian Railroad has no loyalty whatsoever, I tell you. Still, we better keep him tied up for now.
Adette: Yassaba!


Adette: I know Yassaba is here!
Yassaba: Adette! Don't look! I am a pathetic man now!
Adette: I don't care! Pathetic or not, you are still strong inside! And that's all that matters!
Yassaba: No, all that matters is that you are alive and safe!
Bello: Is this supposed to be a romantic scene?


Garis: Daiku-Maryu will seperate from the Exodus and go west. It's an honor to have you on board, Princess.
Ana: Of course, Captain! It will be a great adventure - I've never been to Zi before, I can't wait to see how it looks like.
Lioubov: But Princess! It might be dangerous!
Ana: Don't worry! The Links will protect me! Oh, and Gainer and Sara said they're tagging along, too.

So, that's that. During the intermission, I find not only no new units whatsoever, but also that I lost the King Gainer pilots - well, except Gainer and Sara as mentioned above. Time to reshuffle the teams - you know what that means, Boss!


Boss: He he he. I like this team best.
Shizuru: Please, someone kill me.

That was a long episode! And almost no new features, either - but worry not, that will change soon enough. Also, Gun X Sword over-saturation shouldn't repeat itself anymore. Hopefully.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 17, 2011, 02:04:26 AM
Quote from: Cubey
Also, Gun X Sword over-saturation shouldn't repeat itself anymore. Hopefully.

You say that like it's a good thing.

Just kidding.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Cubey on May 17, 2011, 02:16:20 AM
So, how's the image-intensive format I used for this update? How do you like having slightly less videos and slightly more pictures - better than before, worse, makes no difference? I'm interested in your opinions.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 17, 2011, 02:19:52 AM
Well, when we're just stomping the SR miniboss horde for the umpteenth time, it's better to just summarize it in picture form. New stuff deserves a video, obviously, but otherwise I think pictures works just as well to a little bit better.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 17, 2011, 02:21:07 AM
Kudos for your hard work. Take this ( as a reward.

This part is worth repeating. Becase I missed the embedded link when I read it the first time.

Boss keeps having the best lines. And apparently Wendy is related to Jesus.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Sucrose on May 17, 2011, 03:06:38 AM
I didn't find Gun X Sword to be oversaturated this time around.  Not sure why.  Maybe Van's just had more time to grow on me.  Or it's that the storyline has had a chance to take a gripping turn.  I really want to find out what apparently made Van's former allies side with their Comrade.

I do think that more routine things can be summed up well by images.  The only things that really, really need to be on video in my opinion are new animations, important points in fights against significant bosses, and occasional dynamic killshot montages.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Cubey on May 17, 2011, 03:21:20 AM
I tend to skip routine attacks outright rather than showing them in any way. But of course, new units, attacks and important events always are and will be documented with videos. Observing animations is half the fun of playing a SRW game, I always say!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Steam on May 17, 2011, 04:19:57 AM
I'm with Neon Knight that we should just use videos to sum up stuff that we know is going to play out.  Like with all the Gaiking filler we'll be running into soon and stuff like that.

And damn, not even a third of the way in the game and we've already covered half of the Gun X Sword plot.
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Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 17, 2011, 06:04:28 AM
Are you talking about the Alpha Gaiden LP on Something Awful? No, no, thats not mine at all. I did one for a group of friends, essentially, on a local forum for Irish gamers. I'm no SAer, mainly due to apathy at such a huge selection of forums, and I wouldn't want to take credit for someone elses hard work.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
Post by: Cubey on May 17, 2011, 03:33:35 PM
Ah, I see. Still, that's plenty of work. It's not only popularity that makes an LP hard to run - it's all about effort! I could advertise this LP on some places, but I decided: not worth the effort, screw it. I want it to be read first and foremost by people I know and like.

And my photobucket running into its monthly limit has nothing to do with that decision, no siree.

Forget GXS, we're on episode 20 of King Gainer. Out of 26. Talk about insane. Maybe I should keep a plot tally:

Gun X Sword: 50%
Overman King Gainer: 75%
Gaiking: 10%?
Godannar: Has no plot
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First Easter, now Rapture (which didn't happen to the best of my knowledge)... I really should have LPed a game with Evangelion in it. For more religious symbolism.

Episode 9!
In soviet Zi, Pokemon choose you!

The title makes complete sense. I swear.


Carmen: Wendy? Where are you?!
Anna: I found Joshua. He was arrested by the police after looking for you - in the women's bathroom!
Joshua: It was a perfectly logical place to investigate!
Wendy: What is that ruckus? Oh! It's miss Carol, and Anna!
Anna: We won't be leaving you two behind, you know.
Carmen: It's Carmen99, Wendy... okay, let's go. We're off to Area Zi!
Joshua: Zi?! I hear that place developed some incredible Armor designs!
Kameo: Kiii!


??? (but a different ??? than before!): I heard about your many failures, Suspage. Our superior is not pleased.
Suspage: Give me time. I have a perfect plan this time - I'll unleash it beautifully, and Daiku Maryu will be crushed. Crushed I say!
??? (the old one, let's call it ??? #1): We have little patience for your antics this time.
??? #2: Which is why I will take care of the matters personally.
Suspage: What is this, two-on-one video conference? Arrogant jerks... even my genius can only do so much without support from the Darius world.

That's right, it's Suspage again. I hope you didn't get bored of him yet - because I did. Anyway, the action moves to a small, peaceful village...


Raaji: And everyone! Heave!

Raaji Familion, leader of Mirodo Village

Raaji: We did it! Good job, we fished the Zoid out of the sea.
Ruuji: Wow, it's a Liger-type. How rare...
Faaji: Why don't you see if it likes you, Ruuji?

Ruuji Familion, young village boy (and Raaji's son)

Faaji, Ruuji's younger brother

Ruuji: Come on, Zoid... I've excavated you with my own hands - will you let me pilot you?
Liger: ...
Raaji: No reaction. That's too bad.
Ruuji: Aww...
Faaji: Better luck next time!


Faaji: Aaah! Look! What's that huge lizard-thing in the sky?!

I guess the marine journey went without shanenigans for a change.


Gainer: So this is the Zi continent. It feels so different - everything is full of life!
Ana: Not only is it vibrant, but also humid and hot! Gainer, let's play in the sand!
Gainer: Why did you take your winter clothes, princess?

But wait, we didn't come here for fun! Okay, actually we did. As in, the readers. Let's not get too meta.


Rosa: We are in need of your Reggel fuel. Of course, we are willing to make a trade - this place is not too advanced, so whatever technology you need and Daiku Maryu has, it is yours.
Raaji: Reggel is rare and what little we have, we need for ourselves. We are simple people, living happy lives as we are now. So we don't need your technology, I'm afraid there's no trade.
Ruru: Vice-captain Rosa! Some unknowns are approaching the village!
Rosa: Ah, what a convenient deus ex machina.


Zairin: This is the place where my targets are hiding.

Zairin of Zaltz, Digald army commander

Zairin: What a primitive village. It will be better off as part of Digald, so I might as well conquer it. All Bioroids! Attack!

Garis: These dinosaur-shaped robots are hostile. All units, scramble!
Kouji (Kabuto): Dinosaurs? Is it dr Hell?
Sayaka: What, this again? Stop obsessing about him!
Carmen: Remember, try to leave a good impression on the villagers and maybe they'll share the fuel with you.

Gou: They're small, but there's many of them.
Anna: Watch out, Gou-chin! Here they come!
Gou: Don't worry, I got this one Anna (!

Kouji: They're tough! That Rocket Punch should've went right through it!
Angelica: Maybe they have some kind of special armor?

Indeed they do! Bioroids are equipped with Hell Armor, that reduces effectiveness of most attacks... slightly. It's more annoying than dangerous, really. Doesn't mean I won't overreact about it though.

Aaah! Our weapons are ineffective!


And they have different Bioroids, which are almost exactly the same, but dark and with slightly more HP!

Zairin: This rag-tag collection of strange units is no match to Digald's army. At this rate, victory is mine... wait, what's this?


Ruuji: Please move, Liger! Please save the village!

Zairin: How naive! Second group, attack from the flank and end this!
Ruuji: Aaah! Liger, I beg you... ! The Murasame sword from our shrine!
Zairin: It flew through the air? What's going on!
Ruuji: You woke up! Let's go, Murasame Ligeeeer (!

Zairin: The Zoid moved - but that's not good enough! Take this!


Zairin: Argh! Who is it now?

Ra Kan, wise mentor character

Re Mii, tsundere princess character

Ra Kan: I'm sorry that I had to endanger us by leaving the hiding place, Mii. But we cannot let that boy die.
Re Mii: What are you taking about, Kan? Nobody's endangered - let's kick their butts!
Zairin: It's my targets! I'm lucky today!
Ruuji: Who... are you people?
Re Mii: We're here to help you, boy!
Ruuji: Boy? But you don't sound older than me...
Ra Kan: Let's not squabble now. Sword Wolf, ready!

Re Mii: Lanstag, ready! Everyone, attack with your Zii weapons (!

Ruuji: That worked really well!

Zii weapons (marked by the V tag on the attack list, just to be confusing) bypass Hell Armor. It's only a small advantage, and will probably remain that way. What are the odds that improved Hell Armor appears, after all? Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Van: It's the enemy commander! Show me what you got, tough guy (
Zairin: Don't underestimate the Bio Megaraptor!


Zairin: How's that!
Kouji: The big one's breathing fire! Are you alright, Sayaka?!
Sayaka: I'm still fine! But something weird happened to Diana's weapons!

That's right - anything hit by a fireball loses weapon power... because it melts, apparently. Luckily, the change is only temporary and goes away after one round.

Ruuji: I can't lose! Sword Cannon, fire (!
Shizuru: Spiral Stinger!
Boss: More like Boobie Cannon, he he he!
Shizuru: Why am I in this team again...

Zairin: The toed Zoid's at me again? I won't be done for - taste my claw (!

This barrier generator really improves Dann's survivability. Which allows Van to face minor bosses alone, just like that.

Kenji: Hey, don't hog the spotlight Van! My turn! Jeeg Breaker (!

Zairin: Tch! Tough audience! Time for a change of plans.
Ruuji: Oh no, you won't!
Zairin: Out of my way, pipsqueak! I'll fry you!


Ruuji: Missed me!


Ruuji: Oh no! The Generator got hit! It's all my fault!

Ra Kan: Here's our chance, Mii! Target the big one (!

Zairin: Gwaaah! Megaraptor's almost done for!


Suspage: Hoho! What fools - weakened by fighting some insignificant local empire, and now Darius strikes! You will fall before my genius today!


Daiya: It's Darius! Come on mr Lee, let's take them on!
Sakon: Don't rush, Daiya - Gaiking's maintenance was completed only a second ago!

So that's where Gaiking went... by the way, King Gainer was not available either. I guess Gainer and Sara are too busy getting sand out of their own boots.

But suddenly!

Lee: That thing! Move it, Daiya! This is my fight!
Ruru: Mr Lee is acting strangely, Captain!

Lee: It's that turtle, no doubts about it! Die, you bastard (!

Lee: Aaah! I can't lose here!
Daiya: What happened? Please tell me!
Lee: That turtle... it's the one that destroyed my village and... killed my brother, Shin! It's the reason I joined Daiku Maryu in the first place - to avenge Shin! But now... I failed...

Mist: Dude, that's not a healthy attitude. You should let it go.
Angelica: Shh, you're not helping Mist!

Daiya: Mr Lee, that's not true!
Lee: Huh?
Daiya: You can't give up now. Even if you fail ten times, you cannot! Because of your brother, but not only him - others can be hurt by this turtle, too. So for them, you must fight, but not just charge recklessly. We gotta fight as a team, you taught me that yourself!
Lee: You... are right, Daiya! Let's do this!
Van: Power to live on comes from avenging loved ones. Yeah, I know how it feels...

After receiving bits of advice of... varying effectiveness, everyone feels fired up! Why, it's enough to spontaneously generate a new ally!


???: Oh great, these jerks again.
Suspage: A bird robot? How unsightly - shoot it down!
???: Hello? Whomever is commanding the large dragon unit, can you hear me? I want to bring the other battleship down. Please assist me.
Rosa: Who are you? Identify yourself!

Kotona Elegance, independent female bounty hunter... wait, that sounds familiar!

Carmen: Hey, it's Kotona!
Kotona: Carmen99? What a surprise! How are you doing?

With this crazy coincidence, Kotona and her Rainbow Jerk (yeah, I know...) are at our disposal.

Suspage: Don't get too cocky! You're going down, Gaiking (!
Daiya: Phew! That wasn't dangerous at all!

Ra Kan: All Zoids, attack together!
Kotona: You don't have to tell me that twice, old man (!

And, one more (


Ruuji: Ah, I got left behind! Wait for me!
Van: You're not alone with that sentiment, kid...

Lee: The turtle is almost down, time for a finishing hit!


Lee: Not good! Argh!
Daiya: Oh no, the Serpent's almost dead!
Sakon: Daiya, there was a reason we upgraded Gaiking. It's time to use its secret technique!
Daiya: Secret technique?
Sakon: Combine Gaiking and Serpent, and unleash the Serpent Buster!
Lee: Alright!
Daiya: Let's do THIS (!

Suspage: My ace in the sleeve!
Daiya: We did it, mr Lee!
Lee: Shin... I avenged you.

Garis: All that remains is the Zerogaia battleship.


Garis: All units, focus fire!
Kouji: Leave it to me, Captain! Strong Buster (!
Kouji: And me. RUST HURRICANE!

Guess what, Suspage is a runner again. I have to finish him off in one hit now. Too bad for him that I just got a perfect tool to do this.


Suspage: You bastards! I refuse to be defeated again! This is not over!

Mist: Pfeh, what lame-ass enemies. And here I was worried we'd face someone really dangerous.


Monko: Time to break the 4th wall.
Tatsuko: But not to break the character. We're here to explain about Reggel, so listen closely.
Monko: It's made by those huge trees called Generators. And also in other ways, but who gives shit about that!
Tatsuko: Reggel is used to power Zoids, and other things like Sakon's dimensional engine. But there's one more reason why Generators are important.
Monko: They keep the land stable and green. The Generator goes boom, and the land turns into a wasteland!
Tatsuko: So you should understand why it's important now. And if you don't - too bad. Sucks to be you.

Yagyu: Hey, you two. Keep the 4th wall intact the next time!
Monko: Sorry, capt'n...

Ra Kan: I have a feeling something eerie just happened... that aside, Captain. We are looking for a certain wise man who can help us. I am afraid that's all I can say.
Garis: That's good enough for now. Welcome aboard - you can travel with us as long as there is no trouble.
Re Mii: I promise there won't be any trouble!

Ruuji: Mom, dad...


Min: I understand, Ruuji. I already packed your things.
Raaji: Go with our blessings, Ruuji. I'm sure you will be able to find a mechanic who can fix the Generator.

Min Familion, Ruuji's mother

Raaji: And, one more thing.
Ruuji: Dad? Your binoculars!
Raaji: It's the family keepsake. I'm sure it will be safe with you.
Ruuji: Thanks for everything! I'll be going now - but I promise I will return soon! With a mechanic!

And so Daiku Maryu flies off, in search for other villages with other Generators. But little does anyone know, there is a stowaway!


Zairin: I can't return home empty-handed. Might as well gather some intelligence!


Rosa: Captain, an unidentified robot ahead of us!
Garis: What could it want from us? Is it hostile?
Angelica: Look, Mist!
Mist: That thing... argh, bright light again! Nooo!


??? #2: I've sent them all to the Darius world, just like I was told. Was that a smart move? Well, that's Suspage's problem, not mine. I must consult my superior now.


Ruru: Captain! Everyone's fine, but where are we?
Rongo: Let's find a map!
Garis: There's no need for that. I recognize our surroundings. This is the Darius world.

Angelica: That machine... its design looked just like...
Mist: Yeah. One of those bastards who destroyed Atreem. Do they want Earth next?!

Intermission time! And we are not empty-handed again. I have four new Zoids in the roster.

[spoiler]Murasame Liger: Offensively, the strongest of the bunch. It can dodge really well, and its attacks have very moderate requirements - expect this to be the norm for Zoid units. Its weak point? Lack of a strong finishing hit, I guess.

Lanstag: Pretty similar to the Liger, with an ability to resupply. Which, I remind you, also means some energy regeneration for itself and its partner unit.

Sword Wolf: A bit slower, a bit tougher than the usual. It's still a dodger rather than a tank though.

Rainbow Jerk: Thin armor, but very fast - both in terms of dodging and actual on-map speed. Can also fly, and repair.[/spoiler]

But that's not all!


Other than parts, this game also has pilot parts - items that teach your pilots special abilities. So far I have parts that increase Prevail, ability to fight with guns or melee weapons (these will be distributed evenly among people who get the most out of them), and also offensive and defensive supports. I also have parts that increase SPs, used for spirit skills, and decrease cost of spirit skills. And that's where I want your input!

Should I give these parts to front line characters, to use offensive spirit skills more often - or to support characters, who will be able to bless/cheer/trust more frequently, giving me extra money, experience and healing potential?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 21, 2011, 08:52:31 PM
Oh Gaiking mooks, we will never tire of you! He lied. At least Gaiking got a new attack out of the ordeal.

I really like Zoids in this game, especially the theme. It's very different from what other series have, yet works really well.

Rainbow Jerk has to be the most unfortunately named robot ever (but not the most unfortunate name in this game, as we'll see soon). And that cutin thinks we're in Code GeASS, apparently.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Sucrose on May 21, 2011, 11:17:31 PM
More money -> More upgrades -> MORE POWER

Put the pilot items permitting more frequent spirit skill use on the support units.  The healing will make up for a lot of the damage differential, and the rest is cash in the bank (or experience, whatever you prefer :D).

Also...Rainbow Jerk?  How does that at all relate to being a peacock eagle? :twitch

Cool new units overall, though, and the new Serpent Cannon is pretty sweet.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 22, 2011, 01:29:08 AM
I really like abusing Luck and Gain, so I suggest putting the items on the support characters for Cheer/Bless spam and similar support shenanigans.

Also, who are we upgrading? I hope we're keeping Gaiking up to speed, seeing as we're on Darius now. Upgrade it and the DKM.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 22, 2011, 01:38:37 AM
Now that was a crazy awesome update!

I guess I'll also vote for sticking the pilot items on the support units.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Cubey on May 22, 2011, 01:41:38 AM
I'm keeping the units upgraded, don't worry. Well, maybe I am too conservative with weapon upgrades - but so far everything's going fine, so no need for extreme spendings.


Right, let's upgrade support pilots then. And by that I mean Sayaka's our girl. Her unit might suck, but she's the best support character in this game - and almost every other SRW she's in. Which means... all non-OG Super Robot Wars titles, pretty much.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Steam on May 22, 2011, 02:52:24 AM
Give Sayaka SP boosting items.

Oh, and the captain of the Daiku Maryu, since you'll get Bless soon enough.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
Post by: Cubey on May 24, 2011, 10:32:59 PM
What's this, another update so quickly? That makes it three on this page alone. Madness!

Episode 10!
A new challenger!


Just like suggested, support pilots get the SP parts. And by support pilots I mean those who have Bless, and by that I mean Sayaka. Now she can almost cast it twice in one mission.

Other parts given to those who can make the best use out of them: In-fight for Gou, Van, etc. We don't really have any good snipers yet so the Gunfight parts have to wait. And no, Kouji doesn't count.


Gainer: So... in other words, vice-captain Rosa wanted to tell everyone we're in Darius World now.
Van: No! Damn, this not where the Claw Man is!
Ruuji: We still have the mechanic, and the wise man to find!
Ana: Everyone, please quiet down! It's not Rosa's fault that we are here now, or Gainer's. Remember that!
Gainer: Princess...

And this is how yet another girl was added to Gainer's harem! Just kidding. We don't need even more lolicon in mecha anime.


Suspage: Good to be home. Gaiking has no chance to survive, now that we're on Darius land!
Proist: Strong words for a failure, Suspage.

Proist, robotic general of Darius

Suspage: Please forgive me! You must understand - I lost only because of outside factors, that I couldn't change! Give me one chance and the situation will be reversed!
Proist: Not this time. You are on backup. Nouza will trap the Daiku Maryu.
Nouza: Very well.

Nouza, yet another (rather angry) general of Darius and a master swordsman

Nouza: Sniveling worm. Suspage should accept defeat rather than try to wriggle his way out of consequences time and time again. It will be different with me.
Proist: There is only three of us here. Where is Vestanu?
Nouza: Field operations.


Vestanu: Halt! Stay right where you are!
Lee: Oops. I guess my infiltration gig is up, huh?

Vestanu, lady-general of Darius

Thwack! Crash! Kung-fu kapow!

Lee: Are you alright?
Vestanu: You defeated me... finish me off...
Lee: Hey now, killing people in cold blood? It's not my style.
Vestanu: Typical... lack of honor for a Surfacer...
Lee: That's not nice to say! And what's with the whole Surfacer thing?
Vestanu: Surfacers, people like you. You stealthily attack Darius and stab us in the back!
Lee: Attack? Listen, miss - Darius was the one who attacked first! Hey! She ran away... I guess she was not that wounded after all.


Nouza: Vestanu! What happened out there?
Vestanu: Just a routine inspection of our excavation site. What is Proist digging up here, I wonder...
Nouza: Routine inspections rarely end in you being beaten up and bruised. Well, whatever. I'm sending you a cross gate at these coordinates.

Lee: Ohoh! That sounds like some juicy info.
Carmen: Now, mr Lee. It's not nice to eavesdrop, you know.
Lee: Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself.
Kotona: Listen to that, Carmen. Make sure to double-check before you try changing clothes with this guy around! Anyway, what do you have? It's not good if we return empty handed...

Garis: Do I hear that right? Lee intercepted cross gate coordinates?
Rosa: Indeed, Captain. If we follow them, there is an option to strike the Darius capital directly.
Garis: We have quite a distance to cross, but we should make it in time. Gather the crew - Daiku Maryu, move out!
Ruru: Captain...
Garis: What is it, Ruru?
Ruru: I see... a very powerful, black flame. It's burning! It threatens to burn everyone down!
Garis: Another vision! But what could it mean? We should proceed cautiously.

Nouza: I see the giant dragon. Daiku Maryu fell into my trap!
Garis: Damn! It's the general, Nouza! Everyone, stay back. This is not a fight we're prepared for.
Ruru: Umm, Captain. A unit just launched.


Daiya: Let's go! Give me back my father, Darius general!
Nouza: It's Gaiking! You have guts, young pilot. What's your name?
Daiya: Tsuwabuki Daiya!
Nouza: Daiya... this is where you fall. Prepare yourself!

Daiya: Counter CROSS (!
Nouza: Ha ha ha! Not bad, you almost scratched my paintjob!

Rosa: Daiya's in trouble. Scramble!


Kouji: Hold the ground, kid! We're right there!
Nouza: More machines? It's only fair that I bring some of my own, then!


Cain: All armored beasts are ready for combat, general Nouza!
Nouza: Great. I trust you to cover my back, Lieutenant!

Cain, Nouza's second in command

Kotona: It's the Darius commander! Time to act a bit more proactively (

Kotona: Ouch! I really felt that one!
Hacchi: Oy! You alright, miss?

So yeah. Nouza is a dangerous boss - approach with caution.


Suspage: Nouza, that idiot musclehead! Amateur wants to solve all problems with brawn alone, without a shade of tactics. Well, this is why I brought not one, but TWO turtle beasts!

So yeah. Enemy reinforcements, and it's Suspage again. But wait, something's new!

Angelica: That unit, it looks just like Serius, doesn't it?
Mist: And that color... no way, you don't mean!

Input name Sheldia Rouge, Mist's friend from Bezard!

Mist: Sheldia, is that you?
Sheldia: Mist! Wow, am I glad to see you!
Angelica: Who is that girl? Wait... it is your girlfriend from before, right?
Suspage: Less chit-chat with the enemy, more slaughter!

Sheldia: Sorry, Suspage. I joined your little army only to have a roof over my head. But now, it's over - and you know what, you were a really lousy boss, too!
Suspage: Heh heh... mouthy brat. But nobody who enters my force, mercenary or not, leaves!

Sheldia: No good! I can't work the controls... Serius II is moving on its own!
Suspage: Remote control, how do you like it!

Mist: No! What a low trick! I don't want to fight Sheldia!
Sakon: Relax, Mist. You do not have to shoot her down, just don't let her harm anyone while we figure out how to disable the remote.

Sakon has a point here - don't down the purple Serius, or it's game over. The bloodthirsty part of the audience should be placated by like a billion of enemy mooks present in this scenario. Shoot 'em instead.

Nouza: Don't forget that I am still here!
Cain: Sir! I'll assist you - taste my steel, Gaiking (!

Cain joins the battle, but luckily he's not as strong as his boss. Still, if both of them gang up on Gaiking (and Serpent), we're in trouble. So best to do something about it.

Ah, and the mooks are here, too.

Re Mii: Watch out! This one's going to hit you!
Ruuji: Not if I hit first! Let's go, Liger (!

The above video exists for two reasons. 1 - to show Ruuji's counter ability (though a few other people have it too, like Van). 2 - Zoid. With Kamina glasses.

Gainer: King Gainer's repairs are over, so... Overfreeze Bullets!

Nouza: Not... yet! I'm taking Gaiking with me!

Daiya: Aaaahh! F... father!

Garis: No! Daiku Maryu, full speed ahead! We must save Daiya!
Nouza: You're getting in the way!

Garis: Gwaaah!
Ruru: Kyaaa!

Daiya: Captain! Ruru! Leave... them... ALONE!
Garis: Daiya, no! Don't do that!

Nouza: That power! What was that!
Daiya: I... did it...
Ruru: Captain!
Garis: I wasn't aware he could pull it off - but he did! Gaiking's forbidden attack, Face Open, can be unleashed only by those with the strongest Flame. But even so, Daiya is barely conscious now!

Cain: General! I will stand my ground until you are safe!
Kouji: Sorry, but you're in my sights. All set, okay! Gatling arm (!
Cain: I'm sorry, general Nouza! I have disgraced you!

So, that's it for two out of three bosses. And also Gaiking - with minimal energy and will, Daiya isn't going anywhere. Just lie down and let the team handle the rest.


Tsubaki: Watch your step, ero-Kenji! We got hit by covering your butt!
Kenji: Crap, sorry!
Kyo: Some teamwork this is...

Three bosses? I meant four, if by bosses I mean non-mooks, with portraits and personality. One of them is not meant for shooting down, not that it prevents her from picking a fight on her own...

Sheldia: Sorry, I can't help it! Please don't hate me (!

Current situation, in case anyone was interested:


Still a crapton of mooks to go through. Welcome to Super Robot Wars K - it loves doing that. Especially if the mooks in question are Gaiking's armored beasts or F... oops. Almost spoiled there.

Kouji: Another evil turtle? Rocket Punch!
Sayaka: Hey, does it mean Lee didn't have his revenge yet? It could be a different turtle.
Kouji: Let's kill them all to be sure!
Kameo: Kiii...
Wendy: Don't be afraid, they weren't talking about you! I hope...

Also, I discover one weakness of my Zoid units: lack of anti-air attacks. Well, we still have some (, but that's not good enough on bosses and stuff. Gotta do something about that.

Or just use Rainbow Jerk, since it flies too. Speaking of the unfortunately-named Zoid in question:

Kotona: It's that Suspage again! Start the assault, everyone (!
Yanma: Somehow, we always get ordered around by bossy women.
Bubi: Yup, yup...

And for a change of mood!

Gainer: Here's a skill King Gainer unlocked recently! Double-wielding longswords (!

Dunno if that's an Overskill, or did Gainer just become a ranger fanboy. Oh, and Suspage does not run this mission, unlike his usual self. I thought you'd like to hear that.

Mist: I'm sick of this guy and seeing him since all the trouble started! I just wanted to live in peace - it is all your fault! Take this (!
Suspage: Zerogaia, retreat! Just... don't make me listen to this whine anymore!


Sheldia: Phew! Crisis averted, I can control Serius again. So, whatcha up to, everyone?


Lee: So, this is the secret second girlfriend of Mist?
Sheldia: What! We're just friends, is all. Of course, I did rescue him from his burning wreck of a robot... and in return he helped me build Serius II... and we were pretty close, so...
Mist: Can we stop this for now? How did you end up on Darius World, Sheldia? I really thought you were...
Sheldia: Dead? Nope! Serius II has the same engine Revlius and the mass-produced Seriuses from Etreem have, right? So whatever triggered your jump, so did mine. Can't say I understand it, but I'm glad to be alive!

The newcomer is making Daiku Maryu's atmosphere a bit too happy and energetic. Let's spoil it with some drama!


Ruru: Is Daiya...?
Sayaka: He's sleeping in the ward now. I don't think he's in danger, but... he is very exhausted. I don't know when he'll wake up.

The Captain was alone in his room, talking with memories of a certain person dear to him.
Garis: Nouza is here. No, it's naive to think he wouldn't be - if we attack the capital, most likely we'll have to face all four generals at the same time. Is it the right thing to bring children into this conflict? What about... our own child?

Sheldia: So, I'm telling ya - Mist survived a random jump like this twice already. In fact, he told me the first time he was saved by Angelica's father, who committed a suicide attack just so he could live!
Angelica: ...

Mist: What?
Mist: Ow!
Angelica: You never told me my father died in a self-sacrificing attack! You even told Sheldia... but not me!
Mist: Angelica, wait! Crap, there she goes again!

Joshua: Oh dear, the two are at it again.
Anna: But Sheldia, it's obvious that one way or the other, there was something between you and Mist. Is that even legal?
Sheldia: You're the one to talk, Anna - we're the same age and you're married already!
Lee: What, you're around 17?
Wendy: I thought you were about my age...
Joshua: Well, miss Sheldia's breasts are undeveloped for that age...
Sheldia: Hey, nobody insults my chest like that! I'm following Mist - drama exit, stage left!

And nobody was angstless that day...

Cain: Did you just feel something, sir?
Nouza: My Flame trembled... like if suddenly we found ourselves in a cheap television drama...

Intermission time! The new unit is:

Serius II - except for colors and slightly different animations, it is identical to the first Serius. So, it can repair, resupply, and is terrible in offense. At least Sheldia can contribute with her spirit skills, different than Angelica's. Speaking of which...


We have quite a lot of plot units next stage, among them Mist and Sheldia. And Angelica is unavailable. It's almost like if the game was forcing me to use the two!

We don't get to hear battle themes that often, but that's better than Angelica's BGM, which we don't hear at all - because using her as a frontliner is a monumentally bad decision. But here's a solution! Perhaps you'd like me to shuffle each unit's songs a bit. For example, rather than using Mist's theme, use the girl's with whom he's in a team at the moment. A reminder:
Mist's theme (
Angelica's theme (
Sheldia's theme ( - we didn't hear this one yet

Likewise for other units. Although I warn you, as a rule of thumb I don't like giving units themes from shows to which they do not belong. But switches inside a single series? That's fine.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 10!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 24, 2011, 11:06:44 PM
Is it just me, or are most of those videos Zoids?

Finally we get to see more of Gaiking's amazingly technicolor population, Suspage got boring ages ago. Now, if only the mooks were more varied... Also, dual-wielding King Gainer and Gaiking turning into Shin Getter Robo. Very good.

I like Sheldia's theme most from all three. She's also a refreshing change from Mist constantly whining and Angelica constantly bitching at him.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 10!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 25, 2011, 02:11:58 AM
Let's go with Sheldia's theme, for pretty much the reasons Tengu said.

Also: poor Kameo, having to be in such a hostile environment.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 10!
Post by: Sucrose on May 25, 2011, 06:32:42 PM
I likewise vote for Sheldia's theme.  Instead of always going with one theme, though, I propose cycling through the themes every mission, starting with Sheldia, then going to Angelica, and ending back at Mist (maybe skip him for a round or two).

And yeah, she really is considerably more likable than the other two OCs.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 10!
Post by: Steam on May 26, 2011, 09:19:00 PM
Sheldia's theme is good, but I like Angelica's theme the most out of the original protagonists.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Cubey on May 28, 2011, 11:54:11 PM
Let's switch the Mist and Friends themes around then. At least for a bit, until we get a good hear of all three and get bored of them.

Episode 11 part 1!
What a D*ck!

What's this, part one? That's right - this mission consists of two sub-stages. It also means each individual sub-stage is shorter than usual. But still long enough to make a seperate update out of both. At least this time.


Mist: Angelica, I'm sorry! I didn't tell you before because... I didn't want to worry you.
Angelica: That's your reason, Mist?
Mist: I know, it can sound kinda stupid. But I think your father might still be alive. I didn't see him die, just prepare to... okay, that sounded wrong. Anyway, it is not that our machines even have self-destruct mechanisms.
Angelica: Mist, you're such a thick-headed idiot sometimes...

Sheldia: That's right, he really is. Ow, ow, my arm!
Carmen: Now, you know only bad girls eavesdrop on others, right?
Sheldia: But it's Mist, so that's an exception! Ow! Quit it!


Re Mii: What's the deal with the whole melodrama lately? First we get transported to the Darius world and now this? It totally sucks!
Ana: It sucks indeed, but at least we can enjoy the sights while we're at it!
Lioubov: Princess! I mean, the other princess! Please don't act rude like that!
Re Mii: Me, rude? I'm the very picture of goddamn wholesomeness!


Ruuji: Wow... even Re Mii is angry lately. I mean, angrier than usual. Oh, Daiya! You're up already?
Daiya: That was an awesome nap! What happened? Everyone aboard Daiku Maryu is touchy today.
Re Mii: Beats me. Must be Mist's fault for getting into stupid love triangles.
Ruuji: Ah! Re Mii is here again. Umm... I heard you got told off for not acting like a princess...
Re Mii: Well, excuuuuse me for being raised the way I was. I'm glad Ra Kan did it the way he did!
Ruuji: I didn't mean that. I mean... it is alright to not act like a princess. Re Mii should just act like Re Mii.
Re Mii: Huh, that's a new one...
Daiya: And I am just happy we're here to kick Darius ass. They'll pay for what they did to my dad!
Ruuji: Talk about simple minded...

End of character development, time for plot!


Nouza: Grumble mumble, must defeat Gaiking.
Suspage: Grumble mumble, stupid Proist.
Proist: Leave the comments inside your empty heads. The Emperor has a message for us all.


???: Enjoy my little toy, Highness.
Emperor: I shall. It was not excavated for no reason, after all.

Emperor Darius the 16th 17th

Emperor: My generals, look at the Iron Beast Graneps! Its special power, power to extinguish a Flame, will be Gaiking's bane.
Nouza: Gaiking! I will defeat him this time!
Emperor: Proist, I bestow Graneps on you. Use it to destroy the ones that threaten Darius.
Nouza: Wait, what?
Emperor: Also, the remaining three of you - threat every word that comes from Proist's mouth as my own. Listen to all orders.
Proist: Excellent.
Vestanu: I understand, Sire.
Nouza: WHAT!
Suspage: WHAAAAT!
???: Ha ha ha. What an amusing turn of events for the Darius empire...


Puria: Aaah! It's the back-stabber? What is he doing on board?
Rosa: Regrettably for such a dangerous man, the Captain decided we would need his strength.
Dick: Come on, these words wound me! I didn't shoot you in the back on purpose, Puria - I aimed at the enemy and Stinger got there as an accident.
Puria: Yeah, right! Like hell I believe that!

Dick Arcane, no-good gambler and ladies' man

Dick: Anyway, where's Ruru? I bet the flower of her beauty grew over all these years. And I see Daiku Maryu got more lovely ladies on board in the meantime. I wouldn't mind getting to know them all, if you know what I mean.
Tsubaki: Urgh, what a pervert!
Ruru: Dick is back? I will retreat to my room - please don't tell him...
Anna: Who's that guy? How creepy...
Gou: Hey, hands off my wife, lover-boy!
Monko: Heh. What a charmer, that one!
Yagyu: Umm, Monko. Your eyes are heart-shaped...

I guess even sleazy lolicons can get some love. Cross-series love, even! Anyway, training time!


Gainer: Gainer team, ready?
Kenji: Awright! Let's beat each other up!
Dick: Hold it.
Daiya: Huh?
Dick: I don't like this formation. It doesn't fit my style - truth to be told, all that teamwork crap? Doesn't work for me. I prefer solo action.
Puria: Typical Dick! Why did you join us in the first place then, you jerk?
Dick: I just like risk and excitement of a battle, you could say.
Sheldia: Hey, what gives? Someone started shooting in the middle of maneuvers!
Mist: It... wasn't me.


Proist: Divide and conquer. Gaiking is away from most of its allies - now is the time to attack. Deploy the Beast when they get close.
Dick: And here's the excitement I was talking about! Hey, Ruru - can you get Daiku Maryu here? Don't want you to miss all the fun.
Ruru: Umm... Captain?
Garis: We'll be right there.

The battle starts - Proist's forces are few and they're the usual Darius mooks (including turtles), so obviously something nasty is coming our way.

Mist: First I get stuck with damn lolicons who like underage girls, and now I get ambushed? What a crappy day!
Sheldia: At least you have me, Mist! Come on, let's show them our teamwork (!

Dick: This Killer Jaguar pilots just like old times. Come, Darius scum - test your luck! Sauria Gaze (!


Proist: They're in position. Side group, deploy!
Daiya: Huh, there's more of them! And they have a new robot!
Ruuji: Don't worry Daiya, Gaiking is here too!


Garis: All units, sortie!
Ruru: Captain...
Garis: What is it, Ruru? Another premonition?
Ruru: Yes. It's coming from the new Iron Beast... I sense no black flame this time. Only... fear.
Dick: You heard the lady, guys! Dunno about you, but I plan to avoid the new thing!

Mist: Huh? Where's Serius? Why didn't Angelica sortie?
Rosa: She's unavailable. She wouldn't be able to pilot in her current mental condition, so I decided against it.
Mist: Angelica... I really should've told her about her father sooner.
Sheldia: She's really close to you, huh Mist? I wonder - closer than me or not?
Mist: No! I mean... yes! I mean... Wait, this is a battle! No time to talk about this!

The victory conditions change! From the good old "destroy all enemies", they switch to a choice: down Proist's Zerogaia OR reduce Graneps to 50% HP.

The former obviously gives us more rewards so let's do that.

Proist: Main cannon, fire!
Ra Kan: Watch out, Ruuji!
Ruuji: Aah! They're all ganging up on Liger (!

Once again, Zoid units' lack of serious air attacks is a real kick in the butt.

Dick: Woah, it's coming at me after all. But can you match Jaguar's speed (

There's an option of downing Graneps, if I can bring it to 0 from a bit above a half of its HP. That's a big "if" - we just saw it has 18000 HP total. Don't think I have an option to do over 9 thousand in one shot. Vegeta can sleep safely.

Puria: Daiya! Time for Sky Combination!
Daiya: Right! Sky Gaiking - Double Despair SIGHT (!

Proist: Urk! But you fell for my... trap.
Daiya: Huh?


Daiya: Ah! Where did these four spring from... hey, stop holding Gaiking down, you jerks!
Proist: Graneps, strike now!

Daiya: Waaaaugh (! Oh no... Gaiking! I can't move!
Proist: Capture Gaiking and retreat! The day is ours!

Kenji: Dammit! They just grabbed Gaiking like a bag of groceries!
Puria: No... Daiya!

Oh no! Did the bad guys actually triumph this time? The next scene has this as its soundtrack ( - click while reading. Yes, it's obligatory.

Emperor: Gaiking was captured? Excellent, Proist. I knew my faith in you was not ill-placed.
Proist: What did you expect? I am after all a cut above the fools we call our generals.
Suspage: How dare you!
Proist: Just one word and you lose your tongue - and more, Suspage. I think it is time you learned of my true identity.
Vestanu: The armor... it comes off?!

Proist, the Emperor's daughter and successor


Proist: Of course! I see you have some brains behind that pretty face of yours, Vestanu. Ah! It feels good to be outside that metal coffin for a change.
Nouza: Not a droid?! Is that really... the Emperor's...
Emperor: In a word, yes. Proist is the successor to the throne of Darius. I repeat, treat her words as my own.
Proist: Today's the day I defeated Gaiking, with these very own hands. Bow down and pledge your loyalty to me!


Dick: Told you to avoid the monster. In a way, it's your fault Daiya got caught.
Puria: What?! I ought to beat your face in here and now, you...
Lee: No, that's right. Sorry - we messed up.
Dick: Lee, admitting his mistakes? What happened when I was gone?
Rosa: It does not matter who is at fault here. This is not the end, we must focus on retaking Daiya and Gaiking.
Kouji: Too bad we don't know where he is.


Vestanu: Citizens of Darius, this is General Vestanu speaking. The terrorist robot known as Gaiking was captured recently, and will be executed soon. The execution will be broadcasted, but if you want to witness it personally, here is the location...
Mist: Well, that was easy! Let's go there and rescue Daiya - what could go wrong?

What could go wrong indeed. But first, an intermission. Just because it's a two-parter doesn't mean we cannot upgrade and switch robots in the meantime.

And since the intermission exists mostly to show off new units, here's one:

Killer Jaguar: very good dodger thanks to its S rank on land, and can fly in a pinch too. But other than that... it's pretty meh. Slightly stronger than your usual support unit, but it cannot support in any way. No repair or resupply - not sure what Banpresto intended this unit to do. Well, there's one thing, but that comes next mission...
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 29, 2011, 12:11:43 AM
Now you know what I meant when I said Rainbow Jerk is the second most unfortunate name in this game.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Steam on May 29, 2011, 12:38:03 AM
Well, calling him Dick is appropriate.  The guy really never stops being an inconvenience.  He just... slowly shifts around to inconvenience other people.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Neon Knight on May 29, 2011, 12:48:51 AM
Cliffhanger! Dun dun dun!

Does Re-Mii have two sisters called Fa-So and La-Ti?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 29, 2011, 12:59:55 AM
No. Just one called Flan-Dre.

Also, Dick is a gambler, huh? No wonder his appearance reminded me of children's card games.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Prime32 on May 29, 2011, 03:26:40 AM
Vestanu: Citizens of Darius, this is General Vestanu speaking. The terrorist robot known as Gaiking was captured recently, and will be executed soon.
The robot will be executed? Oh no! What will they do, decapitation? :p
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Cubey on May 29, 2011, 02:33:12 PM
Exactly that. And then Ryusei will be sad.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Sucrose on May 31, 2011, 01:23:01 AM
Could we get a status update?  How are teams presently arranged, and what units are you presently considering upgrading/saving up for upgrading?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Cubey on May 31, 2011, 07:02:08 PM
Status update? Alright - I'll give one at the end of this episode, if you do not mind. I... kinda forgot what teams we had in the previous scenario already.

Anyway, moving on!

Episode 11 part 2!
A simple rescue operation!


Nouza: Proist, are you really the Emperor's daughter?
Proist: Suspicious, aren't we Nouza? Very well, I'll humor you this time. Follow me.
Nouza: A high security zone? What's this? ... ! This is!
Proist: Indeed, this vat has a clone of your body inside. But that's not all - you are a clone as well! A clone of me to be precise. Should anything happen to my beautiful body, I will have my brain transplanted to yours.
Nouza: Clone... I am a...
Proist: Pretty much just spare parts, Nouza. That's what you are!


Sakon: With Kyo's help, we managed to think of a rescue plan.
Lee: Alright, let's hear it!
Kenji: Huh, Kyo? You made up a plan?
Kyo: Gaiking's Flame was snuffed out, so we have to restart it. With Jeeg's specifications in mind, I decided you should use the Spin Storm.
Kenji: Woah, you want me to shoot Gaiking? You sure Daiya'll be alright?
Sakon: It's better than death, isn't it? The second stage involves Daiku Maryu's support craft. Armed with fully loaded batteries, you will re-energize Gaiking.
Puria: You guys better do well, ya hear me?
Hacchi: You got it Sis!
Yanma: Huh, where's Dick?


Dick: More teamwork? Tch... there's no helping it, I guess...
Ruru: I'm sorry if you don't like it, but it's the only way to save Daiya!
Dick: He means a lot to you, right Ruru? Well then, if I rescue him, how about you owe me a kiss?
Ruru: Umm...
Dick: Ha, just kidding, kidding! I'll wait until you grow up first.
Garis: Dick! Are you hitting on my personnel again!
Dick: Aah! Gotta run!

The execution draws near...

Proist: This is the end for you, Gaiking! And its pilot, whatever the hell your name is. Soon, your existence will cease - how does that feel?
Cain: General, are you unwell? You do not look good.


Nouza: No... I just have to... kill Gaiking and finish this...
Cain: What happened between him and Proist?
Proist: Nouza, execute the terrorist!
Nouza: Yes...


Tsubaki: Remember Kenji, use Spin Storm when you get close to Gaiking!
Kenji: I know, even I don't forget stuff like that so easily!
Tsubaki: You sure about that?
Daiya: It's Daiku Maryu! Boy, am I glad you guys are here!

Mist: Hey, I see Serius. Are you alright now, Angelica?
Angelica: Yes... sorry for earlier, Mist. I understand now that you were only trying to protect me. But I cannot be protected forever! It's my turn to fight now!
Sheldia: That's the spirit! Just don't forget, I'm Mist's partner now.
Mist: Hey, these things aren't set in stone or anything...
Angelica: It's alright, Sheldia. I found a pilot willing to cover my back.
Kouji (Tetsuya): Hello!

Angelica: Now, let's go (!

Sheldia: Hey, we gotta do better than that, right Mist? Let's break through (!
Mist: What's this, a one-upmanship contest?

It feels so weird for Mist, out of all people, to play the straight man.

Kouji: That's the spirit, guys! Go, go, take all Darius mooks down!
Sayaka: Watch out Kouji! The robot from before is attacking (!

That's right, they have Graneps from before. And a battleship (piloted by a droid soldier, not Proist or Suspage for a change). And Cain. And Nouza - in a new unit.


Kotona: Try to match my speed!
Cain: Not good! Please snap out of it, General Nouza! We're under attack!

Kyo: We'll lose if we spread our forces too thin. Focus on one target!
Kenji: Right!
Van: Fine, umm... what was your name again?


Gou: And for the final blow - Dannar Kick (!
Anna: Go(u-chin)! Sorry for that, hehe...

What, no comment from the enemy that their prized unit was just destroyed? Huh. I guess Proist considers everything that's not herself an acceptable loss.

Angelica: Madra, bayonet mode! Activate and attack (!
Kouji: Hey, are you okay?
Angelica: It's nothing serious. Look, there's an opening to Gaiking now!

And about time, because...

Nouza: Execute... Gaiking... (
Daiya: Waah! Hurry up, guys! They cannot hear me anyway, can they...

Cain: I cannot let you retrieve Gaiking!
Re Mii: Then we'll walk over your body! Make way (!

Kenji: Okay, this is my cue! Spin STOOORM!
Puria: Now! Use batteries, bums!
Yanma: Righto!
Lee: On it!
Dick: Heh...
Puria: Dick, what are you doing?! Don't tell me!
Dick: I'm no backstabber. Just wanted to add drama. Here we go...


Daiya: Controls light up? Power's at full! Aaaah! It feels good to move again!
Cain: I couldn't stop them... Gaiking is operational now. I'm sorry, General Nouza. General?


Nouza: A ha ha ha! Gaiking can fight again? Excellent - then it's my fate to fight Gaiking! Screw being spare parts or not. This is what I was made to do!

Nouza is back to normal - good! ... I guess. All's left to do now is to clean up the area and run before reinforcements come.


Daiya: Counter Cross!
And Gaiking being operational helps a lot with that.

Dick: Let's get rid of that unsightly Zerogaia. I bet all chips on my Zector Tail (!

It's like the game was telling me to destroy bosses with Dick. Double the money, because of his Luck spirit skill - but also double the annoyance, because... well, Dick.

Nouza: Come, Gaiking! Does this look familiar to you? Chest BREAAK (!
Daiya: Arrgh! That Nouza... what power!

Don't underestimate Nouza's new unit, Baleon. His final attack can one-shot robots less tanky than Gaiking. And because it's not the end of bad news yet...


Zairin: Time for me to strike! Give up all Zoids and Reggel, or face the consequences!
Ruuji: It's the Raptor from before! What is it doing here!
Zairin: I take it as a no.


Ruuji: Aaah!
Shizuru: Ruuji-kun!
Re Mii: Ruuji!
Ra Kan: Hang in there, I have your back!
Zairin: I don't think so.


Ra Kan: Urk...
Ruuji: Ra Kan! Oh no, what do I do... aaaah! Help me! Hayate Liger (!

Zairin: That speed!
Ruuji: Are you alright, mr Ra Kan?
Ra Kan: Somehow... but what happened, Ruuji? Hayate Liger?
Ruuji: The name just sprung to my mind out of nowhere!
Kenji: Eh, Murasame Liger can transform?

Apparently it can. The correct name is "Evolt" though. Are we supposed to know that at this point yet? Someone Zoids-savvy please inform me.

Ruuji: I won't let you hurt my friends! Hayate Liger, let's go (!
Zairin: Almost had me there... Hell Armor barely holds up...

Shizuru: Don't move.


Shizuru: Pick on someone your own size the next time.
Boss: Ooh, scary...
Zairin: The ambush was supposed to be perfect!

Zairin out of the way, Darius mooks out of the way. All's left is Nouza himself.

Daiya: Dick! Work with me!
Dick: Your "teamwork" ideals rub me the wrong way. Fair enough, let's do it just once. Death Fire (!
Nouza: Not yet! Ha ha - my flame's burning strong!

Unfortunately for Nouza, pretending to be Getter Robo costs him 50 energy a pop. And since his unit has "only" 250 of that, soon enough the inevitable happens.


Baleon runs dry.
Nouza: No, I am not done yet! Gaiking, from hell's heart I stab at thee!


Daiya: My shield still holds, try fighting a whale the next time!

Anna: Wow, everyone showed great teamwork this time, Gou-chin!
Gou: You're right Anna. Let's present our own!
Anna: Godannar Combination (!

Nouza: I'm defeated now... but I'll come for you yet, Gaiking! Daiya, eternal conflict is our shared fate! Look forward to it!

Proist: Gaiking managed to escape?


Proist: Incompetent fools! I'll deal with it personally! Daiku Maryu will disappear from the face of our world - into OBLIVION! A ha ha ha ha!


Kouji T: Okay! That was easier done than said!
Gou: You're supposed to say it the other way around. Wait, is that...
Emperor: Daiku Maryu, you are an eyesore. We banish you from the Darius lands!
Proist: Open the gate! Cast them into void!
Mist: Not agaaaain!


Kouji K: Phew! Everyone alive?
Mist: I hit my head...
Rosa: It seems we made it safely. But where are we now?
Anna: Somehow, we're on the Moon!

That's right, we're back on Earth now. Well, the Moon technically. Or at least that's how it looks like. What's the truth? Only time will tell.

Intermission, where we discover something new.


Pilot parts that do not provide new abilities, just upgrade existing stats. In this case, Accuracy. I'm giving it to someone who actually has trouble connecting with a hit. In other words, Kouji Kabuto. Seriously, ~130? Most people have at least 20 more than that!

There's no new units, but Liger has a new form now - Hayate Liger. If Murasame was the balanced form, this is the speedster. It also solves the "no anti-air" problem, all of its attacks can hit flying opponents. On the other side, armor is thinner and weapons are slightly weaker.

Current roster, with pairs and notes on upgrading:
[spoiler]Gaiking (Daiya) and Serpent (Lee)
Godannar (Gou) and Neo Okusaer (Anna)
Dann of Thursday (Van) and Boss Borot (Boss)
Core Gunner (Shizuru) and Killer Jaguar (Dick)
King Gainer (Gainer) and Panther (Sara)
Jeeg (Kenji) and Big Shooter (Kyo)
Sword Wolf (Ra Kan) and Stinger (Puria)
Rainbow Jerk (Kotona) and Kanitank Bunker Crab (Yanma)
Mazinger Z (Kouji K) and Diana A (Sayaka)
G Gunner (Kouji T) and Build Angel (Yagyu)
Murasame Liger (Ruuji) and Lanstag (Re Mii)

Plot units: Revlius (Mist), Serius (Angelica), Serius II (Sheldia) - all seperate

My upgrade plans are as follows: I spend money on everything that's in the first slot, and also all Zoids and Revlius. Units in the second slot are mostly support so upgrading them is a waste.
However, I wonder about Core Gunner and Zero Gunner. They are rather average and get left behind power-wise in mid- and lategame. Maybe I shouldn't upgrade them too heavily...[/spoiler]

But wait! This is not all! Wait patiently and an important mini-update should appear soon after this post! A mini-update with audience participation.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
Post by: Cubey on May 31, 2011, 07:41:08 PM
Reminder, the update proper is right above. Make sure to read it first if you didn't yet.

Episode 12 prologue!
The most important choice!

What are the heroes up to on the moon? How about... making sure it's actually the moon!


Gou: I am not a geographer, but both Earth and the Moon look like they should. However, I cannot contact Dannar Base's space outpost.
Garis: Something is causing huge EMP interference. We are blind and deaf to the outside world - unless we find that "something".
Angelica: Serius was made to operate in extreme jamming conditions. We can locate the source of interference.
Mist: Wait, what, we? I didn't volunteer! But I guess there's no other choice, is there? Here we go again...
Sheldia: Hey, don't think you can leave me behind. I'm coming too!


Van: Hey, you...
Rosa: I'm not "you"! The name is Rosa, Rosa Belnikov!
Van: Ah. Well, just to confirm - we're on a different planet again.
Rosa: That's the case.
Van: Damn! The Claw Man slips further away from me!

Soon, mass hysteria follows. Not that Daiku Maryu is not used to such situations... in fact, they start becoming the norm.


??? #2: Who activated the gate? My work is important and requires no interruption - and then a one-side portal opens near my base! This displeases me!
???: It wasn't me. You know I have no clearance to do anything like that.
??? #2: If it's not you then... no, she couldn't have done it either. I guess accidents happen.
???: Really, you think it's an accident?
??? #2: Safe to assume until proven otherwise. Now don't bother me. I have an Earth to crush under my boot.


Gainer: I can't believe we're in low gravity environment! Imagine the experience - how useful will it be for Overman Battle!
Sara: Well, someone is cheerful for a change...
Ana: But Sara! Even if Gainer plays too much video games, this is still a unique experience. I didn't know people could even land on the Moon!
Joshua: This made me think. Mr Van, if this is a different planet, how come you can still summon Dann?
Van: Gadved told me a while ago... but I forgot. I remember Dann rests on an orbital station, but that's all.
Wendy: Geez, talk about no help at all! And please wear a space suit the next time you try to summon anything, Van!
Tsubaki: It's not just space suits. Half the robots on board must be refitted for space operation. They're not even airtight!
Kenji: Airtight? What for?
Tsubaki: I refuse to comment...

Leaving the amusing banter behind, we discover the true identity of Mysterious Figure #2!


Ispeil's soldier: Sir! The Jiggurato is unloaded and prepared for operation.
Ispeil: With this, we can conquer - or demolish, a whole planet in a matter of days!

Ispeil, mad genius and galactic warlord

Soldier: I mean no disrespect, but shouldn't we test this first?
Ispeil: Test, test... ah, yes! There was that Virtuaroid sneaking around the base. Chain the prisoner somewhere, and see how many blasts it takes to annihilate him!


Mist: Well, here's the source of the interference. But I don't see anything.
Angelica: Because it's cloaked, obviously! Here, let me un-jam the signal...
Sheldia: This sucks. I thought it'd be an adventure, but it's only boring scanning and jamming. Mist didn't taught me that - only how to fight and fall in love!
Mist: Hey! Who said anything about...
Angelica: Ah, so you two ARE more than just friends. I should have known.
Mist: A... anyway! It's Angelica who takes care of all the important operations. I'm just here as muscle.
Angelica: And, there we go.


Prisoner: Aaaah!

Angelica: These robots! They're the same...!
Mist: As the bastards who destroyed Atreem! Let's get them!
Sheldia: And they got a hostage!

Apharmd the Hatter, a brave American Virtuaroid!

Hatter: Assistance, please!

Sheldia: Don't worry, I'll save you!
Mist: Sheldia, wait! Don't rush all by yourself!
Angelica: Look who's talking...

Sheldia: Here I... aaah (!

Mist: Damn! I gotta save Sheldia! But how!

And here we have two options.

1. Group up with Sheldia and try to destroy the giant cannon-thing.


2. Group up with Angelica, rescue Sheldia and wait for backup to arrive.

This is where I want your input. Tell me which option you'd rather choose. This is an obviously important decision (because the game lets the player decide, duh), in fact - it will influence whom will Mist end up with! So whether you prefer Mist/Angelica, Mist/Sheldia, or just hate them all, now is a chance to push your ship.

But wait, there is a twist! Make sure to read it before choosing blindly.
[spoiler]Because I am going for the best ending, we need to allocate "relationship points" in a precise manner. What does that mean for us now? That whomever Mist chooses now is NOT the girl he will end up with! So if we choose Sheldia, he'll end up with Angelica. And the other way around.[/spoiler]

Waiting for your input.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Tengusaur on May 31, 2011, 08:18:02 PM
Another mission, another Gaiking attack. And it'll stay that way for the rest of the game!

Sheldia's machinegun attack is one of the most amusing animations so far. "Huh, out of ammo already?"

Zoids just got several times more epic. Dat theme.

I think I'll vote for option #1. We need to rescue Sgt Hatter ASAP!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Prime32 on May 31, 2011, 08:40:16 PM
1. Group up with Sheldia.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on May 31, 2011, 09:18:15 PM
If I'm reading the spoiler right, then we need to hook up with Angelica. I can't hide my biases.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: kamikasei on May 31, 2011, 11:53:07 PM
I don't particularly have a ship, but I'd peg Mist as the type to think Angelica needs his protecting more.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Sucrose on June 01, 2011, 05:43:28 AM
Hmm.... no real preference for ship (Mist and Angelica deserve each other, but if Sheldia likes what she likes, who are we to judge?), so I'll go with what looks to me to be the most sound tactical decision: approach more carefully with Angelica.  Mist can't accomplish much by moving up with Sheldia; she needs to cool her jets and pull back before she gets splattered all over the lunar landscape.  There's more than enough enemies to cause issue if they don't plan this just so.

Thanks for the update. :D

I suppose that the Gunners probably shouldn't be a focus in upgrades, which is unfortunate: can we switch their pilots into better mechs at some point?  I'm rather fond of both.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Cubey on June 01, 2011, 11:11:21 AM
Can't swap Godannar pilots - outside of SEED, there is barely any switching in this game. Well, there's Mazinger Z pilot swapping, but why would I want to do that?
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Tengusaur on June 01, 2011, 01:01:41 PM
[spoiler]Kouji gets an upgrade later. Which one? Both of them.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Steam on June 01, 2011, 03:08:07 PM
Go with Angelica for this.

Also, I forgot just how amusingly jarring Proist's batshit mode was.  Like it just sorta happened... and I enjoyed how all of her cunning didn't just fly out the window when it did too.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
Post by: Cubey on June 02, 2011, 04:15:17 PM
4-2 for option #2. I am not delusional enough to believe this LP is big enough for 3 more votes, least of all three Sheldia votes. So we'll be going with that.
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Time for insanity. Stage 12 is a two-parter - and I'm doing both parts in one go! Expect this to be the largest update yet.

But each part will be in a seperate post anyway. Just because.

Episode 12 part 1!
We like tha moon!

Mist has to think quickly! And with Mist, it's either think fast or think well. So let's hope his decision is a good one.

Mist: Let's go, Angelica!


Angelica: We'll cover you, Sheldia. Retreat for now!
Sheldia: I'm not that too damaged, I can still fight!
Mist: Alone against what, the whole army?

The Terrible Trio moves out into a safe distance. Fortunately, most of the enemy force is way too focused on watching poor Hatter get executed.

Hatter: Aaaah!
Sheldia: Oh no, they're blasting him! And then they'll blast me too (!

Okay, maybe the distance was not so safe after all. Good that Jiggurato's (or is it a Ziggurat?) aim is way off.


Kouji: The heroes are here! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Garis: Daiku Maryu moved as soon as we discovered new signatures. I see it's the enemy! And... what's this in the center?
Sheldia: Captain, it's their prisoner! We gotta rescue him!
Hatter: Yes, please!
Garis: Oh, alright...

Mist: These guys ruined Atreem! I'll never forgive them! Eat Steard's sword mode - here's my chance (! Did I do it?
Angelica: No good. There's an energy reaction, looks like a protective barrier!

Say hello to this game's original mooks. Ispeil's soldiers are equipped with barriers - every single one of them. Needless to say, it makes them kinda annoying to fight...


Sheldia: They pack a punch too! But that's no problem, as long as I got my shield!

Gainer: It's similar to Overman Battle - use weapons that pierce barriers. Such as this Chain Sword (!

Good advice there, but not all units are equipped with such attacks. As a matter of fact, most aren't. But those who do, well...

Van: Like this? Cheeesto (!
Boss: Moon in the background? But... we're on the moon! What's going on!

Yet another of the world's many mysteries.
Also, just because the Jig... okay, it's a Ziggurat. Just because it's busy executing the prisoner (yes, there's a time limit, so hurry!), doesn't mean it cannot continue to harass my forces.

Rosa: We're under attack! The enemy deployed offensive drones!
Garis: As long as the barrier holds... fire the Dragon Cutter (!

Gou: If they have strong barriers, then we just have to focus on one target at a time.
Anna: Right! That's the basics of warfare - and teamwork.
Gou: I'll show you Godannar's power. Counter Knuckle (!
Sheldia: Speaking of teamwork, I'm next!

Fighting mooks is one thing, but I also have to divert some forces to deal with the boss. Ziggurat has some HP to chew through...


Boss: He he he! Leave it to me!

But being attacked by Boss Borot only further annoys it, apparently. Playtime's over, and my people get hit by something I'm pretty sure we didn't have in this LP yet.

A map attack! (

Kyo: No good, Big Shooter is going to crash!
Tsubaki: Stupid Kenji! It's all your fault!
Kenji: Wha... what did I do?

Map attacks hit many units at once, and they can neither counterattack nor defend themselves in any way. They're deadly, whether in my or opposing hands. This also means I lost my first unit in a non-plot event! Good thing repairs in Super Robot Wars K are free...

Sheldia: Uh oh, we better finish this off quickly! Hey, Mist! Let's use our secret attack - Shaker!
Mist: Right! I mean, Combination (!

There's a Mist/Sheldia combo attack, just like Mist/Angelica. Who knew! And yes, you can't see that too clearly but Sheldia is making the V sign on the end there.

Anyway, that means all the mooks Metals (that's their name apparently) are down. And right in time, too.


Hatter: Woah woah woah! This is danger!

Kouji: I don't even know what this thing's from! But it's no match for Mazinger Z! Breast Fire (!
Soldier: Jiggurato is destroyed! Everyone retreat!

Sheldia: Phew, that's the last of them! Are you alright?


Hatter: Thank you very much!

It's hard to translate, but Hatter communicates almost exclusively in hilarious Engrish.

Hatter: I am Sergeant Hatter! I am from MARZ.
Sheldia: Huh, what's that?


Hatter: MARZ is a group of defenders of justice! People fought automated wars on Moon and other planets for  fun, and now a lot of danger is around. We defend against it!
Garis: That's strange. I never heard about such a group, on Earth or Darius...
Hatter: I was transported from my Earth to yours in a flash of white light. It was a teleport!
Rosa: White? This is new - gates and cross points are always yellow.
Garis: Whatever the case, we should uncover it soon enough. The enemy base is right ahead. Will you join us in our assault, Sgt Hatter?
Hatter: Yes Captain! With pleasure!

Intermission time! This is starting to become my catchphrase. Anyway, I check out Hatter's stats and...


Holy crap! So many upgrades! I'm lagging behind! Let's change this.


All frontliners get 2 dots in their important stats, which includes weaponry. This should have an impact on performance. It had an impact on my funds, that for sure. We're down to almost nothing now.

New unit:
Apharmd the Hatter - he's good. Really good. Can take a hit, but also can dodge pretty well. His attacks are mostly short-ranged, but pretty damn strong. Expect most Virtuaroids to be like that.

So, that's it... wait, no! We still have the second part! Expect it to appear soon.
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While taking a short break, I was informed that I did in fact lose a unit before. And out of all things, it was Revlius.

Episode 12 part 2!
'Cause it is close to us!

Part 1 is right above, make sure to read it first.


Ispeil: Jiggurato was destroyed? Impossible! How will I conquer the Earth now?
???: How competent, Ispeil. Aren't you glad to have us on your side now?
Ispeil: You're not a part of my coalition, but that's better than nothing. Stop the invaders!
???: Ha! You should be happy our goals coincide. We'd talk differently otherwise...


Daiya: Hey, aren't you going to leave your robot, Sgt Hatter?
Hatter: I... can't! This is secret, you see. I must stay inside!
Kouji K: Maybe he's a brain in a jar, and cannot leave.
Kouji T: Or an AI!
Hatter: I am a man, not an AI!


Ruru: Everyone, it's a state of emergency! We have unknowns ahead of us!


Hatter: Virtuaroids! Hello, friends!

Friends, they are not (

Hatter: Goddamn! It's Shadows, evil criminal organisation! Watch out friends! Nobody pilots them but they are stronger than they look!
Ruuji: They have no pilots? That's so weird...
Ra Kan: Remind me to teach you about wild Zoids, Ruuji.

Hatter: It's time to fight, Shadows (! YES!

That was a lucky shot. One enemy down, but more are coming our way!

Shizuru: It's ten years too early for you to fight me.
Sara: Gainer, look out! I'll protect you (!
Gainer: Sorry, I got distracted by that... last robot. What an unusual shape!
Sara: Geez!

Sheldia: Here we go again! Luckily, my shield will protect me!
Hatter: Great! Now, my turn - they call me Hatter. This is why (!

Virtuaroids have several varieties, but there's one thing they have in common: good damage potential.


Gou: Dannar... isn't done for yet!


Lee: Woah, that's quite troublesome now. Are you okay, Daiya?
Daiya: We can still fight!

But while they excel in offense, Virtual On enemies lack toughness. Or maybe it feels easy to kill something without a barrier for a change... so as soon as I get on offense, they're mincemeat.

Daiya: Are you guys ready?
Yanma: Let's do it, Daiya! Kanitank is all set up!
Puria: It's the Bunker Crab, dammit!
Daiya: Diver Gaiking, combine (!
Yanma: Storm!
Bubi: Cy...
Hachi: Clone!

Van: Is that all? No. There's more of them.


Sylvie: How unfortunate for you - to face us. Playtime is over, because...

Sylvie, Deborah and Jennifer - evil Virtuaroid pilot sisters

Sylvie: Sylvie Fang!
Deborah: Deborah Bite!
Jennifer: And Jennifer Poison.
Sylvie: Are here! Say your prayers!

Hatter: Oh no! The trio - they are very dangerous. But I will not give up!

Mist: This place never runs out of weirdoes who only want a fight... I'll take you down (!
Ruuji: I'll help you, mr Mist! Hayate Liger!
Re Mii: You mean, we will help him! Don't hog all the glory!

Jennifer: Sister's in trouble... isn't she?
Deborah: Bastards! I'll murder you all!

Hatter: No good, I can't reach!
Sheldia: Let's switch places, Sergeant Hatter! I can!


Sheldia: Fire, fire!

Sylvie: Urgh! Stop fooling around! Focus on all target, get Hatter!


Hatter: Aaaah!
Sylvie: And, for the final blow!

???: Wait!


Roll: Dangaioh is here!
Mia: We made it! Just in time...
Sylvie: Who the hell are you now?!

The psychic Dangaioh team! Presenting, from the right:
Mia Alice, the telekinetic leader
Lambda Nom, the shy-and-sheltered energy projector
Pai Thunder, superstrong amazonian ex-pirate
Rol Kran, aggressive in combat (but gentle outside of it) speedster

Mia: I sensed the Earth is in trouble, so we came as fast as we could.
Roll: And trouble we found!
Pai: So, prepare yourselves for a trashing!

Kouji T: Hey, these new people brought another unit... it's the Cosmodiver!
Mia: We found that girl drifting alone in space.
Shizuru: Lou! Lou, are you in there?


Lou: ... Yes...
Anna: She sounds really weak!
Gou: Quick, we must get Lou on board! And what happened to the Cosmo Base?

Woah, it's the Godannar token loli who had a cameo appearance... somewhere around the 4th update! What is she doing here? This question will remain unanswered for now. We have bosses to fight!

Roll: Dangaioh Beam (!
Jennifer: That much damage... don't tell me, you seriously want to shoot me down?

Gou: If it's you people who hurt Lou, I will never forgive you!


Gou: Godannar Triple Kick!
Jennifer: Aack! They really wanted to shoot me down!

Sylvie: That's enough for a distraction. We stalled them for longer than that fool Ispeil could hope for, anyway. Let's go!
Jennifer: Yes, sister.
Deborah: You were lucky we didn't play it serious!

Kouji T: Hey, it's not over! I have a new target on my radar!


???: Mia Alice!
Lambda: Is that...?
Pia: It's that guy again!

Gil Berg, vengeful nemesis of the Dangaioh team

Roll: We stopped the Bunker Clan! What are you doing here?!
Gil Berg: I was a part of Bunker, but I had no loyalty to them! No... my only goal is to bring suffering to you, Mia Alice! I will destroy Dangaioh and kill your precious friends!
Mia: We will not let you do as you please, Gil Berg!
Gil Berg: Oh? You are too late for that, I'm afraid!


Ispeil: What's the meaning of this, Gil Berg?! You opened a crossgate without permission and now the whole net is disrupted! A whole Darius strike force just got sent into deep space rather than their destination!
Gil Berg: Ha! Like I give a shit about Darius, or your little alliance. No - all I ever wanted was a chance to destroy Dangaioh! A chance I have now!
Ispeil: Gil Berg, you bastard!

Kouji T: This guy sounds insane! Woah, here he comes! Don't fail me, Strong Buster (!

Gil Berg: Did you like that? I have swords, too (!
Kotona: What a close call! Swarm him, everyone!

Gil has HOW MUCH HP? And being a super-type boss, he probably has Prevail too. This is the toughest enemy we face so far - even Nouza was easier.
Oh, and he too has a map attack. Just so you know.


Gainer: Showing off your weapons? This is not a game! Who fights with two swords, dies by two swords!
Gil Berg: Smallfry, get out of the way!

Roll: We'll fire the telekinetic punch! Lambda, ready?
Lambda: Yes!
Gil Berg: That's more like it! Come, Dangaioh (!

Also, guess what! Giving all the spirit skill parts to Sayaka had some effect.


She finally has enough SP, and Bless is cheap enough, to cast it twice in one mission!

Kenji: Wow, this guy's really gettin' on my nerves! Mia Alice this and Dangaioh that... shut up! Dynamite Kick (!
Gil Berg: Mia... Alice...

Gil Berg: Ha... ha ha ha! Fair enough, enjoy your living for a while longer. But it's not over yet!
Rosa: The hostile has retreated. All units, return on board!


Hatter's thoughts: (Wait... I want to return home. I should follow these three wicked sisters. And I need to figure out their evil plot!)
Hatter: It was an honor to fight with you! Thank you. But now - I am sorry, I must go!
Sheldia: Leaving so fast? No, wait! Aww... there he goes...


Garis: Could you explain what you are doing here?
Roll: Certainly, captain. As Mia said already, she sensed that Earth was in trouble. This is why we arrived here as fast as we could.
Pia: Earlier, we were fighting the Bunker Clan - they're an oppressive group ruled by the tyrant Captain Garimoth. Well, that's a thing of the past now. They're all busted up now and Garimoth is dead.
Mia: Gil Berg was a part of Bunker. He is vengeful because our mentor, dr Tarsan, chose me over him as Dangaioh team's leader.
Garis: I see. And where is dr Tarsan now?
Mia: I'm afraid... he's dead.
Garis: That's unfortunate. I'm sorry.
Roll: No need to apologize, captain.

Kouji K: Talk about a chunk of exposition! But there's one more thing - Roll, is it? You sound kinda different now than when you were fighting.
Roll: Ah, yes. Umm, well...
Pia: Roll's personality changes when he pilots Dangaioh. He turns into a really psychotic individual.
Mia: You mean manly, Pia.
Gou: That's interesting. Just make sure not to lose your cool mind under any condition.
Roll: I understand. I'll try to remember that.
Mist: Ha, look who's talking! Like you never lost your cool, Gou... speaking of which, wasn't there someone you should visit?
Gou: Lou! I must talk to the doctor. At once.

Franklin, Daiku Maryu's doctor

Franklin: She is exhausted, but not injured. I can permit a short visit, just make it quick.


Shizuru: Lou! What happened?
Lou: ...
Gou: Please tell us. We must know what happened with the Cosmo Base!
Lou: It was attacked... a while ago. My father... he is still fighting! Please, Gou! Let's go, I must help him!
Gou: That's out of question, you're exhausted. You should rest.
Lou: But... father...

And then!


Ruru: Captain, we have a rogue transmission!
Gil Berg: He he he. Can you hear me, Mia Alice? Here's a little gift from me. I'm sure you're used to this by now, but try to enjoy it anyway!

Mist: We're teleporting again?! Crap, where will we end up now?!
Angelica: This looks like... Earth, actually.


Kiriko: Captain Garis? Daiku Maryu?! I'm so glad you're back!
Garis: Doctor Aoi! So, we really are on Earth now. Please tell us what happened while we were gone!

But that has to wait for the next episode. Yeah, the game is evil like that. Here we go - straight to the intermission.

Hatter is gone, but in his place we have a new unit.
Dangaioh - typical super robot, which means it's tanky, can't dodge, and has strong but expensive attacks. Also, four pilots means spirit skill galore.

A robot like this can use both resupplying and repairs, so...


Sheldia: Aww, let me be with Mist for a change!

What do you think, readers? Shall we put Sheldia in one team with Mist, or is Angelica alright for now?
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Put Angelica with Mist so they can have their combo.

Also, spending so much money is making me worry.  Will we have enough funds for that special secret coming up?
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All I have to say about Dangaoih is: It's the eighties! Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan! Also, nice Troll 2 reference.

I think you should keep Mist and Angelica in one squad for now, but switch the music to Angelica's theme because we haven't heard that in ages.

My grief over the fact that Hatter left us knows no bounds. Come back, ingrateful Transformer!
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And here's what I have to say about Dangaioh: it's made by Masami Obari. Yes, the Gravion and SRW OGIN Obari. It was his second third major mecha show, after Dancougar and Iczer-1. And by his I mean he was responsible for mecha designs. Can you see that? I sure can.
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*compares Dangaioh and Dancougar*


Nope. I see no resemblance whatsoever.
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Atsuku atsuku atsuku tatakae! (

Oh, and if you think that's bad, look at G Dangaioh (

EDIT: One of Dangaioh's attacks is also worth noting.
(All attacks from SRW Impact) (
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The main character of that thing looks like Akito.
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YAY! Dangaioh! Cross Fight is an awesome theme and I'll hear nothing to the contrary.

Dangaioh - typical super robot, which means it's tanky, can't dodge

Then why was it dodging everything in the videos? Were you using Alert?

I'm still shipping Sheldia with Mi....Actually no, thats a lie, I'm shipping Sheldia as the Real Main Character, so I say Angelica can play support. Then again, Dangaioh teaming up with the real main character...That could work as our main unit.

I would like to ask we upgrade Dangaioh some, but priority should go to preventing Big Shooter from being hit again. Jeeg must have its Drills!
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Indeed, I used Alert. Tanky supers or not, getting hit by Gil Berg hurts. Better not risk it.

The problem with Big Shooter was that due to the way partner system works, it is forced to stay on the ground. And it has a B rank there - in SRW K, even a single drop of rank means terrible loss of dodging and accuracy. But guess what! One of the evil Virtuaroid sisters dropped a land module. Guess who's going to take it. This type of modules give only rank A, not S - so it's not a waste on support units.

EDIT: And yes. Cross Fight is an Ichirou Mizuki song. Of course it's great.
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Edit:  On second thought, I suppose the Angelica and Mist combination attack is fine by me.
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Watch out everyone! We will have more Audience Participation(TM) this time!

Episode 13
Why did everything take a turn for the worse!

Yes, all episode titles have to end with an exclamation mark. It's super robot law.


Gou: Doctor Aoi, please tell us everything that happened.
Kiriko: Not going to call me "mom", Gou? Anyway, it's nothing special. Just a giant catastrophe that killed millions.
Gou: Whaaaat!


Gil Berg: That's correct. By the way, I was still on the line! Too bad that only half of this slaughter is a result of my direct actions.
Rosa: A half? That's too high an estimate, but we'll believe you for now. Who did the rest?
Gil Berg: Humans themselves, who else!

Anna: Humans? That can't be!
Kiriko: No, it's true Anna. Someone dropped the colony Junius Seven on Earth and caused horrendous damage and casualties. Naturals blame Coordinators, Coordinators wage war on Naturals, and people are being killed even now. Here's a recording from ZAFT. It was broadcasted everywhere not too long ago.



Durandal: We, the nation of PLANTs, have given condolences to our Earthborne brethren, and offered help. And how do you answer in kind?

Gilbert Durandal, chairman of PLANT colonies

Durandal: You blame Coordinators, start oppressing and murdering them en masse! Don't you see that you are manipulated by the Blue Cosmos racists? ZAFT will not stand idly while this happens. To secure safety of Coordinators, both on Earth and in space, we declare war - not on humanity, but on Blue Cosmos itself. With me is the famous Lacus Clyne, voicing full support.

Anna: What, they have Lacus?
Shizuru: Wasn't she supposed to be neutral?

Lacus Clyne, leader of the independent Clyne Faction, also an idol singer

Lacus: The Chairman's words are true. All Coordinators must stand together now and face the adversity!

Gou: That's strange. During the last war, Lacus was trying to stop both sides from fighting, not support any of them. What changed her mind?
Kiriko: Whatever the case, I don't intend to follow her example. Can you give me Mist for a second?
Mist: Stupid humans, always inventing new excuses to kill each other... Coordinator, Natural, who gives a crap...
Anna: I think he's angsting in a corner. Mom...
Kiriko: Yes?
Anna: Can you prepare something good when we come back?
Kiriko: Heh. Count on me!

Politics, terrible slaughter and cooking aside, it's nice to see Dannar Base again.

Konami: Sir! There's an emergency transmission from Neo UN!

Or not.

Kagemaru: It must be Hestor. What could she want from Dannar Base?
Kiriko: I think I know already.


Hestor Gallop, commander of Neo UN
No picture because meh.

Hestor: Professor Aoi - considering our state of war against the PLANTs, and your current refusal to cooperate with Alliance forces, you obviously know why I am calling you.
Kiriko: Indeed. And before you say anything more, I refuse. Dannar Base was created to fight monsters, not men. It will continue to do so, and I refuse to be a part of your political machinations!

Djibril: Are you sure about that?

Lord Djibril, leader of Blue Cosmos

Djibril: This is a dramatic time, time for fellow Naturals to unite and fight treacherous Coordinators. If you are not with us, I simply cannot guarantee your safety...
Kagemaru: Was that a threat?! If you try to endanger Dannar Base in any way...
Kiriko: Calm down, Kagemaru. I have nothing fellow with your kind, Lord Djibril. My decision stands.
Hestor: You made a terrible mistake.

Oh boy. The sooner Daiku Maryu makes its way to Dannar Base, the better. IF it manages to make it that is.


Gainer: Princess? You look sad - what happened?
Ana: It's nothing. I just... miss my father. That is all.
Lou: Umm... I am sure you'll see him eventually...
Sara: Lou, you shouldn't be up already!
Lou: I'm sorry, but. Can you please tell me about your father?


Daiya: Why the angry face now?
Re Mii: I wanted to cheer Ana up! As a fellow princess, you see.
Ruuji: But Lou was faster. Still, as long as she's cheered up... ow, what was that for!
Re Mii: Stupid!

Shizuru: So, Lou feels better now. How are you going to...
Gou: About her father? I'll have Franklin break the news to her. Gently, if possible.
Shizuru: Poor girl.

Suddenly, alarm! It just so happens that Daiku Maryu flies by an island that just so happens to serve as temporary base for a group of old friends of ours. No, not Suspage. Someone else, who had a cameo appearance in ep 3.


Michio: Remember, our priority is to find Tatsumiya Island. It's cloaked so you can't see it.
Mudie: We all know! Aah, this is so pointless. Let's just fire randomly and see what we find in explosions!
Shams: That's a good idea. Much better than grueling searching mile by mile!
Michio: Yeah... let's not do that. Hey, what is that thing?

Rosa: Captain, there are Alliance troops ahead of us!

Hestor: It's a Coordinator attack force. Stop it by any means necessary!
Kanon: Roger.
Shams: Finally, something is happening!
Mudie: You know what they say - the only good Coordinator is a dead one.
Sven: ...

Rosa: And they do not look too friendly.
Garis: It's an ambush. There's no time to waste by outmaneuvering, we'll have to break through!

So be it. All my units advance forward, and then...


Garis: More hostiles on our back? It's a trap (!

But then, an unexpected ally appears.

???: Stop this fighting at once (!

Say hello to the Marty Stu extraordinaire, a controversial figure with battleship plating-grade plot armor:

Kira Yamato, independent ace pilot and the Ultimate Coordinator

Kira: I didn't disable any critical systems. You should retreat while you can!
Sven: Freedom Gundam!
Michio: It must be Kira Yamato. This won't be an easy fight...
Mudie: He joined ZAFT? The traitor reveals his true colors!


Murrue: Daiku Maryu, can you hear me? This is captain Murrue Ramius of the Archangel, speaking.

Murrue Ramius, as she just said

Murrue: The Three Ships Alliance will support you.
Cagalli: Kira, Murrue? Is it really you guys?
Kira: Cagalli! So good to see you.
Murrue: Wasn't Athrun with you? Where is he now?
Cagalli: He sneaked out and returned to ZAFT.
Kira: Athrun...

But no time for touching reunions. It's time to fight!

Shizuru: I won't back down just because I'm fighting humans (!

Standard mass-produced Dagger Ls are... kinda crappy. One of the weakest mooks in this game, I shouldn't have trouble finishing them off.

Angelica: That looks like an improved version. Watch out, Mist!
Mist: Humans always make the same mistakes. Violence won't solve anything! Take this (!

Windams are slightly better but it's still more of the same. Wait, Mist's theme? Weren't we supposed to have Angelica's this time?

Gou: Godannar's power won't be used for evil!
Anna: Nor Okusaer's! Gravity Bomber (!

Water is a mixed blessing on this stage. Most of my units perform badly in aquatic environments (unless they have a Screw Module like Godannar - pun not intended). But the enemy is even worse! Most of their weapons deal minimal damage to robots that cowardly hide under the waves.


Lee: Watch out, Daiya! Two beam sabers? What insanity is this?

And finally, the Slaughter Daggers. Possibly the strongest of the mook trio on this stage. Not that it's saying a lot. Okay, actually they can be quite damaging so watch out.

Wait, I said there are three types of mooks on this stage just now, didn't I? I meant three Gundam SEED Destiny mooks. There's more!

Gainer: What are these strange machines?
Sara: Whatever they are, they're coming this way (!

Gnosis-model Fafners. Which series are they from? Hint, it's in the name. Anyway, they're not too tough, despite wielding awesome, awesome railguns.

A few kills later, this happens (

Kouji: Woah, what was that?
Cagalli: It's SEED mode! Didn't you know? It can occur in some, very few people. Like Kira.
Kira: I can see you...


Stat-wise, SEED is another Mazin Power-like power. Speaking of which, still no Mazin Power? Bummer.

Roll: Everyone, I need your strength! Spiral KNUCKLE (!

Michio: We lost how many units already? That's bad... c'mon Kanon! We gotta give our all (!
Kanon: You won't hit me if I'm underwater!

For better or for worse, Kanon copies my aquatic strategy.

Shams: Hey, leave something for me! Verde Buster, engaging in long distance combat (!

They think they're so clever, but now it's my time to attack.


The only target Kira can reach is Kanon. He deals pathetic damage, because beam rifles have terrible ranks underwater. But it's more than the minimal 10 damage, because that's Kira for you.

Van: I don't like fighting women... but sometimes there's no helping it!
Boss: Borot's here to save the day! Ah, peace! Peace! I didn't mean to (!
Kanon: I can't counterattack! My weapons won't work!

Oops, I guess we'll know better than to go underwater if our attacks don't work there.


Kenji: Dynamite Kick!


Ra Kan: I'll handle this one!

Michio: Damage's on the critical? We gotta retreat!
Shams: Pfeh, so much for Neo UN. Come Mudie, let's show them how Phantom Pain does its job! ... Mudie?

Mudie: I'm in trouble here, Shams (!
Sara: Hey, that combination should have finished it off! What's going on?

Many SEED units, this Blu Duel included, have Phase Shift Armors. Non-beam weapons deal significantly less damage to them! Especially if they block, like just now.

Sven: Strike Noir, engaging the enemy (
Daiya: That speed!

Sven's the most dangerous from the miniboss squad. Which is why he attacked last. Why not sooner? He does not care for his friends, I guess.

Murrue: Archangel is ready for action. Is Lohengrin ready?
Mirallia: Yes, Captain!

Mirallia Haw, Archangel's bridge bunny (and an intrepid journalist

There's also more bridge bunnies on board, but screw them.

Murrue: Lohengrin, fire (!
Sven: Freedom is attacking me?
Kira: If you continue to fight, I'll have to disable your Mobile Suit!

Shizuru: Kouji! Let's do it!
Kouji T: Okay, miss Shizuru! Strong Buster!
Shizuru: Sniper Shot!



Shams: That power... insane!
Mudie: We gotta retreat!

All's left is Sven now.

Mist: Do you take pleasure from killing innocents? Huh?
Sven: ...
Mist: Let's go, Angelica! Let's teach this jerk a lesson!
Angelica: Alright. It's time for the Chaser Combination (!

Sven: Noir is too damaged... I must retreat.
Garis: No more enemies in sights. Very good.
Ruru: Captain, what's that?


Garis: More reinforcements? Wait, I see something more - behind them!
Cagalli: !! No, it can't be! Captain, we all have to run, now!
Kira: What's the matter, Cagalli?

Cagalli: This (!

Cagalli: It's a Festum! It can annihilate you in a single attack - or worse, absorb! We don't have weapons to fight it. If we don't retreat, there will be casualties! Lots of them too!

And so everyone flees, as the Festum is busy destroying the rest of the Alliance force.

Festum: [Is anyone there?]
Pilot: Huh, what's going on! AAAAH!


Garis: Thank you for your assistance, captain Ramius.
Murrue: It was almost a coincidence. The Archangel is actually heading towards Europe. Large forces of both ZAFT and the Alliance are amassed there. We hope to prevent any major bloodshed.
Garis: Daiku Maryu could help with that... but that would mean leaving Dannar Base behind. Hmm...


Cagalli: Kira, we have to talk. It is about the Festum.
Kira: The being that scared you earlier?
Cagalli: I'm not scared! Anyway... the Festum are spreading. And no one in the Alliance has weapons to stop them! But there's someone who does. Tatsumiya Island.
Kira: The mysterious cloaked island? How do you know about it?
Cagalli: Not just cloaked, it moves around too. Because it's artificial! I know this because Orb helped create it. Not only that, I was on the island as a guest for a while. So they'll recognize me! We need Tatsumiya's help to defeat Festum - and they'll need ours. I think they might be in trouble right now...

Black clouds rise as everyone is busy planning for grim, future happenings. Okay, almost everyone...


Kouji: Wow, is it really THE Kira Yamato?
Kira: Well, yes. That's me.
Monko: Such a little shrimp? I expected someone manlier!
Kira: Umm...


Lou: Gou. Please teach me how to pilot a giant robot.
Gou: Why?
Lou: To... avenge my father!
Gou: So, you know already? I'm sorry, but the answer is no. It's dangerous out there. You might even get killed! The battlefield is no place for people without years of experience!
Lou: But... father... if you don't want to teach me, I will find someone who will!

Garis: After discussing things, we came to this conclusion.
Murrue: Archangel will travel to Europe to stop the PLANTs-Alliance conflict, and whomever wants to help us is free to join. At the same time, Daiku Maryu will search for Tatsumiya Island and try to enlist its help.
Kiriko: Your return to Dannar Base will have to wait a little, Anna. Don't worry, I'll have an excellent cake ready for when you're here.

Sheldia: I wanna visit Tatsumiya. That sounds really exciting and mysterious!
Angelica: War isn't about excitement, Sheldia. I'm going to Europe - the more of us go there, the easier it will be to prevent bloodshed.
Sheldia: What about you, Mist?
Mist: Humans waging war on other humans... for ideological reasons. How foolish can they be? Give me a while, okay? I need time alone...

One way or the other, Mist, you will have to make a choice!

The options here are:


1. Go to Berlin, with the cast of SEED Destiny, King Gainer, Zoids, Mazinger Z, Dangaioh and Angelica.



2. Go to Tatsumiya Island, with the cast of Jeeg, Gaiking, Godannar, Gun X Sword and Sheldia.

Here's where I want your input, once again. Tell me which option you prefer. But wait, there are also secrets! Important secrets, each exclusive to the route taken.

[spoiler]Taking the first option will unlock Gundam SEED Destiny secrets. To be more precise
[spoiler]Rey and Stella[/spoiler]

The second option unlocks Fafner and Godannar secrets - but they're mutually exclusive, although the choice on which one I prefer comes much later. Anyway, these are
[spoiler]Ken from Godannar, and like HALF THE CAST from Fafner. Seriously - five out of nine available pilots, if I recall correctly.[/spoiler]

Spoilers within spoilers![/spoiler]

That being said, I'll be playing favorites this time. Unless a significant majority of votes goes for the first option, we'll take the second one.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Tengusaur on June 08, 2011, 06:42:09 PM
Hey, another self-righteous jerk yelling at everyone for using violence even though he does so himself! Mist ain't alone now!

The route split is a hard choice. On one hand, the first route has one event that I really want to see. On the other hand, I care much more about the second route, and it actually has series I voted for. Overall, I guess that my vote goes for Seeberg Tatsumiya Island.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Gundam Optimal on June 08, 2011, 09:52:00 PM
I vote Tatsumiya, because as angst-filled as the Fafner plot is likely to be, I can handle angst much better than stupidity, and dealing with SEED in my own LP has shown me the levels of nonsense we're likely to see.
Also I like the lineup better for Tatsumiya, I'll miss Dangaioh but I think I prefer these guys. Also Sheldia.

Also, did I miss a formative event in Mists character development? He suddenly hates humans, but the last two levels were fighting Ispael robots and Virtuaroids. This change seems to have come out of nowhere.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Cubey on June 08, 2011, 09:59:01 PM
Mist hates humans fighting other humans for stupid reasons. Earlier on he was okay with living on Earth because we didn't have that - only Monsters of the Week from various assorted series. But now that Destiny plot started, roll in the angst!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: kamikasei on June 08, 2011, 10:11:21 PM
I'm voting for route 2, Tatsumiya Island. I'm more curious to see Fafner plot, and it makes more narrative sense for the main character to go on the find-the-MacGuffin-island quest than to the battlefield.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Steam on June 09, 2011, 03:49:43 AM
I'll vote for Tatsumiya as well.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Sucrose on June 09, 2011, 05:20:17 AM
I'll vote for Tatsumiya as well.  I do prefer the cast of the route, though I'll particularly miss the glorious 80's-ness of Dangaioh, and the sweet music and relatively unique mechs of Zoids.  I know that I've made disparaging remarks about Fafner, but it seems like we're due for a fair amount of angst either way, and at least on this route we'll have most of the super robot pilots to counteract it.  Also, as mentioned, Sheldia.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Nerd-o-rama on June 09, 2011, 03:25:10 PM
I vote Tatsumiya, because as angst-filled as the Fafner plot is likely to be, I can handle angst much better than stupidity, and dealing with SEED in my own LP has shown me the levels of nonsense we're likely to see.
Also I like the lineup better for Tatsumiya, I'll miss Dangaioh but I think I prefer these guys. Also Sheldia.

Trust me.  Original SEED has nothing on SEED Destiny in the stupidity department.

Anyway, I vote for Europe just to be contrary and a glasses fetishist.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Steam on June 09, 2011, 03:56:12 PM
Original SEED has nothing on SEED Destiny in the stupidity department.

One could write a thesis paper on Athrun's flip-floppery in Destiny alone.  At different points in the series, Athrun physically assaults Shinn and berates him first for trying to be a hero and disobeying orders, and later on just following orders to the best of his ability.

And that's the tip of the iceberg, Sucrose.  That's just the tip.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Tengusaur on June 09, 2011, 04:16:06 PM
It's Gundam. People punch each other as a greeting.

Votes so far:
Real Robot Show Where Everyone Angsts And Has The Same Face: 5
Gundam SEED Destiny: 2 (1 off-forum)
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Prime32 on June 09, 2011, 04:27:23 PM
One could write a thesis paper on Athrun's flip-floppery in Destiny alone.  At different points in the series, Athrun physically assaults Shinn and berates him first for trying to be a hero and disobeying orders, and later on just following orders to the best of his ability. was stress? :(

And what, you're telling me GSD has more flip-flopping than W? Where a new faction pops up every other episode and everyone has fought for each faction at least twice? :p
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Sucrose on June 10, 2011, 12:07:09 AM
Original SEED has nothing on SEED Destiny in the stupidity department.

One could write a thesis paper on Athrun's flip-floppery in Destiny alone.  At different points in the series, Athrun physically assaults Shinn and berates him first for trying to be a hero and disobeying orders, and later on just following orders to the best of his ability.

And that's the tip of the iceberg, Sucrose.  That's just the tip.

What's just the tip of the iceberg?  The angst that's been expressed thus far?  Given what I've seen of Fafner, I'm well, well aware.  I'm just counting on the Super Robot folks to inject a bit a metric tonne more GAR to counteract it.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Cubey on June 10, 2011, 06:35:12 PM
Okay, the voting is more or less done now and we're going to Tatsumiya. So we get Fafner and not Gundam SEED Destiny - you can't escape the Hiraiface!

As for the show itself, I could give you my opinion about it, but as the LPer it's better for me to show, not tell. Let's just this be said, I will try not to make any Evangelion jokes. But I promise nothing.

EDIT: Oh yeah, bad news to spoil the mood. I have end of semester exams so my update rate will be rather low for the next week or so.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: Sucrose on June 10, 2011, 10:14:04 PM
Okay, the voting is more or less done now and we're going to Tatsumiya. So we get Fafner and not Gundam SEED Destiny - you can't escape the Hiraiface!

As for the show itself, I could give you my opinion about it, but as the LPer it's better for me to show, not tell. Let's just this be said, I will try not to make any Evangelion jokes. But I promise nothing.

EDIT: Oh yeah, bad news to spoil the mood. I have end of semester exams so my update rate will be rather low for the next week or so.

Ah; fair enough.  Good luck, Cubey.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
Post by: veekie on June 11, 2011, 05:04:38 AM
I vote Tatsumiya, because as angst-filled as the Fafner plot is likely to be, I can handle angst much better than stupidity, and dealing with SEED in my own LP has shown me the levels of nonsense we're likely to see.
Also I like the lineup better for Tatsumiya, I'll miss Dangaioh but I think I prefer these guys. Also Sheldia.

Trust me.  Original SEED has nothing on SEED Destiny in the stupidity department.
I could mostly enjoy SEED. Watching Kira nonlethally massacre everything is nice in its own way.

SEED Destiny was another matter. Goddamn the whiny bitch(es).
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Cubey on June 17, 2011, 09:39:13 PM
I return.

Episode 14
Crisis on Sameface Island!

If we went the other route, it'd be Crisis on Sameface City, by the way.


Mist: Why did I sign up for this wild goose hunt... better than fighting humans again, I guess.
Cagalli: It is NOT a wild goose hunt! Tatsumiya is cloaked, but I know how its stealth systems work. We can find it.
Anna: Hey, did you see Lou around here? She wanted me to teach her how to pilot a giant robot, but I said no! Gou-chin is looking for her too, and he's furious!


Lou: Thank you for agreeing to train me, mr Dick.
Dick: Ha, don't mention it. A young lady like you should do what she wants, and mr Godannar over there has nothing to say about it. Let's begin the simulated fight...

Yeah, I'm sure nothing bad will come from these two working together. Just as nothing bad is happening to Tatsumiya Island just now.


Yumiko: Our perimeter has been breached! It's the Festum!
Fumihiko: How's the defenses? What do we have that's still operational?!

Yumiko Toomi, bridge bunny

Fumihiko Makabe, Tatsumiya's temporary commander

Kiyomi: All defensive structures are destroyed!
Yumiko: Fighter squadron... down! All pilots confirmed KIA.
Kiyomi: No... darling...

Kiyomi Kaname, (very) recently widowed bridge bunny

Fumihiko: We cannot panic now - notify the civilian population! Sound the alarm!


Yumiko: It's a state of emergency! Everyone, please evacuate to your designated shelters!
Mamoru: They want us to go to shelters? What could have happened? Did an Angel attack or something?

Mamoru Kodate, the nerd

Kazuki: Come on, it's no time for jokes. We gotta go!
Maya: Hurry up or you'll be left behind! Geez, something like this the first day after Shouko came back to school.
Shouko: It's alright, Maya... really...

Kazuki Makabe, the everyman

Maya Toomi, the girl next door

Shouko Hazama, the ill girl

Fafner does not shy from throwing hundreds of important characters your way. Also, some of their family names sound familiar... that's right, in this series many people are related to each other in some way.

This won't get confusing. Also, I think I just made an Evangelion joke. Crap, and we're not even on the first fight yet.

Yukie Kariya, the bitchy strict teacher

Yukie: Stop slowing the group! Do you really want to be left behind and die?


Kiyomi: We found Soushi. He's on his way as we speak.
Soushi: I'm already here. What's the situation, commander Makabe?

Soushi Minashiro, the loner

Soushi: Can we launch it?
Fumihiko: Mark Elf is operational. But the pilot... I just received a report, she was killed by the Festum.
Soushi: In that case, I will...
Fumihiko: No. You have a different task, something only you can do. We will have to find a replacement.


Yukie: Stay here and you will be safe. I must go.
Kouyou: You're... leaving us, teacher?
Kenji (not the Jeeg one): Please at least tell us why!

Kouyou Kasugai, the shy kid

Kenji Kondou, the class president

Yukie: It's not your business. Students should worry only about studying! Don't leave the shelter and you will be safe.
Sakura: What's wrong with her? She's usually much nicer.

Sakura Kaname, the tomboy

Sakura: Hey, it's Soushi.
Maya: Soushi! You're back already?
Soushi: I just returned. But we have no time - Kazuki, come with me.
Kazuki: Huh, what is it now?


Kazuki: A giant robot?
Soushi: Named after the legendary dragon that protected its treasure. Fafner - its duty is to protect Tatsumiya Island now. I'd pilot it if I could.
Kazuki: You want me to do it for you? What's this feeling of guilt... I can't remember, something in the past... Okay, Soushi. What do you want me to do?
Soushi: Just sit in the cockpit and touch the controls. It may sting a little.

Soushi: Kazuki? Are you alright?
Kazuki: Soushi? Why can I hear you in my head?
Soushi: I am at the base, synchronising you with Mark Elf using the Siegfried System. We are in this together - I will guide you. Try to focus on moving and walk outside.


Festum: [Is anyone there?]
Soushi: It's our enemy. Don't answer it! If you do that, you open your mind and it can assimilate you!
Kazuki: Don't worry, I'll be carefuuuwaaaagh (!

Soushi: The Festum can read your mind! You must trust Fafner. Use its weapons and attack before the Sphinx-type can react.
Kazuki: Like this?! (

Festum are the most annoying enemy in the game. They have barriers, health regeneration, and good accuracy. Oh, and a single one has enough HP for a miniboss. Aren't we glad we went this route?

Soushi: Strike at its core.
Kazuki: Okay, I see it!


This knife... no, too obvious. Not saying it.

Soushi: Mark Elf is taking damage! Are you alright, Kazuki?
Kazuki: It's still alright! You said it, I just have to hit its core (!


Kazuki: We did it! Wait... there's more?
Fumihiko: It's not the Festum. Kazuki, try to hold out against them, help is on its way!
Kazuki: Help? Wait, dad?! You're the leader?
Fumihiko: I'll explain it to you later.


Daiya: Here we are! Daiku Maryu, just in time!
Cagalli: I told you we would find the island here.
Fumihiko: Thank you. It's good to see you again, miss Attha.
Cagalli: Of course, Orb and Tatsumiya are friends! But I don't intend to just watch and lead from the sidelines this time.


Cagalli: Bring it! Festum or Mimetic Beasts, I'll face you on!

Kazuki: People from outside Tatsumiya? Mimetic Beasts? What's going on?
Soushi: You can wonder about this later, Kazuki. The enemy's in range, defend yourself (!

Fortunately, Mimetic Beasts remain weak as they were in stage one. Okay, they are slightly stronger now, but everyone else got a lot better - so there's no real comparison now. But wait, what's this?

Sheldia: What the heck, this one's different! Explain this to me, Mist!
Mist: I don't know everything, give me a break. But we have to take it down anyway (!

Van: Tough guy, huh? Don't think I'll let you stand in my way (!

Say hello to ground- and sky-type Mimetic Beasts. Lots of HP for the former, lots of mobility for the latter, strong attacks for both.
Strong attacks, but also blindsides which I'm going to exploit mercilessly.

Daiya: W... woah! Is this one really going to?



Lee: Urgh, I'll need a bath after this fight!

Kazuki: Hey, leave these strange but friendly people alone! I need something strong to pierce that beast's armor!
Soushi: You have the Ruge Lance at your disposal.
Kazuki: Let's use it (!

Kazuki: And for long-ranged combat?
Soushi: We're sending the railgun (!


Cagalli: I didn't feel like this in a while.
Kenji: Cagalli's a seed-y person too? I got no idea!
Cagalli: I am sure I told you this already. Mimetic Beasts, I'll show you my full potential (!

Gou: Godannar was made to fight Mimetic Beasts!
Anna: So we won't give up now! Time for the finishing hit (!

Mist: Well, this time's easy! Just wrap it all up and we're done (!

A few slices, punches, projectile shots and explosions later, victory is ours. On second thought, that wasn't so bad.


Fafner-Kenji: It's quiet on the outside. Can we leave the shelter now?
Kouyou: What happened to Kazuki? Is he safe?
Maya: Don't worry, he won't be killed that easily!
Shouko: He won't. Don't worry... I trust him.


Cagalli: Makabe!
Fumihiko: Welcome again, miss Attha. My apologies for the sorry state of the island.
Cagalli: Cut that out, I'm not here on a diplomatic visit! We need your help, but we can help you too. Where's Minashiro?
Soushi: ...
Cagalli: Oh, hey Soushi. Where can I find your father?
Soushi: He was killed in the attack.

Ouch! Let's zoom out to a different place.


Chizuru: And, that's it. You have only small bruises Kazuki. Take a rest when you return home and you will be fine.

Chizuru Toomi, the school nurse (and apparently a secretive, highly trained medical expert)

Kazuki: Thank you, Toomi-sensei. I think I'll be going now. It was a long day.


Yumiko: How is Kazuki, mom? Will he be fine?
Chizuru: I don't know. There is some change in his DNA, and it's nothing lethal or dangerous yet. But what will happen in the future...

I know what will happen in the immediate future - the intermission! And we have two new units in the roster.

Strike Rouge - Cagalli's personal unit, copy of SEED's Strike Gundam (only piiiink). Unfortunately, it's... not that impressive. It can repair and has the Phase Shift Armor for defense, at least. And Cagalli's SEED mode gives it somewhat better offense than the usual for support units.

Fafner Mark Elf - it's a real-type, and a pretty good one. Its weapons are a good mixup of close and long-ranged attacks, and it has a strong finishing strike, too. The Norn System provides some protection against attacks that manage to hit, but it's miniscule so it's good Elf can dodge pretty well. Has two pilots, too. Kinda. You'll see what I mean later.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Steam on June 17, 2011, 09:49:29 PM
Oh fond memories of watching Fafner two years ago.  Fucking awesome show and still one of my favorites.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Tengusaur on June 17, 2011, 10:05:32 PM
This is not like Evangelion at all! Not even the music! ( Evangelion where everyone looks the same - in SEED they at least have weird hair colors...

Okay, jokes aside (because it's clearly more like Kami Knows What than Eva), Fafner is cool. Mark Elf has varied attacks with interesting animations, and it only gets better from here. Festums are annoying though.

I think you need to make a table with all the Fafner characters and how are they related to each other, like Nerdo did before. Complete with ships, although all Fafner ships are canon.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Steam on June 17, 2011, 10:42:42 PM
Tengu, Eva wasn't the first to open a song like Eva did.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Tengusaur on June 17, 2011, 11:04:24 PM
I know, a friend linked this to me some time ago. But hey, Eva Does What James Bon't!


Okay, that sucked.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Sucrose on June 18, 2011, 06:26:36 AM
Well, this route has turned out pretty well, so far. :D

Cagalli getting to act relatively badass was a great surprise, and the Mark Elf's railgun is, I'll admit, pretty neat.  Sorry that fighting the Festum is such a pain, Cubey.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Cubey on June 18, 2011, 12:23:41 PM
Oh, don't worry. It's just comedic exaggeration. Besides, I faced Dimensional Monsters in SRW Z2 - compared to them, Festum are nothing. Especially when I have awesome units that pierce barriers with their strong attacks. Such as Dann.

Cagalli is on her most badass in K from all the SRW titles. Too bad Rouge is kinda weak - but she gets an upgrade.
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Post by: catchthesun on June 20, 2011, 02:51:01 PM
Fafner. Without Shangri-la ( I am disappoint.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Cubey on June 20, 2011, 03:10:52 PM
We'll hear that song later in the game, worry not.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Cubey on June 27, 2011, 05:05:01 PM
What's this, no update in over a week? Is the LP dead?

It's not. I needed a rest and it's still... I wouldn't call it hiatus per se, so let us go with "slowatus". I write this post knowing that each time I declare hiatus, I return shortly thereafter. So in a way it's motivational for me.

Also, the next episode? A two parter, and a long one to that. Look forward to it!
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: catchthesun on June 27, 2011, 09:30:46 PM
Relax. Take your time. I shall eagerly await.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 14!
Post by: Sucrose on June 27, 2011, 09:38:43 PM
I, too, await with bated breath.  That said, take as much time to recover from finals as you need.
Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 15!
Post by: Cubey on June 30, 2011, 07:29:54 PM
As promised, this is a two parter.

Episode 15 part 1!
Routine mission - from Hell!

No, Doctor Hell is not involved. Silly Kouji, there is no Mazinger Z plot in this game.

The characters are on leave! But not all of them - only the obnoxiously Japanese ones.

Gou: This place is small and peaceful... it doesn't feel like a fortified island at all.
Anna: It's just like a traditional Japanese village! I prefer large cities and their bustling life though. This is boring...
Gou: I prefer boring, thank you very much.
Tsubaki: Hey guys, don't argue! We will have enough personal drama soon enough.


Anna: Still, it's good to have some free time, right Lou?
Lou: ...
Gou: Why so absentminded? She'd better not be thinking about pilot training again...


Sheldia: Too bad we had to draw lots to see who can go out. I hope Anna'll appreciate mine! That way she can be with Gou - and I can be with Mist!

Unfortunately, thinking out loud is not always a good idea if you're carrying heavy loads...

Sheldia: Woah! Oops...
Mist: What are you doing? Damn, do you have no sense of balance at all?! The crate's all broken now!
Sheldia: Mist... you idiot!
Mist: I didn't need her help anyway...
Daimon: Touchier than usual, aren't you?

Old man Daimon, Daiku Maryu engineer

(He's been around all the time, he just... didn't have anything important to say)

Daimon: She stormed off in rage. You should follow her.
Mist: While everyone is enjoying their little vacation, thousands of people are fighting and dying in Berlin right now! And I bet Archangel's crew is involved in killing some of them. You want me to be concerned about one girl's feelings while THAT happens?

The mood oboard Daiku Maryu is pretty foul... and it's bound to get worse:


Lou: I'm ready, mr Dick!
Dick: That's the spirit! Remember, I won't consider you ready to pilot until you beat at least an A-grade difficulty scenario. Let's hit the simulators.


Yukie: What is going on here? Outsiders on my school's grounds?
Gou: My apologies. We were surprised to find a school on an island like this so we decided to pay a visit... and then these two fools wanted to test out the track field!
Daiya: Woo, first! You know, I trained sprinting all my life!
Jeeg-Kenji: Damn he's fast! Should've brought my motorcycle...
Daiya: To a foot race?

Fafner-Kenji: Hey, look. People from outside the island.
Maya: Hello!
Anna: Umm... hello?
Yukie: Don't talk with them, just follow me!
Carmen: Wow, what a nasty woman. Want to see where the whole group was headed? Let's follow them. Sneakily.


Mamoru: It's a secret underground base! Just like in manga!
Fafner-Kenji: I can't believe I'm going to pilot a Fafner. Imagine how impressed the girls will be!
Kouyou: Shouko is always sick, and Sakura was so angry recently... is it really okay to bring them here?


Fumihiko, forget that. Using the <main character's> <relative> format for Fafner people now. There's like a billion of them.

Kazuki's father: Why are you sneaking around Alvis if you have permission to be here in the first place?
Carmen: Ack, discovered!
Gou: We are terribly sorry! Man, I have to apologize for everyone today... anyway, we just followed a group of high schoolers and their teacher?
Kazuki's father: Ah, the potential Fafner pilots.
Gou: What! But they're just kids, without any fighting experience!
Kazuki's father: It's not about experience or physical ability. All you need to pilot the Fafner is Synergetic Code... and that's why us adults cannot pilot them at all. I hate having to use our children as shields for this island's defense - but we have no choice.


Hester: Ah. So I can finally talk with the people of treasured Tatsumiya Island.
Kazuki's father: And this is why. I know who you are, Hester Gallop. And I know why you are calling us, so please make it quick and state your demands.
Hester: We need your cooperation to defend humanity against its enemies, Festum or otherwise. Hand over your Nothung model Fafners - this precious technology will let everyone fight the Festum on equal footing.
Kazuki's father: I understand. We'll do it.
Anna: Whaaaat!
Jeeg-Kenji: You gonna bow down to them, old man? That's soft!
Kazuki's father: Call me a coward if you want. But think about the situation Tatsumiya is in! We do not have the power to fight Festum AND the New UN at the same time.


Mamoru: Too intense! But... I'll do it!
Maya: I'm still okay, it's only training! Shouko, how are you holding up? Shouko?
Shouko: Why is everything spinning like that...
Kouyou: Aah! She fainted!


Maya: Ah, you came by! I'm glad - everyone was worried, you know.
Shouko: I'm sorry for always being trouble, Maya. I just wanted to protect the island with everyone...
Shouko's mom: Stay in bed for now, Shouko. I'll talk with commander Makabe - you shouldn't force yourself to pilot anything if you don't want to.

Youko Kazama, Shouko's mother

Shouko's mom: But first, make sure to say thank you to Kazuki and Kouyou. They helped carry you here.
Kazuki: Don't mention it, really...
Shouko: And you were waiting for me here all the time?
Kouyou: Umm, well...
Maya: Of course they were!

Suddenly, alert!

Kazuki: Crap, this is my call! I gotta go!


Shouko: Kazuki-kun, please wait!
Kazuki: Oh?
Shouko: I know I can't do much, but... I'll keep Tatsumiya Island safe while you are gone. So don't worry about us. It's a promise.
Kazuki: Where did that come from? But, alright. That's a relief to hear. Thanks.


Festum: [Are you there?]
Alliance soldier: Get away from me, you monster! No! AAAAH!

Garis: We're too late! The Alliance patrol we were supposed to rescue is wiped out!
Rosa: And all by just one Festum? Keep your guard up, everyone!

Lou: Wait!


Lou: I will avenge my father! I'm ready! Let's go Cosmo Divekyaaah (!
Gou: Lou! What are you doing in that machine, get out of there while you still can!
Dick: *whistles innocently*

Lou: I... I can't give up yet! Diver Tornado (!
Gou: It's Dick, isn't it! Dick taught you - you're both in for a stern lecture when we return to the base!

Soushi: Don't respond to the Festum, no matter what it says. And watch out, it can read your mind to predict your attacks.
Van: Read my mind all you want, monster. All you will find are memories of Elena!
Jeeg-Kenji: Yeah, and all you'll find in my mind is porn!
Cagalli: Right, going there won't be necessary... I got this (!

Anna: Are you okay, Lou?
Lou: Umm...


Gou: Get on board now, Lou. And no "but"s.
Dick: So he can be hard if he wants to, huh? Maybe I should run away in the night...


Soushi: More Festum detected. Watch out, all units. They have more than just the Sphinx type we encountered earlier.
Kazuki: There's so many!

Indeed. And they're no weaker than what we faced already. Ha ha ha. Now you know why the update's name is how it is.

Cagalli: Huh? Phase Shift armor doesn't work (! At least I still got my shield!
Van: Change with me. Come on, just do it.
Festum: [Are you there?]
Van: Who gives a crap if I'm there or not! For Elena's sake, you're going down (!

Soushi: That man responded to the Festum, and he wasn't assimilated! Is he so bloody-minded?
Kazuki: Soushi, what are you talking about? No, nevermind, I'm firing the railgun!


Kazuki: I suddenly remember now. Soushi's eye... I clawed at it when we were kids. I know I had to do it to save his life. But why... is it the Festum?

Cagalli: These new guys are closing in!
Van: I'll cut them down all the same. CHESTO (!

Van's barrier-penetrating attacks are incredibly useful, even more than usual. But that's just one unit, and he can't be everywhere at once.


Garis: Festum focused their attacks on Daiku Maryu. We will need assistance - immediately!
Ruru: Aah! There's so many warning lights blinking all over!

Soushi: Attack with the Ruge Lance from the flank, Mark Elf.
Kazuki: Okay! I'll save you, Daiku Maryu (!

Daiya: You're not alone - Gaiking to the rescue! We didn't see this one in a while: Hydro BLAZER (!

Kouji T: Strong Buster! Wait, what's that ow! That hurt (!
Yagyu: Switch with me! Cleanup time, Build Angels!

Jeeg-Kenji: Is that all?


Kazuki: Even more! Was that an ambush? We have to break through!


Kenji's mom: A Festum is descending on our position! It will attack in two minutes!
Kazuki's dad: Was it a distraction to leave Tatsumiya defenseless? Damn... what do we do!

Ayano Kondou, Kenji's mother

And on that cliffhanger, we end the update!

Just kidding. Part 2 coming right up.
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Episode 15 part 2!
There goes Ryouma-chan!

First things first.


I upgrade the heck out of Mark Elf. How many weapon bars is that, I don't even. Okay, it's nine bars actually. That's what we've been saving money for all along. Soon you'll see why.

Shouko: What was that shake? An earthquake... no? What's going on?


Shouko: It's the Festum! Oh no! I... I can't let them destroy Tatsumiya. My promise with Kazuki!


Shouko's mom: Shouko! What are you doing?
Shouko: I'm going to pilot Fafner, mother.
Shouko's mom: No! That's ridiculous - Mark Sechs didn't finish testing yet. And your body is so weak... if you go out there, you will die!
Shouko: It's okay. I made a promise...
Shouko's mom: You don't have to sacrifice yourself for the island!
Shouko: It's not for Tatsumiya. I made this promise to Kazuki. Mom... you do not have to grieve for me. I know that I am not really your daughter. I'm sorry.


Kazuki's dad: What is this? Mark Sechs launched?!
Shouko's mom: It's Shouko! Commander, please stop her!
Soushi: ... Continue the operation, Mark Sechs.
Kazuki's dad: What!
Soushi: Hazama is our only chance. If she does not hold the Festum off, we are all dead.

Shouko: For Kazuki... I promised... WAAAAAAAGH (!

The enemy: 12 000 HP, barrier, regeneration. Us: one barely-functioning Fafner, anemic (if surprisingly determined) pilot, 2 turns to end it all.

This is why the excessive upgrades. Mark Sechs shares Elf's, and we need a fighting chance.


Kouyou: Shouko!
Maya: She's piloting the Fafner...
Yukie: That fool! She will break Mark Sechs!

Shouko: Why don't you DIEEE (!


Shouko: It still stands! I'll take the Festum away from the island, and use the Fenrir System!
Soushi: Hazama... proceed as you wish.

(Make sure to listen to this ( Or not, if you get depressed easily.)


Kazuki: Mark Sechs? It's flying?
Shouko: Kazuki-kun? I fulfilled our promise... but I'm sorry that you have to watch this.
Kazuki: Shouko? What's going on?!

Soushi: Fifteen seconds until self-destruction. Punch out, Hazama!
Shouko: I can't... the Festum is blocking the cockpit. Mother... I'm sorry for the harsh words I said earlier...


Maya: No... no way. It's a joke, right? ... Right?


Soushi: More Festum approach! Kazuki, you must defeat them: Hazama bought you enough time to get here. Apparently her promise to you is what made her fight.
Kazuki: The... promise? AAAH!


Mist: Ta-dah, the heroes are here! We're right in time, right?
Lou: The Festum... and Mimetic Beasts!
Gou: You had enough fighting for today, little lady. Stay out of this one!

Kazuki: Festum... because of you, Shouko was! I'll kill you (!

Mist: Hey, the small Mimetic Beasts? I remember them from a long time ago! Now go down (!
Yagyu: If I get hit one more time...! These new Festum are small but fierce!

Puria: Urgh, talk about the small ones, we know where they come from now (!
Yanma: Don't worry a thing Big Sis, we can still make it!

Mimetic Beasts appear in ground and flying variants again. Still...




Taking care of the enemy is easier and quicker this time. And then...


Festum: [Are you there?]
Kazuki: Festum from before? It's still alive?!
Festum: *owns*
Mist: Not if I can help it (! You still okay, Fafner?

Kazuki: M... Mist? Watch out, another attack!
Sheldia: No way, you leave Mist alone!


Sheldia: That was nothing!
Mist: Why did you protect me, Sheldia? We fought recently!
Sheldia: I know, and it hurt! But you're still Mist, and I'll still be your partner! No matter what.

Soushi: The Festum is retreating now. Why did it... I see another one!


Kazuki: And it leaves again. It looked like it only observed us.

Kazuki's dad: Festum act strangely, and control Mimetic Beasts. I wish I knew what was going on.


???: I think he is judging us. He's similar to me.

Tsubaki Minashiro, Soushi's mysterious little sister

Fafner-Tsubaki: Umm, and. Please don't be sad for Shouko. She was at peace with herself and what she had to do. But Kazuki is depressed now. Can you cheer him up, big brother?
Soushi: I... will try. But I cannot promise anything.


Jeeg-Tsubaki: That unit... was piloted by your friend? I'm sorry, we had no idea...
Kazuki: It's alright. I'm sorry if it sounds rude, but you cannot understand how I you feel now. I just need to... be alone.
Gou: It is just like five years ago. With me and Mira.

Soushi: It is a shame about Hazama. She did not have to destroy Mark Sechs to achieve her goal.
Kazuki: Soushi, you...! How can you say that! What matters more to you, Shouko's life or the Fafner?
Soushi: Isn't it obvious? It's...


Kazuki: Kouyou!
Kouyou: Kazuki! You were out there, weren't you?! Then why didn't you... why did you let Shouko die!
Kazuki: I...
Kouyou: We are standing here because of her! She only wanted to live a little, live normally like us, and now she's dead! Does that seem right to you?
Soushi: We do what we must, so the island can survive.

Lee: And there they all go. I hope these poor kids do not develop a grudge or anything. I've been there - it's not pretty.


Garis: Considering the current circumstances, we are leaving Tatsumiya Island. We did all we could here - it is time to join with Archangel.
Sakon: As soon as we leave Tatsumiya's cloaking field, we'll be able to receive transmissions from Captain Ramius. I wonder what happened while we were blacked out?


Sheldia: Mist... you were so angry about humans fighting each other. Do you hate them all now?
Mist: No! It's the fact they fight each other is what I hate! They should all get together, like on your home planet! It was peaceful.
Sheldia: On Bezard... in my home village...
Mist: Yes?
Sheldia: My little sister, Lem, it was prophesied she will break the sacred stone that protected us. Everyone shunned her and some even wanted to kill her.
Mist: What! And I thought Bezard was nice! Are all places in the universe total crap like Earth?
Sheldia: The villagers were afraid, they acted in self defense y'know. Would you... kill those who wanna hurt me? In self defense?
Mist: What kind of question is that?
Sheldia: I would kill those who wanna hurt you. Because... after Bezard and Lem are gone... what else do I have if not you, Mist!

And so ends the route split - we will meet up with the rest of the team soon enough. I wonder did they had lighter, less dramatic/angsty adventures. Spoilers: they didn't.

Here's an actual secret-related spoiler though.
[spoiler]You do not HAVE to destroy the initial Festum in 2 turns. It is just required for Fafner secrets. Also, not letting Lou engage any Mimetic Beasts in a fight was a Godannar secret. Too bad these two are mutually exclusive, but so far let's try to clear steps required for both.[/spoiler]

And a new unit!
Cosmo Diver: for a support repair robot, it's actually quite good. It has great terrain rankings in space and, a rarity - underwater. Its attacks are not too strong, but for a support unit they'll do. The Diver can also transform into a flight form if we need extra mobility.

Mark Elf stays with Tatsumiya. But one thing for sure, we won't be upgrading it for the rest of the game. Seriously.
Okay, maybe 90% of the game.
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Title: Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 15!
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Dear god Shouko...

Even though I knew she was going to die I still cried when she did.
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Okay, even I have to admit that was well done.   :sobbing

Soushi can die in a fire.

Spoiled out of respect for the genuinely sad moment from this update.
[spoiler]The whole 'how dare you cooperate with the bullying forces trying to save the rest of the world' thing does work better in SRW than it did in the original series, as well, probably because there are other opponents that the UN is fighting that aren't frakking eldritch horrors.

Clever trick for taking the Festum out in two turns, Cubey. :clap
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Yeah, early-series Soushi is kind of an asshole. He can even outdick Mist at times.